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2023-07-21 08:45:39

How to Be Confident on the Dance Floor _ Hip-Hop Dancing

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OK .

So we're gonna talk a little bit about having confidence on the dance floor , either while you're already out there or the confidence to get yourself out onto the dance floor .

OK ?

And it's a very simple concept to say it's a little harder to do because it's more internal than anything else .

You have to tell yourself that whatever you choose to do is the thing that should be done very easy to say .

Very , a little harder to do though .

So if you ladies or gentlemen , if you choose that , your two step is your prize winning performance , then you stick with that two step and you do whatever you do to feel good about this two step .

The second , you feel good about what you're doing , you're gonna look good while you're doing it .

OK ?

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So we're gonna party around a little bit when the music comes on and all three of us , my two friends Tech and Tom , they're gonna come in and do whatever they do that makes them feel good and I'm gonna do the same thing .

So hit it .

Yeah .

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This man sandwich just have confidence y'all


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