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10 Basic Sensual moves in Bachata _ Bachata Sensual for Beginners _ by Marius&Elena

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plan .

Oh , just a second .

Hello , You crazy , awesome dancer .

If you want to master your sexual bachata and you don't know where to start or if you already have the fundamentals and want to learn something more , then this video is perfect for you .

You are going to get 10 moves that will get you started with your central bachata .

Of course , this is not an in this tutorial , but we are going to point out the most important techniques .

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So here's a list of our actual patreons and the last tip .

Remember that if this field is too slow for you , you can use shift and stop or shift and came up to speed up or slow down the video .

The first move is the actual basic step .

The central basic step .

If you haven't danced bachata before , you know , like not central bachata , but normal bachata to say so and you haven't mastered , you know the fundamentals , like the posture how to use your knees , your hips , your upper body in order to have a fluid and natural basic step .

The central basic step might be really , really hard for you .

Here's the essential basic on counts .

So 12345678 or without this hand like going like 12345678 .

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The difference between the normal close position to say so like this in Maat and the central close position is well that we are closer .

The key concepts to remember are our knees are a little bit flex , You know ?

Everybody has a natural click and we intertwine them Meaning we dance on four lines My line , her line My other line Her other line Yeah , so we don't stay para We stay a little bit to the side and we flex the knees and you see we intertwine our knees Next Our hips are a little bit backwards We don't push our pelvis towards our partner .

So remember here , no fishy fishes .

So when we stay in the central basic , you see , we have some space here .

Of course , we exaggerate now a little bit , because when we dance , it's more natural than when you're standing static .

But the key point here is don't push towards your partner when doing the central basic four arms .

We have many different positions , especially for my , uh , left and right .

Yeah , So we can stay here .

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She can stay like this .

I can hold it .

I can go on the back of her shoulder .

I can grab her arm .

I can go a little bit closer .

I can keep my hand in the air like you don't care .

You can .

You can hug him like here .

Yes .

I can also use both my hands on the shoulder blades .

You see , there are many variations , and usually you will use one of these according to what you want to do .

But for now , just choose one and practise it like that .

What we recommend is either going for the shoulder blade .

You know , like a base position .

We actually teach it like this in order to be able to hold the frame and don't think about the hands and to focus on your hips and feet .

Remember that you always lead with your body and not with your feet , meaning , especially in the basic step from this angle .

I'm not going like this , you know , like this is one of the core fundamentals in bachata and also in salsa .

We don't go like this .

We go with the body and the feet follow .

And probably the most important thing here is to connect with your partner .

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If you don't have connection , you cannot do anything .

So be sure to connect properly in order , you know , like to feel like one dancer instead of two separate dancers .

Yeah , your hand .

Girls .

Here it is very important not to move your hips more than your leader , at least not as much as to interfere with his leading .

Remember , on social dancing , it's much more important to feel good than to look good .

You are not in a competition .

And the last thing guys never , ever dance from your knees .

We are not doing the twist .

This is a very common mistake .

Going something like this , you know like , Yeah , I know .

It looks weird .

It feels weird .

And it might be even worse than we made it look , especially for the followers , because they feel like they are being kicked or something like that in the music .

Don't do this before we move on here some different angles on music .

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Now we are going to go over the head roll .

Remember to check the top right corner for an in the story about the head .

This is how it looks on count .

123456781234 And again , 012345678 .

We are going to use this simple move , you know , like going from , uh to say so to illustrate the head roll .

But remember that there are many positions in many ways of using the head .

If you want us to make a separate tutorial and that that's gonna be , let's say , a big one because there are many variations .

Let us know in the comment section down below .

We want to see the head variations .

The main leading direction here is to decide , but it's important to create a circular motion So in order to do that , we are actually going to start a little bit towards the back .

So I'm going to exaggerate now .

But it's small , you know .

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It's not going to the back and then to the side after we do this going towards the side , you know , going to that circular motion , we pull towards us and raise our elbow as leaders in order to give some space to the follower to do the on the social floor .

This is a good precaution to lift your elbow .

If you don't want to pay hospital bills .

Girls don't anticipate the move .

