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2023-07-20 13:37:18

How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts in WordPress

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This video is brought to you by WP forms .

In this video .

I'm going to walk you through how to create a separate blog page for your blog posts .

In wordpress .

By default , wordpress allows you to see all of your blog posts from your home page on your website .

So this is my website and you see all of the blog posts are here on one scrolling location .

But what if I'm a business or if I'm wanting to have a welcoming page on the front home page or have an area where I want to get people to sign up to my email newsletter or anything like that .

I'm gonna walk you through how to do that .

Exactly that .

So let's dive in .

What we want to do is go to our dashboard and from here we want to create the page that all the blog posts are going to go on .

So you can go to pages and if you don't already have a blog page or you can name it , newsletter or articles , whatever it is that you want to do , this is the page that you want people to go to .

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So go to pages and just click , add new , you can name this whatever you want .

You don't have to name it blog page , you can do articles or anything like that .

And that's really all you want to do .

Just go over here and click publish and we'll make sure that we publish it and now we can go back to our dashboard and we have this here .

So the next thing we need to do is set it up .

So let's go over settings and go to reading .

And this is where you make the changes .

You see home page displays your latest posts .

We actually don't want that .

So we can say a static page , the static page simply means it's content that you have that you've written out and that's what they'll land on it .

You can choose any page that you want and that will become your home page .

I just happen to have a page here that is called home .

Like with the blog page , you would want to set up a home page that will have your content or your information .

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And now for posts , this is where we click the blog page that we just created .

And then all of the posts will go on there .

And then a little bit more information here is the blog page to show it the most .

So by default , it'll show 10 blog pages on one page and then they'll have to go to page two and page three you can change that here .

And then the other thing you want to do is change for post and feed .

By default , it'll show full text , meaning your whole blog post will show on that blog page .

Let's do summary instead .

So only like a snippet with read more or view more will be there .

So once you do all of those items , click save changes .

Now , just to show you what we've done , let's go back to all pages and where we didn't have this before .

We now see this indication that this is our post page which all the posts will go on this and for our home , this is showing the front page .

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So that will be the page that will show the front page .

One other thing we need to do is we need to make sure that our menu is set up for everything .

So let's go to appearance menus and we've got our home here , which is good .

We also want to add the blog page too .

You got blog , add the menu , it's down here .

So I want to actually bring it up .

You can left click , drag it and it's right there .

So it looks good .

So we'll save it and now I can go to my home .

Let me go ahead and refresh this .

And now this is my home .

Obviously , I need to make some changes to this , but this will be my home page that everything is coming when somebody comes to my site , that's what they'll see .

So I want to make that more inviting .

But when I , they click on the blog , then these are all of the blog posts and you see , we only have 10 .

So then they can click on the next for older posts .

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Now that we've done that , there are a few ways that you can change your home page .

Let me show you a couple of ways .

First , you can go to appearance customize and from here , depending on your theme , it might allow you to make changes to your home page .

Right from here , you will have little blue pencils to allow you to make the changes from the home page .

Another great feature that or another great area that you can do is if you actually go into the page area itself , so we'll go to pages , look at home , we'll edit the home page , that is our front page and there might be default templates that you can choose from , so you could do that as well .

And then another thing that you could use is a plug-in like Beaver Builder , which is an easy to use dragon drop plug-in that lets you change and customize your theme .

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However , you want it to look , I did a whole series on how to build a website using view for builder as well as a starter theme from Astra .

You can take a look at that from here .

If you want to see that in action and it just makes it really easy to change up your website and make it look exactly how you want .

And then if you need something like a contact form plug in or auto your whole business aspect online , then you can use WP forms .

WP forms is the easiest to use dragon drop form builder in wordpress to get started .

Just head over to WP forms dot com forward slash WP beginner to get the best discount on WP forms .

And thanks for watching .


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