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2023-07-22 12:48:40

Living Room Layout Ideas _ Interior Design

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In today's video , we're going to talk about furniture layout .

I'm going to give you some of my favorite tips of laying out your living room , furniture and don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell .

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So today I'm standing in a living room that was recently renovated and I decorated and was published in style at home magazine .

And I want to show you some of the thought process I went through in designing this room and coming up with the layout .

So tip number one is , you really have to think of how the room is going to function .

Like what are you actually doing in that room ?

So for example , in this space , there's a lot of different functions to it .

Um The homeowners watch TV , in this room , they entertain in this room , they read in this room .

It really is the hub of everything .

So it had to serve a lot of purposes .

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So once you know how the room is gonna function , then that will allow you to know the next steps and how you're going to lay it out .

Tip number two I always ask people , are you a sofa ?

Are you a chair person ?

So what I mean by that is usually you're orienting things around the TV , if you're having a TV , in the room , which we do in this room as well .

Um , so these homeowners really like sitting in chairs and so they wanted chairs that faced the TV , and they wanted them to be swivel .

So really , that was our first choice and knowing that the chairs then were going to be in that position facing the TV .

It really allowed us to see where the other furniture would go .

So once we knew they wanted chairs , those were in the place that faced the TV .

Then what we did is we flanked sofas that are the same on either side .

Usually I'm a big fan of asymmetry .

I did like symmetry in this case because it just , it's a really big room and I didn't want too many pieces that make it look busy that were different .

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So we have the same sofa on either side , which really then allows for , again , the homeowners to have their chairs that they can watch the TV .

But then when you're entertaining , there's lots of seats for everyone .

I also want to point out to sectionals are great and I recommend those a lot , but you also have to think of entertaining .

So again , if you're entertaining a sectional in here wouldn't work as well because you're all kind of sitting on the same seats but having multiple places to sit as for more of a conversation flow .

Ok .

My next tip is about rugs because I see a lot of really itty bitty rugs .

And I just , I want to point out for your living room , choosing the rug is such a , you know , usually a starting point in the material selection bigger is always better .

So ideally if you can have all the furniture on the rugs like we do in this space , that's great .

It actually really grounds it and makes the room feel larger .

If that's not possible , that's fine .

But try and have at least the front legs of the furniture on the rug .

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Next tip is to fill it in .

So this is a really large open space .

And so even once we've got the rug , we've got the chairs , the sofa , it would seem really bare unless we filled it in with detail .

So a few of those things are , of course , coffee table , we instead of doing one large coffee table because it is a big room and you wouldn't have access to it from all the seating .

We did two smaller coffee tables and kind of angled them .

So again , they're the same , I wanted to create more symmetry in this room .

We angled them a lot of times I like around coffee table in the living room .

The reason is we have so many straight lines with the rug and the sofa and the chairs that it really breaks it up to have a round coffee table and then other accessories too .

So think about side tables .

I like to add baskets , add a poof , just things that add texture and interest to your room .

And my last tip is draw it out .

Now , there's a lot of online programs .

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You can use a lot of free programs that you can plug in and play around with the furniture design .

But even when I've done that , even myself , I always say tape it out .

So if you can tape out the rug , get the measurements of the sofa , tape it out .

Same with the chairs .

There's one thing seeing it on paper , but actually physically seeing it in your space will really help you get a feel for the layout of the room .

And before starting any design or decorating project , it's important to know what your personal design style is .

So I've linked my free finding your design style quiz for you below .

If you like this video , make sure to like it , hit the subscribe button and share with your family and friends .

Thanks so much for watching .

I'll see you next time .


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