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2023-07-22 13:25:39


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Hello , everyone .

Welcome back to my channel .

If you are new .

Welcome .

Welcome .

Welcome .

The name of my channel is unique by Rita and I'm Sherita .

So in today's video , I will be sharing with you how I decorate my living room and I'll also be sharing with you my dining room as well as my entry way .

And I also got plenty of purchases I wanna share with you all where I purchased them from .

And one of the main things I purchased was this rug .

So stay tuned .

Alright , I absolutely love my rug , but we'll come back to that .

I purchased this sea table from home goods .

It was $50 .

I'm not only using it to put a beverage on or to decorate .

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I'm actually using it to stop me from sitting in a certain area on the sofa .

So I do tend to see in the center of the sofa lot .

So I'm just going to put it in the center for now and I'll adjust it according to how often I sit in a certain area , just these lamp shades from a furniture store in Memphis .

They were in the clearance department .

They're 18 inches tall by 15 inches wide .

I feel like they would be the perfect accent to these lamps .

I already had just unique and a little bit of drama and these stems .

I'm just adding them to the vase under the , under the coffee table .

This tray , I got it from Tuesday morning .

I think it was like $15 and of course I had already spray painted those beads , a gold color .

Here's old faithful .

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My decorative box , I use it to house my remote control and lighter and other pieces .

I need to light my candles .

You'll see it other places throughout this room , but it serves the same purpose .

Beautiful bronze or brown color bird .

I purchased it for the color but to my surprise it has in it .

So this bronze ball and grayish black leaf tray .

I purchased that from Hobby Lobby .

It was like 4 99 on clearance and the ball was half price .

So it was $4 .

And hey , y'all , you know , I like my little coaster .

So I'm just gonna add that to the sea table as well .

This orchid I got from home good .

It was $10 .

They did have some that were a little bit more in price , but I decided to just get the $10.01 and put it in a vase that I already had go pillows .

They can go almost anywhere in the house .

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I love them .

I got them from home goods .

And they were $35 some time ago .

So , um , these are some pillows that I will probably , um , bring out more often than usual .

And the throw I've had for quite some time .

Just an fy i , your throat can be used to sit on if you don't want to sit on your , um , sofa so much and take a chance on it , getting soiled , just grab your throat and sit on it and that can help eliminate a lot of the oils and dirt that accumulate on your sofa .

So this straw pillow , I'm just going to fold it because I don't want the why ?

Look , I actually ordered a round pillow and it has not arrived yet .

So I'm just going to use it these black and gold or bronze looking pillows I've had for some time .

I just pull them out of my pillow closet .

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I'm using them for the bronze side and just remember I've said this before .

Any time you have a double sided pillow , you choose what side you want to incorporate into your decor or even if I had these on the same sofa , I wanted to use one facing the front with the gold or bronze and the other one with the black and bronze .

So just move my chair back in place .

And of course , I shared this pillow in the haul .

I got it from home goods in this pillow .

I got the pillow cover from the heart Decor online .

I will share that information in the description .

I purchased two of those already had this tray .

I'm just gonna add that to the coffee table and these two vases I pulled them from the uh bookshelf .

Of course , you know , I like to shop my home , save a few dollars and get a different look right in your own space .

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I'm just going to add a couple of candles that w candle .

It smells so good .

I got it from um Michael's and it was like half price $5 and then it went on sale .

So I bought a couple more just gonna light these candles and set the mood and get some fragrance going as I finish up the look .

These are some artificial eucalyptus stems .

I've had them for quite some time .

I just pulled them from a vase in the house and I'm turning them inward because I do not want anyone to walk by and hit them and knock everything down .

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So make sure you , um , think about that when you place items on your coffee table and here I'm just adding a few more things to the side table that I've already had these little lights .

I purchased some time ago , but they do come with a remote or you can use the push button .

I have them in my kitchen under my cabinet and I'm just going to place them in the bookshelf .

I'll put the link to them in the description if you're interested in them .

Ok .

So let's turn some lamps on and here is the finished look purchase these pillows from Tuesday morning .

I'm just cutting the tags off of them .

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They are a new purchase and I'm also going to replace the greenery on the table with an orchid .

I just simply took the orchid and put it in the vase that I already had .

I'll show you a picture of that orchid was artificial , but these two plants you see on the floor are actually real .

One is a peace lily and the other is a palm tree .

And then I brought those tree limbs I had in the other room and brought them in here and put them in this vase that I purchased from home goods .

It is a new purchase .

It was 39 99 .

And of course , these pieces on the floor , I already had these two vases over to the left .

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I spray painted them chestnut on the bottom and gold , a really bright gold on top .

And then I changed it to a really bright silver on the top .

And now this is like a really , I would say more of a bronzy gold looking color .

I just did that look with using a bright gold and lightly sprayed over it with um some black spray paint .

Now , these are some small vases , one gold silver and bronze that I've used throughout the home .

I just decided to put them in the leaf tray to give it a different look .

Instead of using those decorative balls , I felt that this would be just , you know , something unique , something different , this beautiful cracked black torso .

I got it from Marshalls dot com .

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It was $60 .

It looks somewhat of a restoration hardware dupe .

I don't know if it's going to stay there , but for now that's the home for it and moving right along to this beautiful plant .

I did get it back in November .

It's a piece Lily .

And then on the floor , you see , I have a project 62 gold metal basket .

I got that from Target .

It was like $25 I believe .

And of course , I've already had like the throws and everything that's already in it .

Yeah , I think I pretty much went over everything in this room that I haven't shared before .

I'll also show you um uh option one , option two and option three , which will include a darker color pillow , a lighter color pillow and a lighter color throat .

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Hey , y'all , don't forget to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up .

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Yeah , time y'all .

I finally found the perfect rug .

I'll put the link to it in the description if there's anyone that's interested .

I didn't have any luck with purchasing the inexpensive rugs from Amazon .

This one has all the colors that I need .

The tape , the gold , the beige or tan .

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And uh it's just perfect so it's perfect for my space and it has the look that I need I'm just videoing myself taking this rug up I didn't feel myself putting the new rug down .

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732.179 --> 817.89

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Alright everyone this is the end of the video I just wanna update you all on a few things that we're working on .

I ordered the bedroom set or the bed for my daughter's room that will be here next week .

I have to work , but my husband will be here to receive it .

I also will be doing a new look in my heart room for my birthday .

My birthday is in February .

So my my decor will be based around that .

I did drop my drapes off to the seamstress so they'll be ready .

She said in a few days or so .

So that should be coming up real soon .

And I also am still working in my bedroom as well as a new look for the guest room and the guest bath .

And yes , we have the laundry room as well as the kitchen .

I cannot get anybody over here to do my backsplash .

I don't know what's going on , but I'm ready .

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So um with that , all of that being said , thank you all for being there .

Thank you for subscribing to my channel .

Thank you for being patient .

And if you like this video , please give it a thumbs up , feel free to like , comment , share and if you want to see more videos from me .

Please consider subscribing , turn your notification on .

So you'll be the first to know when I post videos .

Thanks again for watching .

Have a great day .

Right .

Right .


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