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2023-07-20 13:39:29

Travel Photography Tutorial _ How to Take Better Travel Photos

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Hi , I'm Jen Cooper from the Cannon Collective .

And today I'm here to take you through a few tips of travel photography so you can get the best out of your next trip .

Today .

I'm shitting on the Canon G one X Mach two .

It's a powerful compact with DS LR qualities with built in wi-fi .

It's a perfect travel companion .

One of the challenges of shooting on a bright sunny day is getting your exposure right .

The camera will perform very well in auto .

But if you'd like to take a little bit more control of your images , try changing it to one of the semi manual modes like P for program here , you can adjust the exposure compensation by moving the outer ring .

It'll help to make the images brighter or darker .

Getting a nice steady shot is really important .

A tripod is a great tool to use .

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If you don't have one , have a look around your surroundings , you might find something to stabilize yourself or your camera .

Otherwise you can use the next trap to pull it tight to get a nice steady shot .

When shooting have a look for a focus point or a point of interest in your frame .

You might like to consider placing this slightly off center to complement the rule of thirds .

If you're feeling creative and would like to add some black and white photos into your holiday album , have a look for the monochrome feature in your camera .

Also have a look for the little things that help tell the story of where you are .

We're heading into the afternoon where timing plays a key role where possible try to photograph your subject in the hour or two after sunrise and before sunset , magical .

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This time of day shooting in great light is the difference between capturing an ordinary photograph or an extraordinary one .

So good luck , have fun and happy shooting .

Enjoy your holiday .


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