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2023-07-24 07:10:02

Carne De Res Guisada Estilo Dominicano- Dominican Beef Stew - Carne Guisada

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Hi guys , I'm Johnny .

And today I'm going to show you how to make a very delicious Dominican recipe , which is beef or as we know it , it is so delicious .

Very easy to make you eat it with white rice , rice and beans .

It is so amazing .

OK , guys .

So what I have here in this bowl , it is my beef that I caught like about half an inch thick .

And the reason it looks like this is because I bring the meat .

So it's not that red , but that's because usually Latin people , that's what they do .

They , they raise their meat before .

So to that , I'm going to go ahead and add my seasoning .

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I'm gonna start off by adding some lemon juice or lime juice , some chicken boil and powder or what we've known as a .

We're also going to go ahead and add some onion powder , soy sauce .

The soy sauce is optional , but we usually season our meat with soy sauce .

So here I'm just gonna mix everything together and set it aside because here in this and I'm going to go ahead and add my garlic clove and I'm gonna mash them there until they're nice and crushed .

After that , I'm going to go ahead and add some dry oregano and continue mixing mashing until everything is nice and combined .

And after that , you're going to add that mixture into your meat and mix everything together until it's well blended .

At this point , you can put it into the fridge and marinade for several hours or a minimum of 30 minutes .

After that , we're gonna start cooking our meat .

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So , in this , I have some vegetable oil and I'm going to let it get hot and then add my meat and I'm going to cook the meat there for about five minutes over medium high heat .

So after the meat has been cooking for five minutes uncover over medium high heat , what you're going to do now is lower the heat to medium and you're going to put on the lid and you're going to cook the meat on its own juices until the meat absorb all the liquids .

Once the meat absorb all the liquids , you're gonna be , you're gonna see some brown bits in there .

Now , you're going to go ahead and add some water , give everything a nice stir , put the lid back and continue cooking until the meat absorb it .

So if the meat absorb the liquid and the meat is not done , you're gonna continue adding water and continue covering and cooking until the meat is nice and tender .

I ended up adding two cups of water until the meat was nice and tender .

So this is how my meat look .

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It is nice and tender and has beautiful color .

And what we're going to do is add some slice onions and some slide bell peppers .

I'm using Cubano pepper and wrapped peppers .

So just add it in there and mix everything together .

Now make a little hole like a well in the center and add tomato paste and add some water and you mix everything together until the tomato paste .

It is nice and dissolve after that mix .

Put the lid on and continue cooking for about three minutes after that .

This meat is ready , just put some cilantro on top and it's ready to be served .

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So guys , I really hope that you enjoyed .

My recipe for Dominican style is two beef or it is so delicious easy to make .

I really hope you get to try it .

Check out the description box for the recipe and instruction .

Give me a a thumbs up .

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and I'll see you in my next upload .

Bye .


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