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Hey , everyone .

Welcome back to my channel .

My name is Kristen and today we're jumping right into interior design and Home Decor Trends for 2023 .

If you're planning any renovation project this year or planning to redecorate , it's always a good idea to know what's trending .

So you don't accidentally make design decisions that are going to date your home even more .

But as always , trends do come and go .

So always remember just to do what you really love to your home so that you'll enjoy your space long term .

If you enjoy watching and find this video helpful , make sure give it a big thumbs up and hit that like button and let's go ahead and jump right into it .

I would say the main overall design trend that we're going to be highlighting this year is individualism , confidence and personality driven design , which means we're going to see a lot of great unique interiors .

It's all about how you can set your space apart from others and how you can really dress your home to be a perfect reflection of you .

So don't feel boxed in with design rules .

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This year is all about breaking away and really coming up with a design that's going to be memorable and personal to you all about bringing in unique colors and one of a kind furniture pieces and furniture layouts that really work for your specific space .

I think we went through a very long phase of playing it safe with design where everyone picks similar color palettes , similar finishes and then everyone's home really starts to look alike .

So this year is all about setting your space apart , doing the opposite and bringing individualism design back into your home .

What's something that you're going to do to your home this year ?

That's going to set your space apart from your neighbors .

The encouragement of personnel driven design is definitely going to bring out a ton of bold colors this year through paint , Furniture , Art Decor , you're going to see bold rich colors throughout all of it .

These colors are really going to create memorable spaces .

They're gonna look dramatic and they're definitely a way to show your personality .

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A lot of colors that are going to be trending more , are those colors that look like they've been around for decades that are usually a little bit more rich , deep and dark .

You'll notice that a lot of the paint companies are really lines of paint that are their historic line colors that are classic and Timeless and really have this gorgeous regal look to them .

So because we've done a lot of gray and white throughout the years , we're moving on to some color , moving on to some dramatic looks with some bold choices .

You can go all out with this with cabinetry and paint choices and built in colors , more of those permanent choices or you could play it safe and pick bold colors with your furniture or Decor or artwork to implement choices in a smaller way .

Now , when it comes to Decor and furniture , the best way to create a unique space is actually by shopping second hand and it's never been more on trend than right now to shop , second hand , find thrift , vintage and antique pieces .

Wherever you can .

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Facebook marketplace , your local thrift store , a flea market anywhere you can get your hands on something that's very one of a kind and different will create a very unique bold space .

This is such a great of first of all , being sustainable and recycling , but also saving money and creating a unique space all at once .

It's a win win .

Always , you can find midcentury modern pieces that are super classic and will stand the test of time .

You can find gorgeous traditional pieces that will add such character to your home and you can find really something in every single style .

I love thrift , small things for around my home , like books and lamps and decor pieces , vases , ceramics , dishes , but I also like to thrift furniture .

So if you can find any of those things , add them to your home and you will absolutely be on trend this year .

Now , something you're going to see a lot of this year specifically in kitchen and bathroom design is bold , thick marble , anything with extreme veining , lots of contrast and color .

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Picking a marble that's going to stand out and be memorable and kind of act as art to fill your space is going to be the choice this year .

So you can pick a bold marble for your counter .

You can run it up your back splash .

So you have that slab splash .

That's very on trend this year .

You can be bold with marble on your fireplace in your bathroom , but also making the bold decision to create that thicker look on the edge .

You can somewhat have your edge be waterfall down a little bit so that it creates the look of having a large thick piece of marble as your countertop , the thicker the countertop the better this year .

So anything over three inches is really going to give you that thick bold look .

Another the kitchen design trend that you're going to see a lot of this year , especially in new builds and renovations is the popularity of butler pantries .

I am so excited about these because butler pantries solve all your kitchen problems .

You can store all of your ugly appliances in there .

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You can do all of your cooking and prep in there and it keeps your kitchen looking pristine and clean .

So walk in size pantries became very popular .

And now we're going the extra mile and incorporating appliances , counter tops and full prep spaces in there .

It's also a great way of kind of playing with design in a really fun way because you can play it safe in your large kitchen and you can have a lot more fun in your butler pantry because it's a smaller space .

It's kind of like the powder room of your bathrooms .

You can go bold with your cabinet color .

You can do different design choices back there because it's a little bit more hidden away .

So you're gonna notice a ton of butler pantries being added into home floor plans this year and I think it's the best decision we've ever made .

Here's one that you probably saw coming .

If you were someone that didn't follow into the white and gray trend , you're probably still stuck in the beige and brown trend .

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And luckily for you , beige and brown are back 2023 is all about the beautiful browns and brown is coming in through Decor furniture , paint colors and brown is in .

So if you have those dark brown cabinets , dark brown wood around your home , dark brown paint colors , keep them and actually to them so that you can really create a trendy space this year .

