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2023-07-20 13:36:12

Yoga For Beginners At Home 30 Day Challenge (20 Minute) Day 16

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Hi , it's Leslie Fightmaster and you are with me on day 16 .

So if you have a block , grab it and put it between your ankles and then sit back on the block .

If your knees bother you try to sit up on something else , maybe if you have two blocks , if your knees still bother , you sit in another position , knees should be as wide as the hips .

This is called via spring your hands together , close the eyes and take a moment here , setting your intention .

Remember all intentions are welcome .

This is just for you .

Hm .

Let's release the hands , inhale through the nose , reach up breath , make sure your ribs don't pop out here as you exhale , take the arms halfway down , inhale and lengthen as you exhale , you're gonna twist .

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So turning your torso to the right , but the hips are nice and level .

That's what we want when we twist in health center and then reach up again , shoulder blades released with the waist gently and then arms to a t again , exhale and now we'll turn to our left .

So as you inhale , try to create some length and as you exhale , you'll twist the belly a little bit , the rib cage some more and your chest the most keep stretching out through the arms as you do nice long breaths .

Inhale , center , reach up through the arms , watch the ribs , keep them drawing in .

Exhale , bring the hands down .

So just a little reminder we want breathing in and out through the nose with a little constriction in the back of the throat .

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Do the best that you can extended childs , post hips back to the heels , reach your arms forward as you exhale , walk your hands off to the right and shift your hips over to the left gently .

So we stretch out the left side of the body and he'll walk the hand center .

A , he'll walk him over to the left as we stretch the right side of the body .

Keeping nice and lengthen the spine in our child's to bring the arms to center shoulders , distance apart , come up to the knees , tuck the toes and downward facing dog start to bend one knee and the other here to bicycle the legs as you begin to warm up your hamstrings .

Maybe it's morning , I'm always stiffer in the morning .

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Not everybody is , but as you're stretching back , bend both knees belly toward thighs , hips nice and high and then start to reach the heels toward the floor .

They never ever , ever have to touch , try to get as much length through the spine as you can .

So maybe your knees will stay bent for a while .

That's ok .

Gaze between your knees or your feet and now gaze forward and step your feet to your hands .

Inhale , lengthen the spine halfway up .

Exhale fold , bend the knees as needed .

Press down through your feet .

Rise up on the inhale , stretch tall and then exhale , bring your hands to the heart finding to do .

And so take a moment with your hands and your heart and your eyes closed , feel the evenness in the feet .

And then I softly blink open , inhale .

Rise up with the arms .

Exhale , fold forward , hinging from the hips .

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Hands can be on legs too , not to the floor .

Inhale halfway left , exhale , step back into plank post , top of a push up knees to the floor .

So right now , shoulders are over the wrist .

Now shift them forward about an inch and lower .

Exhaling all the way down to the belly hands by low ribs in .

He'll peel the chest up to cobra .

And this time lift the hands up , use your back muscles to hold you press all the toenails into the floor .

The next , he'll press up to the knees , tuck the toes downward , facing dog again , if you still need to bicycle the legs a little bit more , that's fine too spread out .

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Your fingers press into the base of your fingers as your forearms lift away from the map , then look forward , keep your hips high stepping the feet forward on an inhale , come halfway up and length them , exhale , fall forward any amount and how sweep the arms up , getting length ribs in exhale to inhale again .

Sweep your arms out around and up , getting length , exhale , folding in hinge from the hips in Halcomb halfway up , find some length , chest and heart forward .

Exhale , bend the knees , plant the palm step to plank knees down or up is your choice and then shift the shoulders forward .

Teranga shoulders no lower than elbows .

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But knees can always be down , inhale upward , facing dog thighs and knees off the floor or stick with cobra exhale , tuck the toes for down dog and he'll lift your right leg back and up from the inner thigh .

So your hips are level .

Look between the hands , step it all the way through .

Remember if it doesn't make it , pick it up and put it there , spin the back heel flat in , he'll come up .

You're in Warrior two , check your feet , make sure your front heels in line with your back arch , then drop the left arm , reverse , make sure your knee stays over your ankle pointed straight ahead .

Keep reversing .

Now , straight in your front leg , inhale arms to a tee .

You might walk your stance a little shorter if you wish .

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And then hinging from the hip , reach out and down with your right hand can land anywhere on the leg or maybe to the block or the floor stretch up through the left arm , get a lot of length from the front , hip crease through the armpit , looked down at the foot and had to come up , exhale little bend in the front so you can wind mill the arms down and step back into plank and then shut on your knees can be down here , inhaling , press through the hands and feet .

Exhaling come back into downward facing dog left leg up from the inner thigh level off the hips .

