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2023-07-20 13:33:02

15 Min Yoga for Men Beginner Routine - Full Body Flexibility _ Sean Vigue

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My friends at Sean with Shaun fitness dot com .

Today , we're going to do a beginner yoga for men routine , emphasizing flexibility and mobility in the body in the muscles in the joints , increased breath , increased blood flow and also increased endurance .

As we loosen up our entire body .

Let's go and make sure you're checked in below .

In the comments section cap on , I'll be giving you some optional add ons to these as well .

When you're more comfortable , you may progress if you want to see more videos like this .

Please let me know below .

Let's dig in with child's pose to stretch out the back , take the knees a little wide and take the hands forward again .

Try to keep this as basic beginner as possible as my pocket sticking out .

Ok .

And then press back the child's pose .

Let's breathe in the nose and out the nose .

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So when you breathe in , breathe into your front , your sides and your low back and as you exhale , squeeze every last bit of breath from the lungs .

Good .

Getting some nice release into the spine into the center area .

The thoracic part , let those ribs expand with the inhale , let them release with the exhale as you gently pull your shoulder blades back and reach your fingers forward for maximum lengthening in the back .

Two more breaths .

Did I already say that ?

Keep it loose , keep it loose .

Ok .

Staying in child's pose or you can move on to downward facing dog .

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So , what we're going to do is take the hands forward , plant the toes and keep the knees bent right here , lengthening backs .

You're actually pushing backwards eventually .

You want to push all the way down into your heels , that's the direction .

But for right now , if you're feeling extra tight , start here .

Once you get out of a child's pose , eventually you want to start lengthening the backs of the legs right behind the knee .

This is downward facing dog , a very big essential yoga pose , relaxing the shoulders , spread the fingers wide , three more breaths .

You gonna tuck that chin and work your way up to this .

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You got to practice , practice these every day and I guarantee you every day your body will acclimate , it will adapt , it will loosen up and you'll never want to go back to the days when you were tight all the time , which would hinder everything that you do .

Ok ?

Bring the knees back down , gently , gently , gently and let's do a low lunge , low lunge , take your left foot forward , slide your right knee back .

You can also position it right here to begin the knee is under the hip .

The left knee is right above the left ankle where you can slide that knee back where you're comfortable , you're going to stretch and activate your hip flexor shoulders are back , fingers are down .

So we're contracting the front leg here , contracting the quad and stretching your hip flex your hip extender right there .

Let's take three more breaths .

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With each exhale , you might be sliding that right knee back .

It might be .

It's up to you .

Yoga is a series of poses and postures called which can stand alone or they can flow from one to the next .

The breath always connects them , the breath guides them .

The breath fills the poses with life .

Now , an option here is take your left hands as an option and add on and lift your right arm up a little bit of a twist here .

A little rotation , exhale , come down .

Let's do that one more time .

So we hold the foundation of the pose and we add the rotation .

Let's do two more .

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Mhm Nice twist .

Opening up the sides , opening up your obliques , lifting up .

Now , set the hands down and let's take it back down dog or child's pose .

I'll make it your choice .

I'm going to do a little child's pose .

I'm going to work on extending further than I did last time .

So I'm gonna take the hands a little further forward .

Forms are down and press back .

You can adjust accordingly in real time .

Relax the tops of your feet down , send your breath up and down the back .

Do you feel that you feel any release ?

Maybe some adjustments , your body moving back to where it needs to be .

It's very powerful stuff .

So treat it wisely two more breaths .

A little bit of blood flow into the head with the child's clothes .

Definitely with the down dog .

Ok .

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Rising back up , take those shoulders , drop them down , keep them back and down .

Keep the chest , open , shoulders , sliding down the back .

So we get some nice openness here .

Open the posture , avoid the rolling shoulders , right foot forward , long , no city , left knee underneath the hip or slide it back your fingers .

You here my friend or hands or fists for some support .

This is just the beginning .

I tell you once your body gets a whiff of these basic poses , it'll want more .

It'll want two progress , shoulders back and activating this front leg , stretching the back .

Pay attention to your breathing , steady , rhythmic breath in the nose and out the nose .

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We get our first glimpse of the sun .

Ok ?

You may stay here or the optional add on five times .

Is this nice little rotation a little different than the standard one we do ?

It's usually the other side but gotta mix it up to great keys to physical fitness .

It's always challenging your body , shocking shock your body into adapting , love that twist one more time .

You've been sitting a lot , standing a lot doing a lot of linear movement .

Opening up the OK .

A step back .

Once you come down onto your stomachs , this is an extended cobra , back bands backbone .

Make sure your legs are back .

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First option , beginner class .

I want to give you these options .

Four arms down , elbows are on their shoulders .

We have a baby cobra which is very cute baby or you can also if that's too much , take the elbows out and lift right here .

You can even come here gently lift up with each inhale , opening up the back .

We have the shoulders back .

We're getting some stimulation in the spine .

Now , if you want to go a little further , you gotta tuck in your shirt a little habit I have .

This is the cobra here .

It's a little extended cora I call it a walk in Cober .

Also take your hands out fingertips down just the fingertips .

It's very subtle movement but very powerful inhale , press it on the fingertips and lift slightly off the map .

