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2023-07-27 17:44:33

Living Room Makeover UNDER $500 _ Interior Design _ Fix It Fridays #10

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Typically what I'm showing you is what my clients hire me to do .

But I don't often get a chance to show you something that is really affordable and very relatable to everyone .

Today's episode of Fix It Fridays is where I took a girlfriend of mine shopping .

We spent a couple hours shopping , we spent $500 and we made over her living room in one day .

So I offered to help her , of course , she's my friend .

The only next best thing is being one of my kids , they get free stuff all the time when I got to my girlfriend's place .

I was really kind of pleased with what she had .

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This is really a nice big open space room .

But do you notice something that's kind of annoying .

Look at the height of the windows compared to the height of this sliding glass door and the transom window .

This carpet is not an area rug , it's actually inserted into the floor .

So over here there's just this like random row of hardwood floors on an angle .

Another issue for me was the way she had the furniture in here .

It's actually convertible , meaning it lays down goes up does all these different things and they're kind of food to like , as we come around the room , we see this opening to the kitchen , but again , just kind of seemed ill proportion with the height here .

And then this squatting down so low here .

Look at this .

She had the wiring for the television to go above the fireplace , but it never got put in and over here .

See the rear end of this thing .

Yeah .

Well , that's not me .

Should we talk about the elephant in the room ?

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Want to see how I fixed it ?

So here's the floor plan right here was this kind of strange shape of wood flooring .

Now because of this cut in the carpet , I could not put this directly in the center of that window , which I would have liked to .

And then the second one I put over here and I angled it and I used it , folded it kind of like a shade lounge and just so , you know , my girlfriend , she is wicked on the hoop .

We found a chest of drawers in a guest room that really wasn't being used much .

I thought if we put that underneath of that area that looks into the dining room , we could actually hang the television above it .

You see how this has that kind of that framed transom .

Look , right .

Well , what if I repeated that by putting picture frames across the top of the window ?

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Remember we only had $500 and about six or seven hours .

Someone left me a comment last week , which was great .

I'm not against this .

This is awesome .

And he said , do you always use paneled window treatments to line either side of the window ?

Because I'm a little over it ?

Yes , we do a lot of things without window treatments and look .

This project is the perfect example .

You don't need fabric .

You can create a frame around a window or something that's much more clean and minimalist .

The palm trees would kind of fake out that same feeling that I get with window treatment panels and that would give me a little bit of a focal point in this room .

This is where I put Dumbo right here and yes , an artist I am .

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Let me show you what one day and $500 can do for your space here .

We have it .

Look at that .

Isn't that amazing the difference ?

Let's go from here to here .

Of course , you have the benefit of my beautiful drawing here , moving the sofa around and putting it against the wall .

And then this as a doesn't that look amazing ?

Who would have thought that just rearranging them and kind of fluffing them up and putting some pillows on ?

It can make such a difference on the fireplace wall .

We're going to have to do something to hide that cord .

So we scoured around her condo and found a nice piece of art we could put there .

So here's where we spent our money .

We went to the art frame store where if you get a second print , you can get it for a penny just in case you want to know where that is .

Leave me a comment below .

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So framed our work .

Here .

Here's our spons .

We bought some extra throw pillows and we bought the trees .

I wonder if those trees are still alive today .

Let's hope so up the fireplace .

I was able to use those same frames only instead of hanging them horizontally .

I put them vertically .

Remember when you do this kind of thing , make sure your space in between here is identical and then look how nice this chest of drawers looks here with the television hanging right above it .

So much cleaner , so much nicer as we come back around and look at your first impression when you come into the room , look at that for so little money and all it was was just rearranging the furniture and adding some accessories and look who's here ?

It's Dumbo .

I hope you enjoyed this .

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you like this kind of thing where it's easy , simple , quick and relatable or if you prefer to see the really high end luxury stuff doesn't really matter .

I'm gonna show you both , but I wanna hear what you have to say .

OK , I love you guys .

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I can't wait to see you next time .

I have a great episode ready for you , so I'll see you then .

Ok .


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