You're gonna notice more brown sofas , more brown side chairs , brown leather , brown paint , dark brown flooring , brown rugs .

You're gonna notice that warm palette going throughout the entire home and I think it really creates a comfortable warm environment .

So if you find that your space is looking a little bit sterile and gray or a little bit too cool tone , bring in those chocolatey browns , bring in those warm tones , mix them in there and your space will auto radically be more on trend this year .

Now , we've been in the white furniture phase for quite a while now .

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But now we're in the dark furniture phase 2023 is all about dark furniture , dark woods , dark upholstery , you're gonna notice deeper colors .

So instead of a big white sofa , you're gonna notice darker grays , browns , navies , all of these deeper colors , which is going to add a lot of elegance to your home , but it's definitely going to switch up the look of it a bit .

So my house is very light scale .

I have all white furniture doesn't mean I'm changing that .

I love all of my pieces .

I'm keeping them as is you're just gonna notice a lot less white furniture being sold and a lot more dark colored furniture being sold .

If you are looking for new pieces this year , bring in those deep bold colors because it will make your space on trend this year .

I think this is great news for anyone that has pets or Children because dark furniture is a lot easier to clean .

So you won't have to worry about the same kind of mess that you would with lighter colored furniture .

Another way of really creating a personality driven design in your home is implementing your hobbies .

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If you have extra rooms around your home , implement a hobby room that could be a listening room .

Listening rooms are becoming very popular this year for listening to music and podcasts .

And they're kind of like a check out room so you can just sit there , you're not consuming visual content , you're just listening and kind of being in a calm space .

Those are becoming very popular .

You have record players and speakers and comfortable seating in there with calm lighting .

I've also seen a ton of craft rooms becoming big this year .

Reading rooms and libraries are also very popular if you are a reader and really love that calm space , creating an elegant library space would be so timeless classic and just be the perfect addition to your home .

But of course , we don't all have extra rooms in our home to dedicate to our hobbies .

So this doesn't have to be a full space .

It could be a little corner of your living room .

It could be an extra built in that you have in your space that really shows off your hobby and allows you a little corner of your space to call your own .

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You can really customize your home to work for you and add extra value into your life .

Another bold design choice , we're going to see a lot of this year is monochromatic rooms , which means when the paint color matches the trim , which matches the built in color , the cabinetry and sometimes even the furniture .

So you get this overall color throughout the space that really makes your space look larger and it just engulfs you in this experience .

So if you want to go really bold in a space you can for that monochromatic look .

So playing with color that way and implementing it in a bold way in a specific space is going to be the thing to do this year .

So you might have a space in your home already .

That's halfway there .

Maybe you have a bold paint color , extend that into your trim , extend that into any built ins you have in your space , maybe even add one furniture piece or Decor piece .

That's the same color and extend that design to make it look a little bit more monochromatic .

I think it adds so much drama and so much impact into your space and it can pretty much just be done with paint .

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And lastly , I'm happy to say that gallery walls are still a big trend for 2023 and you're going to actually see them in bigger and bolder ways .

So it's all about drama and impact and creating this lived in collected cozy feeling in your home and gallery walls can do that .

Instead of limiting your gallery wall in a small area , extend your gallery wall to fill the entire space .

You can create so much drama through a staircase with a gallery wall , you can wrap it around a corner , really create nooks in your spaces and you can span your gallery wall across tall large walls to create instant drama .

And it totally draws your eye up .

It creates so much interest and there's such a fun diy thing that you can do in your home to make a huge impact .

So if you have an existing gallery wall in your home , maybe think about expanding on it and making it even more dramatic , add larger artwork , mix up your frames , do something that's really going to set your gallery wall apart .

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Remember to keep a pretty small space between your frames that will allow your gallery wall to look really full and intentional instead of having sporadic art workplace .

So make sure that the spaces and gaps between your frames don't exceed six inches .

If it goes any larger than that , it's going to look a little bit too spread apart and kind of look like each piece is kind of floating .

You want your gallery wall to come together .

So make sure you keep those gaps pretty small and fill out your space that way .

All right .

So that's it for today's video .

I hope you guys enjoyed watching and I hope this give you a better idea on what's gonna be trending this year and what kind of things you can do to your home to make sure that your design is on trend .

Let me know down below in the comments .

What trend is your favorite ?

What's something that you absolutely want to apply to your home this year ?

And if you enjoyed watching and found this video helpful , make sure give it a big thumbs up and hit that like button and make sure you guys are subscribed to my channel .

So you don't miss the upcoming videos this year .

Click that red subscribe button down below and make sure you guys have your notifications turned all the way on to your first to see the next video .

Love you guys so much and I'll see you in my next one .

Bye .


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