Drop your shoulders .

Imagine your shoulder blades pulling away from each other , creating space in your upper back .

So we have a lift here .

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You feel a bit of extension , going back in the spine .

That's good .

Most of us live lives of a lot of hinging forward so we can extend or as I call it a back , you can open up the posture and alleviate a lot of low back problems .

It's up to you if you want to walk your hands closer , but keep your posture , keep the shoulders down , elbows in gently , take three breaths right here from whichever position you are in .

And how does that feel on your spine ?

Does that feel on the face ?

Your body will give you so much feedback .

If you just listen , yoga is a chance to take some time for yourself , rehab , heal , open up the body and the breath moaning , optional spiders .

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All right , you don't have to crawl on child's pose , downward facing dog .

I'm going to choose down dog .

This time .

I could choose your own adventure book here as you start getting more comfortable with your down dog , meaning your back loosens up .

Oh , and that's wonderful when it does , it's amazing when the back releases and you realize you don't have to live with the tightness and the discomfort .

Once that happens , you can add a little bit of a walk here .

This is one of my standards , a great way to increase some blood flow and activate the backs of the legs , hamstrings and calves , relax the shoulders again .

If this is too tight down dog doesn't work , stick with child's pose , work your way up because once you practice these a few times , your body responds quickly if you're consistent .

So it's good to know where to go .

Next .

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Four more steps , one , two , three and four , take two more breaths .

Either in down dog or your child's pose , extend the spine , expand the back , ok .

Knees down one more time , bring it down onto your stomachs .

I wrote down a lot of stuff you want to do a part two .

Should I do a part two ?

For this one ?

We can always add on .

So again , we have that culprit , extend the arms out .

You can have four arms down or here or walk the hands up .

Perhaps you go a little further than the last time you drop the shoulders .

Oh , it's in hand .

Let's see .

I like games .

They're very focused .

Three more breaths .

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That's nice .

One of the great keys here is to relax the shoulders .

If they tense up , you're going to create a world of tension up there .

And that's not yoga .

That's not flexibility , training , mobility training down .

Oh And let's finish a little standing here .

Feel free to practice those as much as you like standing position .

Oh I wrote down so much fun stuff .

They will , they will do it .

Ok .

Catcher squad , catcher squad , I believe it's also called a Garlin Pope .

Take your feet wide , little diagonal .

Look at that .

So trying so hard to come out for the video .

Now , first progression , take the hands right here .

This is the umpire right there .

Relax the shoulders and gently apply a little bit of force here to you're opening the hips , pressing back while keeping your upper body tall .

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Second progression is right here , forearms down .

I want to work your way up to this tailbone , reaching towards the ground .

This could be the , this is the catcher .

Right .

Final one is take your hands together and come down , using the elbows to open up .

So we're opening up and lifting .

Don't give in to this .

This is crushing , this crushes your breath and your posture and drains your energy .

My friend , we don't want that .

We want to keep it open and tall .

So no matter what we do throughout the day , any sport activity , we are lifted , we are in alignment and good posture .

Three more breaths , opening up the back , the hips , the glutes if you're shaking , that's good .

That builds character .

We want to shake , we want to reach that threshold all the time to get better .

Ok .

Woo hoo .

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Shake it out a little bit here .

Shake the legs .

Come on up and we'll finish with a tree pose .

We had the trees and we're gonna do a treat .

We look at tall , I'll mirror you this time right foot down , open your left hip , up hands together .

This is a balance pose , literally balancing .

If you need to place your hand on a wall or some kind of object , go ahead .

So we're here .

You can also bring the heel below or above the knee hands together , gently , gently .

I have a habit .

I like to push things , gentle , relax .

That release is , is a lot of strength right there .

If I'm always pushing , I'm constricting .

If I release , I'm opening , can also place the ankle on top of the thigh .

Find a spot to focus on one stationary spot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Breathe into it , top of the head , lifting tall shoulders , back and down .

And every time you exhale , draw the belly button in towards the spine , it's a bit of stomach vacuuming .

Ok .

Vacuuming makes me excited three more breaths .

That's your rectus abdominus , the six pack muscle that's pulling that belly button towards the spine as you squeeze the breath from the lungs .

Mhm One more breath .

Oh , heck .

Let's add this in .

If you're feeling stable , take the arms over the head .

This is called extended tree .

The trees behind me are slightly jealous .

Keep that fixed spot with the eyes .

One more breath good .

Gently , bring it down everything coming together .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's move to the other side .

Build that tree from the bottom up from the foundation .

Pick your option below or above the knee or ankle on top of the thigh .

I'll do it here this time .

Standing knee is a little soft and the eyes are fixed because if the eyes are moving around , the body will follow .

Hips are squared to the front fingers , lose two more breaths .

If you're feeling solid , you know , when you are , take those arms up .

If you're wobbling , that's fine , you got to touch the foot down .

No problem , no problem .

We got to practice .

You got to earn the balance .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It is never a given .

You have to earn it .

Oh , I'm burning it one more breath .

All right .

Take your arms back behind your cactus arms .

Who ?

My friends red .

Hey , it's Sean .

Again .

If you like this video , I have a free gift for you .

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Put those in the comments section below .

That is the best place to reach me .


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