Don't do it on your own .

Not like that for the leader's head roll .

Things are much easier , guys because we lead .

We want to do the head .

So here we just , you know , like get the hand , put it on our shoulders and we use a little bit our intention , our body in order to make her understand .

So we go a little bit to the side and diagonally down and do the circle so the lady will know to help us , and she will understand that we want to do our head roll on and count goes like one , 2345678 and one .

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I said previously , we use these examples , you know , like going into the heros because they are simple examples .

But there are many ways to go into a draw .

Many different hand positions , body positions , angles , stuff like that .

So be sure to understand that we focus only the technique for your actual head roll , not with what to do with your hands like this .

This doesn't mean that we do nothing .

We need to pay attention to our partner , adapt and help in order to create a comfortable move for both of us and really enjoy the dance .

Number three .

The troll on count .

So we are gonna go from this position and 123 , prepare 5678 Let's do it one more time from here .

34 .

Basic .

Remember , we prepare on 41234567 tap and we go into the basic .

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The chest role is a very common move , and it's used in different combinations , but it's very important to master it on your own before you do it in partner work for the leaders and for the followers .

It's really important to understand how to do the movement before you lead it or follow it .

This will help you understand the signals .

So for that we already have a tutorial .

Check it out .

It's in depth on how to do the chest circles or chest rolls .

But here are some things for the leading and following .

We are going to go like the half basic until four , and on four we're going to make that preparation .

So 12 and 34 I prepare .

But because we are talking about central bachata , we are going to do it a little bit more closer .

This will help us to block her knees , her hips so that the girl understands .

OK , something is going on with my upper body .

So we are going to get closer and do the same thing like 123 .

And on four , I will grab with my knees and also push her to the side .

You'll see in a second when we change the angle .

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But for now , remember what we said about the head .

The direction is to the side , but we want to make a small circular motion , meaning I'm not going perfectly to the side .

I would go into isolation .

Maybe instead , I'm going a little bit towards me and then to the side in order to make her understand that I want to do a circle .

So this is four , and I go five six .

And on 78 , I wanna finish that circle , but also finish the steps , like 781234 .

You see , I block her with my knees .

I grab her a little bit and also prepare the upper body .

I go towards me a little bit .

5678 .

Yeah , So this is in order to , you know , finish on the right step .

Of course , you could do it in place , you know , do it like 567 , eight however you want .

The main idea is that you have to finish the 78 with the tap and also do that circle .

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Ladies , remember to isolate and move only your chest also for a better isolation and for more balance , you need to put a little bit of pressure on your left leg like this .

So we are here on four .

And even if I'm on my tap with my left leg , I put a little bit of pressure to the floor in order to be able to isolate better when talking about the hip roll .

We are talking about the same technique that we apply to the head roll and to the chest roll , meaning that we lead to the side .

But we do actually a small circular move .

You can also do this move from different positions with different hand placement , but the technique is the same .

So on counts we are going to pick the simplest form .

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So , going like this , we go 123456 , 78 And from this position 12345678 .

Here on the hip , we also create that sideway signal .

But of course we want to create a circular motion .

So even though let's say the main signal is to this side , we actually create a small circular motion when talking about the hero .

It's important as well to block the opposite body part , so if we do a hip roll , we kind of block the upper body , and that can be done by the leader or by the follower .

But in both cases .

The follower should help us .

So here are some variations .

For example , you do You go into a basic step from your simple position and you go with both hands down like 12 and you go down here .

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I am not touching her just her shoulder blades so she will understand because I have both my hands down , OK , I need to block the upper body part So I do my hip or 56 and I go back .

Another variation would be , you know , like going like this , you know , and just putting my hand here and doing that circle .

But in this case , I kind of block her from this hand and another variation will be doing it from a hemlock .

The same thing happens .

Boom and we have another variation .

For example , when you go with one hand down like you go with your left hand and you push the hip or and you block with the one that's staying on the shoulder weight .

So all these variation actually follow the same principle .

You need to block the upper body part in order to move the hips .

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For the followers , it's very important when you do this , people to really stretch your body like 1234 and I really stretch my legs and I stay straight with my back like 5678 .

