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2023-07-20 13:41:54

INTERIOR DESIGN _ Living Room & Dining Room BEFORE + AFTER TRANSFORMATION _ My Home Tour part 1

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My home is my San where I feel safe where my family is .

It's a place to build memories and happiness more than a beautiful place .

It's a space that works for my needs , for my taste and those of my family , it's where I enjoy moments with my loved ones .

It's the place where I work .

Rest , get inspired .

It is where I spend my life .

When we give that meaning to a space , our house becomes our home .

Hi guys .

So welcome to a new episode of designers .

The first of my home renovation process .

Today's video is very , very special .

I want you to be my special guest .

By the way , if you are new here , I'm if you are a design lover , I want to invite you to be part of our community .

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In this special episode , I will share with you the process a step by step that I recently made to transform my living and dining room area .

With this video , I want to inspire you to follow your own process to design or renovate your space .

Welcome to my home .

This house has more than 30 years built .

In fact , I live here with my family from my birth to my teenage stage .

Then we moved and the house was abandoned for almost 12 years when it was time to find my own home .

Two years ago , I decided to become its homeowner and recovered .

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So this house is very special to me .

Anyways , the first stage of the renovation was very intense since we had to repair the functional elements of it .

The sanitary and electrical systems , ceilings , bathrooms , deep cleaning , pest control and everything that entails to make it possible to live live there .

I already did all that process .

Now I decide to start the second stage which is to decorate it with my style , give it life and I decide to start with the area where my family and I spend the most time together , our living and dining room .

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We always should start to define our style no matter what or how many they are defining what we like and what identifies us is crucial to begin at this will serve as a guide in all the step of the process .

It will help us make the right decisions to achieve a harmonious composition .

In my case , I like many styles .

The Scandinavian contemporary , minimalist and mid century modern are my favorites .

So I mixed different styles .

I choose the Scandinavian style as a base that will be the one that will dominate my space .

And then as complimentary styles , I choose the contemporary and the mid century modern .

So I will stick to those styles at the time of making choices .

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If you want to identify which styles you like and go with your personality , check out my video on that right here in my case , defining the styles helped me a lot when deciding what to buy the shopping process becomes easier and more efficient .

Sometimes we buy things in one store other online , something else in another store .

And if you don't have your guideline , you are very likely to end up buying things that are very nice .

But when you include them at home , it doesn't harmonize with the other elements that will be within the same space .

After having an idea on how you want your space to look , ask yourself and identify the things you want to change or improve .

So you can find the solutions you are looking for .

Don't focus yourself only on beauty .

Also think about function .

In my case , I was wondering , what did I want to improve ?

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What did I want to achieve ?

What is my budget ?

How do I and my family use the space ?

The answer to all these questions , let me identify my priorities , what I needed to improve my space and to achieve the look that I wanted , I realized that one of my greatest wishes was to , to create a clean , clear , bright and simple space that implied the urgent improvement of my lighting plan .

So I decided to design the ceilings to include a contemporary and a smart lighting system composed of different layers .

The injured lighten layer perfect to be used as a moody and soft light .

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A second layer for the ax and lights that serves to create contrast dimension and to make the decorative elements of the space pop and a third layer for the decorative lighting pieces that already exist .

Actually , that was all the lighting that I had before the renovation .

As you know , I was looking for a clean and simple look .

So I took advantage of my new ceiling design to visually make all the cordons pull disappear and to integrate it with the whole composition .

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I love the ceiling of the living room because it looks like it's flooring and creates line of light that help define the space in a softer way .

And at the same time helps me to visually make the beam disappear , creating an even more cleaner look .

The best part of my new lighting system is that I can control my lights .

I can create different ambiance for the different activities that I make at home .

I can make my space warmer with low end direct lighting or I can opt for a brighter ambiance .

I will leave the links in the description box of all the smart lighting that I use in my house and the link of all the decorative elements like cushions and lamps , as well as details that I bought online .

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By the way , I've written your comments , I have realized that you asked me a lot about lighting design .

So I am already preparing a video where I will explain all the lighting principles .

So don't forget to turn the notifications bell .

The second step that I made in my house was to change the color of all my walls .

I didn't like the yellow wish to that the house had because it wasn't providing the clarity that I wanted .

It had no harmony with the furniture , with the style or with the color palette that I was looking for .

So I painted the whole house with the pure white by Sherron Williams .

I decided to pick that white because it reflects the 85% of light giving my space a brighter and totally neutral tone .

Perfect to be the backdrop of my clean and fresh new space .

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The first step was to change the flooring to choose the perfect tone I took into account the following things , the color of the wood that the house already has .

The color of the furniture and general color palette , the fresh and clean style that I wanted to achieve .

So I choose this light wood to which allows me to have contrast with my furniture and maintaining the concept of freshness and simplicity .

Also , it gives the space a touch of warmth thanks to the wooden taxer and it's matte finish , gives the space a more natural look .

And finally , it's time to put everything in its place .

I practically kept all my large furniture , but I add and change some details that make the difference like new rocks and cushions to add another layer of texture .

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I couldn't resist the trend .

So I include one in my living dining area .

I love it because apart from giving me a feeling of spaciousness , its shape breaks the rigidity of the space if you know me , you know that I love nature .

So in my case , they are the perfect compliment to add movement , texture and color .

I love how the shape and colors of the plants and flowers stand out in the monochrome environment .

They work as an accent and are the perfect pop of color .

I added natural materials to bring texture contrast and warmth .

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I added accents in gold metals to connect them visually with the lamps I already had in my dining and TV area .

Apart from that goal is a warm metal ideal to harmonize my monochromatic pul .

Remember that details are not details .

They make the design , they are crucial to add your personality into the space .

In my case , I choose details that apart from serving as decorative elements , they have a function or a meaning to me .

For example , my books of Art and Architecture , which I usually read when I drink my coffee art work works of my favorite painters , elements to add color and texture , family photos , pieces that I collect candle holders that help me achieve a pleasant smell in my home .

Since we cannot forget that the perception of a space is not only visual , the smell is also important in general .

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I don't like to have many pieces , but I love those that are interest movement and create an impact .

To be honest , I'm still in the process of finding details that continuing to complement my home .

But the change until now has been very positive .

I enjoy spending a lot of time in my house .

I feel in a comfortable place and space and now it's a more functional place for me .

Sometimes we start a process and we don't know how to continue .

So I hope this video has inspired you to design or transform your space .

Remember guys , recognize your taste and in charities and style .

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Remember to define your style to have a guide to follow up and achieve the appearance and aesthetic that we are looking for .

Remember to identify what you need and how you use the space because it's essential in order to confound and functional and comfortable space for you and your family , know your budget and evaluate the priorities , think and invest in things that generate a real change in your space while taking into account the final appearance .

Remember that everything is a process , go a step by step but be focused on the functionality and the appearance of the entire composition .

Always keep in mind that each of us is authentic , unique and different .

Therefore , each home must represent those who live there .

Remember that a good design is not only about beauty , it's not just using trends , but it's how you feel there .

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And your home should be your happy place .

So make your house your home guys .

Thanks for watching and remember if you like this video , please don't forget to click like to support this channel and to subscribe to join our design community .

Also follow me on Instagram for daily inspiration and to get in touch .

Have a beautiful week .

See you next time .


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