Exhale , step it between the hands , pick it up and put it there .

If you need to inhale Warrior two , again , that left hip is gonna drop down the left knee over the ankle in line with the middle toes , drop the right arm , reverse , stretch out the left side of the body .

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Keep reversing straight in your left leg as you inhale , come on up , maybe shorten the stance .

If that feels more stable to you hinging from the hip crease , lean forward , take the left hand down to the shin foot floor or block , reach through the right arm .

So arms are in line with each other .

Crow of the head is reaching forward .

Tailbone is stretching in the opposite direction .

Get as much length as you can from your left hip crease through your left arm , pip and press firmly into the base of the big toe of your left foot , keep the legs firm .

It was getting really windy by the way , inhale to come up , bend the knee a little exhale , windmill the arms down and take yourself back into Plank or you can stay in downward facing dog .

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So if you're in Plank , feel free to move through your chat on the exhale up dog , on the inhale , down dog , on the exhale , or just simply stay in down dog way up onto the toes , bend the knees and step your feet up in hell .

Come halfway up .

Long spine , exhale , keep the long spine by the knees as needed to fold and he'll press for the feet stretch all the way up and exhale steady balance .

So again , to Dana , at the front of the map on the in-house , sweep your arms up and then sit your hips back for and was that your buns don't stick out ?

So you're gonna drop the tailbone down , inner thighs , spin down shins , press back weight as toward the heels , arms and ears in line if you can .

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And then in how to stand means fierce pose .

Sometimes we call it again , bending the knees .

Maybe this time you can reach your fingertips toward the floor .

Perhaps they'll touch gently and then keeping the hips that low arms by ears and lift the belly up .

Keep lengthening the tail bone down though .

So again , we don't want your low back to go into an arch .

It , it wants to here then belly toward thighs .

Maybe you can touch them and fold over the legs and then shift the weight a little forward if the legs are straight and he'll look up hands to shins , exhale hands to hips and he'll come all the way back up back to , to do , take your feet , hip distance apart and find your hip bones like we did yesterday .

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So the hip bones , we want to keep them forward , pressing or facing forward to keep the right foot forward , step the left foot back , but make sure the left toes face the front , left corner of the matt .

So you can keep the hips and shoulders squaring toward the front .

Now , hands on hips , slowly start to bend the right knee .

As you bend the knee , draw the right hip back , bend the knee a little bit , draw the right hip back , send the left hip forward and reach the left arm forward .

So you can bring those ribs around toward the front of the map and then inhale , reach both arms up as you do though , make sure your tail bone is still lengthening down and you're drawing your ribs and , and very important to keep the knee over the ankle pressing through the outer edge of the back .

Foot , straighten the leg and step the feet together , still hips with a part , outer edges of the feet are parallel at the front of the map .

Hip bones face straight ahead .

We want that to stay that way .

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Right foot will step back , right toes , face the front , right corner of the mat and then pulling the left hip back , sending the right hip forward , hands on the hips .

So you can use that keep the hips , hip , hip bones , facing front , exhales , start to bend the left knee .

So watch for the arch in the lower back and we want the hips to stay square .

They won't because there's tightness in the hip flexor on that back leg , which most of us have every once in a while , the hips will square but most of the time not .

But that's where we're going reach the right arm forward so that you can take the right rib cage forward and right hip forward and then reach both arms up , spinning triceps forward , make sure your elbows are straight .

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Look up and check , keep the left hip drawing back , the right hip coming forward , the right leg , the back leg , the inner thigh will spin straight back and then release , stepping the feet together back to the front of the map .

Take a moment lengthening the tail bone toward the floor .

And then in , he'll bend the knees which could toss and reach the fingertips toward the floor if you wish or just sit back , exhale , belly the thighs and then straighten the legs , inhale , come halfway up in length and through the spine , exhale , bend the knees , plant the palms , make your way into plank pose , top of a push up and then lower , shattering a knees up or down your choice .

Then inhale cobra pose or up dog and exhale .

Lift the hip stretch all the way back down .

Dog .

Inhale , lift the right leg back and up from the inner thigh .

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Exhale , step it all the way up by the right thumb .

So pick it up and put it there .

If it doesn't make it now spin the back heel flat , look at your feet , make sure your front heels in line with your back heel , the back toes will face the front left .

Yeah .

Left corner of the mat , right hip pulls back as you come on up into Warrior one Visa one .

So we're working on Sun Citation .

B back , inner thigh will lift and that'll help to draw the right hip back .

Watch the arch in the back , keep the ribs in , take one more breath and then exhale the hands to the mat and step back into downward dog .

If you'd like to , you can always inhale plank , exhale chatter , inhale up dog , exhale down dog .