Also , it's very important to not bend from your waist towards your partner .

I only push my chest a little bit forward , but I'm not bending from my waist .

Move number five side to side chest isolation .

It's very important to understand how to move your chest side to side .

This is one of the move that where we usually use in the warm up session of , you know , the training or the class or workshops , et cetera .

It's important for both of you , the leaders and the follower to understand how to isolate the chest on counts from a basic 1234567 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Prepare 12 , 345678 Additional variations .

We could do this continuously like 12345678 .

But usually it's not used like that .

Or we could go like 12 and just move and finish with another basic step .

Two tips here that will make you understand the move better and actually learn it faster .

Using both hands , we are going to go to side to side .

We are using both hands because this is the way we teach it first .

It's the most simple way of understanding it .

So it's important to think like one hand pulls while the other pushes .

But we are not going like this or in different way .

We synchronise and coordinate both of them .

Also , it's really important not to squeeze her , you know , like , yeah , we put a little bit of pressure .

But let's say she will feel a gentle firmness .

Yeah .

So for example , we are on eight here , and I'm using both my hands at the same time .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I go 12345678 .

I want to show you my back also , but I'm going to exaggerate this because I'm also leading from the body .

I'm not only doing this , I'm doing this a little bit .

Yeah , So just from eight .

I am here .

I'm going to exaggerate a little bit .

I'm also going even if maybe she does the move a little bit bigger .

Yeah .

The key thing here is this from your body and the second most important thing .

You know , we talked about how to do it , but how do we sign her ?

OK , don't go .

Don't step .

Well , I actually block her like this .

I use my knee .

My foot , I put it in her path .

So she understands .

OK , I'm not moving .

And also , I create a little bit of pressure .

I'm going to exaggerate this .

Only the pre pressure on eight .

And how do I block her ?

So let's go like 123 , 45678 .

You see , I pushed her a little bit on eight .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Make sure she is on her left leg and I also block her here .

And this will make her understand .

OK , I'm only going to use the upper body .

Of course , ladies , remember to move only your chest .

Don't go with your whole body .

Don't go like this .

Like 12345678 .

And then one , uh keeps side to side on counts from half .

Basically , we go .

123 .

I prepare and I go 567812345678 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Of course , here we also have the variations where I could go continuously like we did for for the chest , side to side , Going like 56781234 and getting out or many other combinations we could go into combinations .

But today we have moves .

We are going to in the central position .

We are going to get really close .

Yeah , and on four , I am preparing with my knee , so I am squeezing a little bit .

You see , when we were talking about the chest , I was going with my hands .

But now we're talking about the hips .

I'm going with my knee and then with my hands , I block her upper body part .

I squeeze a little bit and hold it in place , and then I only move my knee .

Remember , It's really important here not to do big moves , not going like , you know , like like this .

Like this .

Small moves , guys , what I recommend you to do when learning this move is going on .

That three moves and a pause or like a tap .

So going like one to prepare .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You see , I prepared to decide , and I block like 5678 I block here a small pause and 123 tap 5678 For the ladies here , it is very important to maintain the connection at your legs like I'm going on basic 123 .

And when the guy is preparing is going with his knees to my right .

I follow with my left leg and create here a connection .

And then I go into the move like 56781234 and do the basic and get out as you saw .

It's very important to keep the connection with your knees throughout all the moves .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Move number seven a combination between the chest , side to side and the hip side side .

So we're gonna call this the chest hip move .

This is going to be a fast one .

We just combine the techniques and we try to alternate between moving the chest and the hips .

The chest hip combination on counts like 12345678123456 , 78 To go from a basic 12345678 .

Yet again , I prepare the chest .

I also grab this time I'm not only blocking , I'm also grabbing a little bit her right knee , and I start with the chest .

I go to the side , then with my feet , my feet , my hands , hands , feet , feet , hands and on counts .

It looks like this 1234567 .

And we exit into the basic .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's really important when you move one body part to block the other one and leaders lead small moves .

You have a tendency to do like really big moves .

And the follower is is often it's feeling a little bit uncomfortable doing like , really , really big moves .

