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2023-07-24 07:25:12

How to Play 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga on Guitar

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Hey , what's up ?

Guitar players ?

My name is Jen .

We're gonna be doing bad romance today .

Not so bad at all .

No cap even .

I know some of you don't like the capo .

Well , you don't have to worry about it for this song .

Let's get into it .

It starts with the chorus chords for that intro .

So , we've got F Bar Court or you can do this little F or you can do the somewhere in between F and then you go to G O A minor in a bad room to C to do F uh and then E major to a minor .

That's your kind of intro thing .

But that's also the chorus .

So if you've learned that you've learned another part now , when the ra ra ra , ra ra Yes , that's what she says .

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Um , just a minor and what I like to do .

I like to do down strokes .

But it's on the , and so I like that , it just kind of gives it a little bit of a lift .

But if you wanna just do down strop , a palm mute would be nice .

Um But whatever you can do is fine .

Now , the verse I'm gonna stick to that , that um on the upbeat .

So one N , two , N , three , N , four , N and three and four .

There's your verse .

Um So we do a minor uh 234 .

So a minor one more time .

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Now on this last time G and then you repeat .

So first time through a minor cf second time through the same thing , third time through the same thing .

Fourth time , a minor CG .

That's your verse .

Now , your Precose just hang out on a minor and then you're into your chorus , which is the same as the intro .

So f got it .

And then you go to , I'm sorry .

E major .

A minor .

I got ahead of myself .

But you can keep up with that .

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Whoa , you major .

Not so bad .

Again , I'm kind of just doing downs stroke eight notes and every once in a while I'll throw in an embellishment .

So it's like four and a one , three and four and four and one in a down , down , down , down , down , down , down , down , down .

So I gave you a couple of different options um for strimming .

But again , it doesn't matter , there's not a guitar part in this song .

So you can kind of do whatever you want .

If you want to make it more rock , then throw on some distortion and play power cords .

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If you want to make it more folky finger pick it or you can just , there's just so many options .

It's all , all the options are trying to come out of my mouth at one time .

And that's why you just got that .

Like , because it was like a , it was a traffic jam .

It was a traffic jam from my head to my mouth , which is not uncommon .

The only other part is the bridge and the bridge is just a minor and then it goes to the chorus cords .

There's like , wow , fashion baby .

And then the chorus chords which you already know you don't need me to explain more .

You've got this song .

You're fine .

Just trying to facilitate you being closer to Lady Gaga as I try to be closer to Lady Gaga daily , try to do things daily so that me and Lady Gaga can be like this .

That is the end of this tutorial .

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I hope you found it useful .

Would love to see you guys playing it .

You can find us on Facebook , find me on Facebook , find us on Twitter at Hollow Guitar .

And um that is all oh , if you have requests , you can send them in request at Hollow dot com .

Is that what it is ?

That's what it is .

I haven't said it in a long time .

I forgot .

That's it .

Guys .

Enjoy .

Love to see you playing it .

Let me know if you have any questions .

Good night .

All right guys .

Thank you so much for watching .

If you wanna learn more songs , check out these videos if you wanna learn more guitar , go to mao dot com slash play guitar .


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