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2023-07-22 12:54:33

24 Home And Kitchen Decorating Ideas of All Time _ Home Decorating Ideas _ Joanna Gaines New House

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and often serves many purposes for a young family .

When designing this kitchen for the Ferguson's , I wanted to create a space that was both beautiful and functional for the day to day .

And so I really wanted to create a nice flow in here .

I wanted to design two cabinets in the kitchen and that are almost like a hutch .

She collects really pretty dishes and I know it's anyone that collects dishes , they want to display them .

So I wanted to incorporate that in the kitchen design .

And I think this is really elegant .

It's pretty , it's simple , but her china and her dishes still really pop .

And I think a lot of people get scared at the idea of mixing metals in the kitchen .

So just have fun with it .

It's really finding pieces you love and implementing them in your home .

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Originally in the Zan house , the kitchen was partially a breakfast nook and closed off to the rest of the house .

It just wasn't practical for my client .

So we opened it up , gave him a bigger , more inviting kitchen , but also put some thoughtful details into the design to make it more functional .

You know , I tell people when they're designing their kitchen , they don't have to give up function form .

It's really a blend of both really thinking practically through your space and how you need it to work for you .

But also making sure you incorporate elements that you really love and that are true to your style .

I love open concept kitchens .

What I like about this space is that it's really a U shaped kitchen .

So you've got your sink here , you turn around and you've got your stove .

I really wanted to think through the layout for my clients .

When I'm designing a kitchen .

I like to design it around the stove .

I really like the rock backsplash because it's subtle but it gives off a lot of texture .

The Vin hood is cool .

It's a Stucco Vin hood .

You know , one of the things that really illustrates the idea of form and function is the idea of this pot .

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Downsizing to a smaller home was a chance to clear the clutter and refresh their setting .

As for Stacey , she wanted charm , she wanted character , but she also wanted simplicity .

My favorite thing about this kitchen is the back splash .

My client loved blue and white .

So we found this really fun handmade tile that I think really just sets the stage for this kitchen .

I tried to keep everything else very simple .

So it wasn't overwhelming for her .

You know , a lot of people when they're designing their kitchen don't consider open shelving .

I think a lot of people are intimidated by it .

They wonder is it going to make my kitchen seem cluttered ?

What I love about open shelving is it really gives the kitchen this feel of just an open airy space .

And what I do is keep it very simple .

The key is grouping things together and not doing too much color if you have a great backsplash .

But if you happen to have a more simple backsplash or no backsplash at all , this is not expensive at all .

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The downs home is over 100 years old .

So I wanted to create a very classic design that didn't take away from the original character , but also blend that with some modern touches over here in the dining room .

This is the grand room to me .

I mean , we have this really large chandelier .

I like to do light fixtures that make a statement and I really feel like this light fixture is bold pairs well with this beautiful table that Clint made .

But another thing we did is just play off all the natural light that comes in .

We added a really cool window seat um to just make function more in the space .

They wanted more seating in here .

So that was just a natural way to add it now under the kitchen .

They like the idea of blue cabinets .

Um So we did lower cabinets that are blue .

There's still a really classic way about this kitchen .

We have the subway tile that they wanted a really beautiful career marble .

And then he got his stainless farm sink , which is something that he really wanted .

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I think this kitchen is fun because there's a lot of mix and match going on .

You've got a , a mix of metals .

You've got some brass , you've got some stainless .

We also did a really fun play on color .

So I feel like when you see this kitchen it's just packed with character .


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