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2023-07-22 13:08:25

How to Write a CV

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basic elements of AC VA Monster Guide Whether a potential employer asked to see your curriculum V , CV or resume .

They're looking , for one thing , a document that proves why you're the ideal candidate to invest their time and money in .

Essentially , it's a sales brochure pinpointing the interesting , unique selling points that make you stand out from the crowd .

Your CV should cover a few key elements .

Your personal details include your name , address , phone numbers and email address .

So any interested employers can contact you easily .

A personal statement one paragraph that immediately captures the attention of your reader and to find out more about you , be careful not to cram too much in employment experience .

List your most recent position first continuing in reverse chronological order , including the name , location , website and dates of your employment .

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For each company you have worked for , aim to use bullet points wherever possible to highlight your responsibilities and achievements in each role .

So the person scanning your CV can quickly match up your experience with their job description .

Education again in reverse chronological order , give brief details of your academic and professional qualifications along with the grades you achieved if you're looking for your first job since leaving education .

Include this information above any work experience .

Key skills .

Whether you realise it or not , you'll have picked up many skills over the years , some tangible , some less .

So include every IT package or programme you've used , as well as any foreign language skills you've gained and state whether you're at a basic intermediate or advanced level .

Hobbies and interests , including these is optional .

The idea is to give the interviewer a more rounded picture and perhaps something more personal to discuss at an interview .

References .

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It's not necessary to list references on your CV , but you should state that details are available on request .

Always keep your CV to two pages of a four .

Resist the urge to jazz up your CV with images or colour .

Steer clear of long paragraphs and use typefaces like times new Roman or aerial .

They're easier to read .

Check for spelling or typographical errors .

Any errors are your responsibility and are one of the first things employers use to weed out the weaker candidates , even if the role you're after doesn't require a high level of literacy .

Spelling errors scream lack of care , which is an undesirable quality for any recruiter .

Don't put all your faith in a spell checker , as many are set to American settings as a default .

The purpose of this document is not to get you the job but to get you an interview .

Always remember , you're not writing a CV for yourself .

You're writing it for your reader .

As you write your CV , put yourself in their shoes .

Keep it short to the point and above all else .

Interesting .

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This guide was brought to you by Monster .

For more advice , jobs and career tools , visit monster dot co dot UK .


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