Now left leg up , inhale .

If you took that , that was a fast one step up by the left thumb .

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Spin the back heel flat , line up , heel to heel or even wider , pull the left hip back , those back toes , the right toes face the front , right corner of the mat , drawing the left hip back , make sure the left knee is over the ankle and drop the tail bone down , stretch up through all four sides of your waist .

Triceps will spin forward , keep your low belly pulling in .

That'll help with stability .

A hail , bring the hands back down and step back into downward facing dog .

Feel free to take a child's pose and rest .

Now , if you'd like , you can even push the pause button for a moment or two and inhale will come into plank , exhale , chatter all the way to the floor .

We're gonna press back up to plank .

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Now , if you do that through the worm , if your hips come down first and your back arches , then please take the knees down to the floor first and you don't have to press back up .

That's hard .

They're coming all the way to the belly feed our hips distance apart , inhale , peel the chest up and lift the legs .

Arms are by your sides , widen across the collarbones , keep the back of your neck long .

Try to lift the shoulder heads up , stretching the front of the body and then rest the forehead to the hands or you can take one cheek down to the floor and then let's go again , arms by your side .

Tail bone is gonna reach the heels , pubic bone presses down gently and lift the belly inhale , lift everything up .

This is called Shebaa .

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Lift the inner thighs up instead of looking up , look forward gently .

So the back of the neck will stay long , keep the belly lifted and again , try to breathe into the chest so that your back doesn't compress exhale and lower and rest .

It's a little back bend .

But this one also helps to strengthen the back muscles , then reach your right hand back for your right foot and see if you can reach it and draw it forward and then left hand back for the pinky toe side of the left foot .

If it was pretty easy for you to reach the feet , then bend both knees reaching the feet on the pinky toe side for Don Eros .

Otherwise do Shala Bosna again .

If you're in Donna , lift the feet up and then start to press them back , but still reach the tail bone to the heel .

Still pull the belly in pubic bones gently pressing into the floor and then let's release that and rest a moment .

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Again , hands by lower ribs , press up onto the knees and stretch back into a child's pose and rest and that child's post should feel nice on your lower back after your little back bends .

Well , the last one wasn't little if you took Donna .

Actually , none of them are little .

Those back bends are not always easy , come back up onto the knees and then shift your hips off to one side and sewing your legs in front of you so you can come to see it and then will bend the knees , take the feet flat on the floor , heels in front of knees , inhale , lift up , reverse table Porvoo .

So still tailbone reaches to backs of knees , then look forward , lift the right leg up , take the right ankle just past the left knee and then start to sit down slowly .

This is a hip stretch .

So you can always come down to your forearms .

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And if you want a deeper stretch , you can walk yourself closer to the legs , make sure to flex the right ankle and gently bring the right knee forward and breathe here and then let's release it feet flat fingertips , face the front heels in front of knees .

Inhale again .

Lift up cena , we can let the head go back as long as it feels ok on your neck , tailbones going to reach toward backs of knees .

So you're getting nice and long in the front of the body and then look forward .

I almost forgot , but lift up your left foot , take the left ankle just past the right knee , flex the ankle , then start to sit down slowly , maybe come to the fore , especially if your wrists are bothering you at all or walk closer together and that'll stretch out your left hip a little bit more or anywhere in between .

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And then we'll slowly release that and then start to roll down onto your back .

Happy baby pose .

Take the pinky toe sides of the feet , the knees are moving toward the armpits , then reach the tailbone toward the floor , gently rock yourself side to side and then let's take the feet down and lengthen into feet flop , open arms by your sides , palms up and then close your eyes and rest .

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And I will be back in a moment such resting here .

Yesterday's quote , had to do with having a beginner's mind .

Let's start to make some stretches .

Today's quote does do .

This is Leo Bocal .

Those who think they know it all have no way of finding out .

They don't .

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So imagine seeing everything as if for the first time , bend the knees , roll on to the right and press yourself up to seed it , crossing the shins , take the palms together , sitting tall hands to the forehead , reminding us to have clear and loving thoughts , hands to our heart center , reminding us to have clear and loving intentions and then hands to the mouth , reminding us to have clear and loving communications , sending out wonderful energy to all beings everywhere .

I must thank you again for joining today .

I'm so proud of you already .

Day 16 , I will see you again here tomorrow on day 17 and I really would love to hear your comments .

Let me know how it's going .

Um If you are comfortable with it , share this with your friends maybe on Facebook or Pinterest .

Please visit Fightmaster yoga dot com and join our mailing list and don't forget to subscribe .

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Super awesome to have you part of the yoga online community .

Have a great day .

Bye .


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