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Yeah , friends and welcome back to my channel today , we are going to be decorating my front room for a Christmas 2020 .

So grab a cozy cup of coffee and let's get all of our decor out this year .

I want to do something super traditional in the front room .

I'm thinking like Plaza Hotel at Christmas or the four season .

I want lots of red and gold .

Here are a couple of pictures of some inspiration that I found that I just loved .

I really , really want it to be a traditional Christmas in the front room .

We're going to do some other things throughout the house .

But for this video , if you like traditional Christmas , definitely hit the like button and don't forget to subscribe .

Let's get started .

Hey , friends and welcome back to my channel .

Today , we are going to get started decorating for 2020 Christmas and I cannot wait .

I have 12345678 Christmas trees .

We're going to be decorating .

I have a really beautiful Victorian white block Christmas tree .

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I have a traditional our 10 ft Christmas tree .

I have our front porch has two Christmas trees I think we're going to do Christmas trees in here and then maybe one in the kitchen .

I don't know .

And then maybe one in the kids' bedroom , I have not decided we are literally going to be doing this together once at a time .

I have a couple of ideas in my mind , but I really just kind of let it unfold with everything that I have behind me here .

I'll do a quick pan of what we're going to be using today .

I am gonna start with our Christmas tree and kind of set the tone for the season .

And then after that , we're going to kind of move throughout the house .

I'll decorate the entry way .

I'll do a porch decor with me , a kitchen decorate with me .

We're gonna do maybe the bedroom is definitely down the staircase because it's so beautiful and really just start to go as deep into the Christmas decor as possible .

I am done shopping for the year .

So it's time to get decorating if you're new here .

My name is Lauren Nicholson .

I do all things , tradition , all things home decor and all things , family .

So definitely subscribe .

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If those are things you value as much as I do and if you're a subscriber of mine and you're coming back .

Thank you so much for being here .

I love , love all the inspiration you guys are sharing with me on Instagram .

If you don't already head over to my Instagram account at Mrs Lauren Nicholson and follow me there because everything you are going to see here today .

I have already probably shown you on my Instagram channel .

I like to share in stories all the time and kind of take you guys along on my decor uh decorate with me .

So definitely check those out and I plan to upload as I go during the holiday season .

So I'm , I'm not as structured with my posting , but I'm still full time working , finishing up um a graduate program and I'm really , really looking forward to that .

I should be hopefully all things considered I should be done .

Um on December 16th which means I can free up way more time for youtube .

So definitely hit that subscribe button .

Don't forget to like this video and put your comments down below you guys .

What are you doing for Christmas this year ?

Can't wait .

Let's get started .

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Ok , guys , this is the insanity .

That is all our decor .

I didn't buy all of these this year , but you guys know I did pick up a couple of these like this Christmas and I think I'm gonna do on the porch .

I also love this little red barn and it kind of reminds me of our chicken coop lots of red and then these are just a couple of picks .

Remember we're gonna be doing a ski lodge , front porch .

So I got a couple of extra little things to tie that theme in .

Whoa .

Have some trees from Hobby Lobby last year or the year .

I think I got that the year before and then a ton of trees .

These are cute little skis and booties that I picked up for the front porch .

I haven't done this theme before , so I need to pick up a couple of things there .

So , these are the pics we're gonna be using for our kind of , um , Victorian glam uh fox Christmas tree that I do every year .

It's beautiful .

I have some amazing uh ornaments that go on this tree which I'll share with you in that decorate with me .

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These are all baby wreaths .

I have tons of them .

I hang them all over the house and then my God , these are a bunch of different stockings and then over here I've got all of our , a lot of these are new .

I've never really been much for hanging up .

Um these little signs , but these , the ones this year were amazing .

You probably saw some of these in my haul and then I eyeballed this Santa .

Sorry , let me make all this stuff .

So I eyeballed this Santa .

It's I think I showed it in my um hallway transformation video .

I'm sorry , sta sta staircase .

But this thing is pretty giant and I love it .

I bought it about two weeks ago .

I've been eyeballing it since summer time and I absolutely love this , the detail on here .

These are really shiny .

I don't know if you guys can see that .

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But , like , even my husband who really doesn't love this type of stuff was like , oh , wow .

