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2023-07-21 08:50:30

Kapalbhati for beginners

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome back .

My name is Josh .

I'm from Ameal .

And in today's video , we're going to learn something to activate our lungs .

It's very interesting .

How can we activate our lungs ?

It's just that we're trying to use all the part of our lungs like lungs .

Like I said , it's an airbag in my previous video .

So we're going to try and activate all parts of it .

And for this , the Ancient Yogis name it called , but you're gonna learn it and break it down into step by step .

So then eventually you can do this practice .

So this practice again , you should do it on empty stomach and you should make sure that you don't have , um , ailments like any heart conditions or you have high BP or if you have um , any hernia or any issues with your digestive system or your nervous system .

You should be very take it very easy .

You can do the preparatory post , preparatory things .

I'm going to teach you .

But the final one , I would say we should avoid it .

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All right .

Let's begin the practice .

So first you try and sit any comfortable position , you can either sit on a chair or sit on the floor .

If you feel like sitting on the floor is comfortable , you can put a cushion under your butt .

So you will have a little bit of more height .

So you can sit up straight first , keep your right hand on your belly and your left hand gently placed on your chest .

What you want to do is use the right hand to push the belly in .

When you push the belly in , you try to exhale the air out , push .

So I'm using the physical force of my hand to push the belly in .

When I push the belly , I'm going to exhale .

So usually when we start doing it , it will be when pushing the balloon , you might inhale , it's ok .

It's natural but try to bring awareness .

So just try to push and exhale , push , exhale , push exhale .

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So when you see that it's a physical force on the outside , how it can work when you do it by yourself from the inside .

So using the exhalation as a tool to draw your belly in .

So let's see how it goes .

Now , I'm not gonna use my strength of my hands rather , I'm just gonna use the strength of my belly to really contract when I'm exhaling .

If you look at the rest of my body , it remains very stable , comparatively , relatively stable to my belly , right ?

You don't make any kind of face uh stress or anything in your lungs .

Nothing of that sort .

Just your belly should be contracting .

Let's try this only on the left side when you inhale , the breath is automatic .

That means it goes in by itself .

You don't have to do any work .

So you don't do this , make sure you're not doing .

So , don't do that forceful inhalation as well .

Just forceful exhalation , inhalation is automatic .

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So you take your right hand close with your thumb or your forefinger , close your right nostril , just use your left nostril to exhale .

So when you do that , you see how my belly went in the same way , you try and do the right side , close your left nostril , exhale one through your right nostril .

Great .

If you understood that , if you could do it left and right without any problem , both nostrils will become easier .

Let's just try and do 10 rounds of this and we take a breath and then we do another 10 rounds and we finish this practice .

If you feel during this practice , you're not feeling comfortable , you're trying to , you're starting to feel dizzy , please stop and make sure you take an advice of a yoga teacher in person before you continue this practice .

All right , let's begin .

Inhale just normal breath in .

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You can use your hand for that force to create that force as well .

Exhale very good .

We did 10 , take a deep breath here , exhale all day out .

Do this one more time inhale again and start force flex again , relax all the air out and go inhale again .

Exhale X .

We just did 20 pumpings if you feel you are healthy and you can continue this practice .

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You can do at most to 30 pumpings , 30 times forceful exhalation and then you can relax again .

Second round .

Also , you can do 30 .

So up to three rounds , 30 pumpings each .

You can try and practice but make sure you practice this on empty stomach , not after you ate food or in the evenings .

So make sure you practice in the morning as soon as you wake up and make sure your bowels are empty as well when you start this practice .

So that way you feel the benefits more .

It's an amazing practice and we have a lot more about breath coming up .

And the next video we're going to learn about cleansing of your nostrils .

So stay tuned .

I will see you again .

Thank you very much .


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