So one body part is moving .

The other one is blocked and lead small moves .

I was number eight , the standing wave for this one , what we call the standing wave and the actual full wave .

We have a tutorial , so check it out in the right corner and for this example , only this one .

We promise to do only moves .

But in this one , we have to , you know , step on the rules a little bit .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We are going to do a standing wave on 1234 , and to get back on the music , we are going to do a mambo 15678 You will see what we are talking in a second .

Guys remember we have our hands on the shoulder .

But this is the technique we teach first , because it's the most .

Let's say comfortable .

It's the easiest to understand .

So from here , remember , we are leading a standing wave .

So we just go into the wave and we release guys .

Be sure to do not anticipate here .

If you do not receive the signal to go down with your wave , just release your hips and finish with the tap like this like one , 23 and four .

In order to go back on the music in the right way , we have to do a mambo .

We're gonna show it from here .

So , for example , we do a basic step like , you know , 12345678 .

I prepare , I start my standing wave 123 and I release and we would go on five instead of one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So that's why here , just to make an exception , we do a mambo to go back on 1234 .

This is one of the first methods we teach the wave starting only from the standing wave because it's a little bit easier to focus only on doing this rather than going down and coming back .

But don't worry , this is number 10 .

Of course , there are many variations regarding the hands , the position , the leading and following .

But this is the simplest one .

Be sure to master this one as a way of practising it before moving on number nine Body roll .

It's the same technique as for the standing wave .

The main difference .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Or , you know , what we add to the standing wave is that right before we finish the standing wave , especially for the followers with their hips , we are actually a leader starting the next wave .

So it's like going from one wave to another without having , you know that full stop , you know , like doing a standing wave , finishing it and then starting another one .

We do a transition between them , and it looks something like this .

Of course , with the body you'll see in a second .

Girls , remember what I said regarding the hips When doing waves , it's important to finish the first wave with our hips , even if we receive the signal to already do the second wave .

So I'm going to illustrate now and I'm going to exaggerate a little bit the signals .

But watch for my hands and her hips , meaning I will do this when she almost finishes her hip motion .

So from here I go , Boom , she starts to finish and I begin again and I begin again and I begin again .

So this is the of course we have exaggerated .

Now a little bit .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You you can do it like really , really small like Boom , boom , boom The on and on music .

Let's go from a basic step to 345 , six .

Slow body .

12345678 You you can do it even faster on two counts .

567812345678 and one .

Really important leaders .

As always as I am saying , lead from the body , I'm going to exaggerate .

Even I am doing like small like ah ah , it helps you with leading better other than just doing this .

Number 10 the full wave .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So again we have the full tutorial in the top right corner .

Remember that Even if we call this like a basic wave or a basic move .

It's actually quite hard .

The thing is , the wave is one of the moves you first learn when you know going into the central bachata .

So that's why we put it here onto the 10 basic moves .

Be sure to understand how to do it yourself before trying it in couple dancing .

It's much easier to lead it and to follow it , but especially leading it .

If you know how to do it , it will help you .

If you don't know how to do a body wave , it will be , let's say , almost impossible in understanding , really understanding how to lead a body wave .

And of course , you know , following it and the body wave on counts , we are gonna go like 123 go down 5678 .

Or another variation in which we use our left hands leader to go down and up .

We go like 12 and I push down a little bit and the hips back .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And now I pull with my left hand and release with my right 5678 and one .

No , you know , I know .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , that's it for today .

Remember that if you want to watch more videos and to be notified when we upload something new to hit the subscribe button and enable our notification , this one is really important .

Otherwise , YouTube won't send you a notification .

Thank you for watching and have an awesome day .

See you in the next video .

The test roll is a very common move that is used in different as you say .

It's very important to keep the connection through all the move from 1 to 8 and the other eight girls .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Be sure to do not anticipate if you do not receive a signal to go down with your eight with your egg , meaning that we need to decide the main .

Let's say you the importance of the world , because we because we usually this this is going to be a fast one .

We just combined the techniques really hard , You know , uh , the wave , it's be sure to understand how to do it yourself before trying .

Be sure to understand how to do it yourself .

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