That looks like somebody actually painted it , which obviously they didn't because it's a hobby lobby .

But good job hobby Lobby because I'm living for this and then I have a couple of things up here we're gonna be using and if you guys have already seen this , we set up our Le Max Village , which is , we turn it on every night and this is literally the most incredible thing .

I hope you guys definitely check out Le Max .

If you don't already , you should start a little collection .

It's such an awesome thing to pass down to your kids or grandkids .

Um My kids already know which pieces are theirs , but it's just an awesome , awesome way to kind of bring those traditions into your family .

I'm hugely Max fan and then I've got a couple more signs here houses , these were in my hall as well .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

A couple of these cute little signs for the kitchen and yeah , and then over here I just have kind of lined up all the different .

So we have kind of farmhouse reds and stripes , golds , more golds and then , oh , ok .

More gold , oh , gold and whites in here .

Um I actually picked these up at the Dollar Store this year .

Actually , I picked it up in the summer time .

They started Christmas early this year .

Um and they're totally sold out now , so I was super happy to attend that .

But like these are some of the pieces we're gonna hang on that flock tree .

They're so beautiful .

A couple of those over here are items for the tablescape which I love .

This is for a hot cocoa bar .

Some cute little things .

And then my all time favorite Lee Max .

I wonder if I could turn this on .

I think the girls were playing with it today .

Type of cookies .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Are you a chip ?

I love it .

Ok .

Beyond pumped .

And then these are some new plates that I got .

These are old ones .

So I just got these at Target .

I'm excited to try something a little bit , um , different .

I usually do , but this year we're gonna try something different .

So I got some snow because we're in California and it's a beautiful day .

But like look how beautiful it is outside today .

Definitely .

No snow .

Actually , I wanna take you guys .

So here's the living room , here's the living room , our new fireplace , I'll link that down below .

Love , love , love this .

And um , I put all our blankets and pillows out .

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We're actually gonna be putting the Christmas tree right here in the middle and I wanted to show you guys my favorite thing about this house is this gorgeous , bright yellow Psy .

It just , it's so beautiful .

I don't know if you guys can see how pretty it is just bright yellow .

It's kind of sad because it's like fall right now , fall vibes on this tree .

But we gotta move on to Christmas y'all .

I only have 32 more days .

All right guys , let's get started .

I am so excited to be using this Christmas tree .

We have had this tree for like six years .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I picked it up at Target .

It's a 10 ft slim Christmas tree .

It's got a tiny bit of flocking on it , but I absolutely love it .

It's kind of big .

So I'm gonna get my husband to help me for a second before he leaves her work .

But I love the way it looks .

It's not too big in the sense that like it's not too round and it fits really well in this space which isn't giant .

I still am not in love with this bench that we built in , but it actually ends up working out nicely .

You guys will like how it turns out .

It was also great .

My dad was out on a motorcycle ride and stopped by to say hi to us .

I love you dad .

He lives super close to us .

We're super blessed to have him down the street , but he's always popping by and the kids and I absolutely love him .

We love you , Pepa .

Anyway .

So I'm going to spend a little bit of time getting this tree nice and flopped and then we are going to actually be using a ton of ribbon throughout this tree .

I always feel like ribbon makes the trees look so classic and really kind of makes them look a little bit larger since this is a slim tree .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I will want to use this to kind of give it some and then we're going to tuck in some beautiful gold and red ornaments throughout here , it's gonna look awesome .

I cannot wait for you guys to see it , but here the tree is all locked .

You will notice throughout this video .

Um the light from the outside and the Christmas tree kind of messed with my camera a little bit and I apologize for that , but hopefully you guys will forgive me uh when you see how it all turns out .

So let's get this ribbon on the tree .

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So as I'm tucking in the ribbon , I always like to match it up .

So it has some symmetry to it .

You'll see , I go back and fix everything , but that's kind of how I tuck these in and then sometimes I'll use a little bit of one of the little branches to really kind of hold it back that way and pulling on .

It doesn't all unravel , but I kind of try to follow a rhythm .

Um throughout the entire tree , we're going to do these larger ribbons and then I'm going to tuck really kind of almost like crimping some red velvet ribbon in the center of both of these pod ones is fire , keeps us warm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We can't underneath them to and a the tree .

No , it's on its way .

So I wanted to quickly share with you how I usually secure my ribbon to the tree .

It's actually kind of easy .

If you use a ribbon with wire on the side , it is really easy .

Otherwise it can be quite complicated .

But what I like to do is secure it to the very top of the tree .

And then I actually will measure out about twice the length of the tree .

And then I will just go piece by piece and start tucking it into the tree .

I like to secure each piece to the little parts and the branches that makes it a lot easier .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So that as I'm pulling on it , it doesn't slide down .

And then once I get the ribbon on there , I start with all my picks and I kind of tuck those in to create the depth on the tree .

And then I'll start with my larger ornaments down to my tiniest ornaments .

And that's really how I organize , how I decorate the tree .

You'll see this a lot since we have quite a few trees , we're going to be decorating this year .

But I just want to let you know how I kind of use the ribbon to bring in some different effects on the Christmas tree .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

785.53 --> 909.14

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So this year I also wanted to try something different on top of the tree , we have a really beautiful angel that goes on one and a star that goes on another tree we have .

But for this tree , I wanted to try something different .

So I'm going to actually make a nice big red bow to go on top , almost like it's a present .

Um If you guys haven't seen this technique , it's pretty easy .

You just fold a couple pieces of ribbon together and then tie them in the center and then pull out the sides to make your bow .

But I think this turns out super cute .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I absolutely love how this tree turned out .

I tucked in a bunch of gold pine cones and I tucked in a bunch of really fun pics I got from Michael's in here and I just love , love , love this tree .

It is more beautiful than any other tree I've ever done in this room .

I hope you guys like the red .

I'm going to leave the bottoms of these Cribbs .

Um Hanging out .

I just think they look really beautiful and just kind of simple that way .

I don't want to make the tree look too perfect .

So I'm going to leave them kind of hanging down and all in all .

I just love this .

Now we need a kitten break .

I'm sure you guys know if you watch some of my other videos that we are fostering four little kittens .

They're about 4 to 5 weeks old and they had a very rough four weeks coming into this world , but they're here , they're getting healthy and they're getting lots of love and cuddles .

But if you guys are looking for a cat adopt , don't shop .

These little cuties have almost all been adopted .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But if you are in the North Bay and looking for some love , we have one more kitten left .

right .

So now that the Christmas tree is all decorated , I'm going to be adding some details all throughout this room .

It really is the details that make this room come together in the end .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So if you're hanging in this long , do not leave now because this is when all the really fun stuff comes together , I'm going to make some nice big bows since it's turning into winter here .

I want to actually pull these shades down a little bit more to keep some of the cold air coming from these old windows .

Our house is in 18 91 Victorian .

So our windows are all original and very thin .

So it gets chilly in here .

So I'm going to actually pull these down and then create uh using the same ribbons that are on the tree .

I'm gonna create a nice little tie back with these .

I think this turns out really beautiful .

OK .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

For I found these wonderful blankets at home goods .

I love them .

They have the same blue .

It's like a Cobalt blue that are these chairs .

So I actually traded out the chairs they had , but I have to tell you down on the left .

Do you see that cute little kitten playing with the Christmas tree ?

I just can't even , you guys , they're so cute .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Ok .

Now I'm going to actually put the pillows on all the couches and chairs and then I'm going to start decorating above the couch and above the mantel .

Yeah .

The so much I can barely find a Yeah .

Yes .

Family David .

Hi .

It's a chance to say because I missed you .

So , um , of everything .

These are the good times with you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

1354.13 --> 1496.619

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

These are some books that we love to read .

Our kids , just old traditional books .

Some of them were actually my husband's when he was a kid and then I'm gonna do a little vignette on the other table and then to finish things out , you guys know how much I hate the box that holds our TV .

But I found a perfect , perfect wreath to put on it and it ends up looking so cute .

It was the , I was , yeah .

Is , is in shock when and almost came .

No .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

I hope you guys enjoyed this decorate with me for Christmas .

I will be doing a full home tour for Christmas .

You'll get to see all of this again , but I hope you enjoyed it .

If you did , please hit the like button and I will see you guys very soon for my Christmas kitchen decorate with me and I think I have a tablescape too coming up as well .

Um I'll see you guys soon and have a very , very happy Thanksgiving .


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