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2023-07-21 08:47:50

30-Minute Barre Toning and Hip-Hop Dance Workout

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You guys are in for a treat because today we have Erica Taylor , the creator of bar hop .

Thanks to Anna Bar Hop is a bar based workout infused with hip hop , dance and music .

Oh yeah , it is so much fun .

I can't wait to share it with you guys .

All you need is a light set of weights , a chair , a wall , anything that's stable and that's it .

Let's get started .

Go .

All right .

We're gonna start in second position .

Quick , little warm up , soft bend in your knees .

Force uh head circles to the right .

Here we go .

Right .

Two , warming up the neck shoulders , one more to the left for four .

Drop your head , two more shoulder circles .

They get back .

Two good .

Keeping that core strong and tight .

One more .

Bring it forward .

Four , three to extend both arms straight .

Take the circles back , four circles .

Oh yeah , that two feels nice .

One more four for four good .

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We're gonna go into rib isolation next , starting forward .

Take it front right back left .

So you wanna try and keep those shoulders quiet just moving from the core .

Last one run right foot set here we go .

Let's take it back right and forward .

Twice more left back .

Use that breath .

Oh Last one circles to the right .

Here we go .

Circle four around for two .

Last one to the left you have four , three , two , hip circles .

Next right leg .

Circle for four , three .

Warming up into the hips .

Two .

The last one .

Yeah .

Take us to the left .

23 .

We're gonna bring it center three big .

Bring the arms up .

Exhale .

Let it go .

Whoo .

Two more .

Last one .

Take your hands to your inner thighs and we'll stretch into that back .

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Dip the right shoulder forward and twist right and legs .

You need two more .

Last one extend both legs straight .

Sweep the head out .

Yes and no .

Mm Walk the feet together .

Then that right leg .

Switch to the left once more .

Right leg and left .

Extend both legs straight round on up .

I'll get started .

So we're gonna grab your chair , left hand on the chair , open the legs .

Second position .

We're gonna start with the P A up down , up down .

So one hand to the hip , we're gonna need three more .

Last two .

Add the right shoulder back in front .

Press for a good little shoulder .

Yeah .

A little sad .

Exactly .

Two .

You're gonna lift the right heel high out of pulse .

Press your hips for eight .

Really ?

Squeezing the booty .

The inner thighs , keep that coarse height .

We got three more lower , both heels press back here .

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We go take it right and left .

If you're modifying , just don't go down as low .

We're gonna do three more .

Two , bring it center , double heel taps .

We go heal heel , throw it forward , throw good .

Last three .

Do the whole set in relevate .

So both heels high hand to hip up down , squeezing as you lift again .

Booty inner thighs and yeah .

Two good .

We're gonna take that shoulder back in front , back , That breath .

Exhale 302 , bob heels high .

Fold it down here .

Rig up .

Squeeze 87 , sink low into those hips almost .

There got 32 , lower the heels , press back .

Take it right .

So really focusing on the outer side , stay low into your hips .

You got 32 , bring it center heel taps this time .

Arms .

So up .

What's up ?

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Pans ?

Hey , we got last three .

Say hello .

21 .

Shake it out .

You're gonna quickly switch sides .

Shake it up down up , got last 321 left shoulder back and front .

Give me eight shoulders over hips , knees over toes .

You have three more two left heel high at the pulse .

Take it down .

Eight .

Just wanna press your weight on the first two big toes .

Lifting that heel nice and high .

Three more .

Last two .

Press back to the left .

Take it out right .

So your numbers legs are talking .

We got three more two .

Bring a center , double heel taps , heel heel , bring it forward .

Strong arms four t last 31 more set and run away .

You guys ready ?

Yeah , let's do it .

Take it up for eight .

Standing tall .

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Lifting up to the top of your head .

Three more last two , left shoulder back and breast .

Give me eight six .

So squeezing on the way up .

Three more two .

Add the fault .

Here we go .

Drop below eight six .

Get , keep the accent down .

Say low .

Last 32 .

Press back to the left .

Here it is .

Take it out and right .

Say hello .

Good .

Keep it going .

Last three .

You into what ?

He'll , he'll bring it up .

Hey , hey , our last 321 and done .

You guys shake the legs out .

Take a second .

Yeah , legs are burning .

We're gonna move the chair next , we're gonna start heels together to a park .

So that's your first position .

You're gonna press up and down a squeeze .

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So just like we just did this time and first get two more , we're gonna take the right hand off the bar .

Hip swings right .

The What's up hand is back ?

Swing it right and left .

This is where the hip hop comes to add some S flags .

One back to center eight reps .

Take it up .

Same thing .

Shoulders over hips , sneeze over toes .

Three more 21 left hand off the bar hit .

So take it out in good .

Keep it up .

Three more two , last one .

Circle to the right circle .

Right .

We're getting sexy seven around .

If you need to modify , keep those feet flat the entire set .

Last two to the left .

Here we go .

Give me eight .

Can we get a little bit lower ?

32 , we're gonna bring it all the way back up ?

Eight reps .

Here we go .

Take it up for 87 .

Uses that we need it .

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Last 32 .

We're gonna drop it all the way down in one .

Here we go .

Bounce it out .

If you're modifying , just take a little pulse right left , right .

Bring it up 87 .

Squeeze it six almost there .

Last 32 .

Bounce it out .

Drop it like it's hot all the way down .

You got eight 321 .

Bring it using that cord to really pull back up four more uh 32 .

Bounce it out here .

It is eight wraps .

Eight last three , we're gonna stand up , shake the legs out .

Kick ball change right and left .

Shake it out .

Keep that heart right going .

It's right .

If you're modifying just step touch , keep it simple but keep that heart rate going right .

Bring it up good .

So it up .

Last one .

Oh my legs were so good for you .

I know .

I know .

Right .

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So we're gonna move that chair .

We're gonna step in front because starting with the right leg , you're gonna kick it forward , kick , sit it back and then tap , kick , sit it back .

Two more like that .

Wait to the back of that left to your last one .

Keep your right foot on that knee .

Pull it down for eight seven .

Use that keep it going hit a factory because off a nice stretch , you know , two more repeat the set right leg , sit it back .

We're gonna modify .

Just add a little cross over there .

Good .

Two more .

Say the back one more .

Keep the right foot on top of that knee .

Press down .

You have 16 .

Sink it low .

Wait till the back of that left heel .

You should feel this one in that booty hamstring .

Good quartet .

You got eight more of these .

Keep it going is that it .

Get home stretch .

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Give me three switching sides and 201 left .

Click .

Here we go .

Kick it out .

Kick , sit up back at the top .

Good two more like either .

Yeah .

Last one .

Say low at the pulse .

Here we go .

Press eight , spit it back , seven weight to the back of the right heel almost there .

You got three exhale two , one .

Repeat the set left leg , press it forward .

Kick a set .

Add the set two more like that tick .

Sit it back one more time .

Stay low .

You got 16 of these .

Here we go .

16 , 15 .

Don't think about it .

Just moving down down .

Get squeezed into that booty .

You got eight more of these home stretch .

It's eight , exhale 76 almost there in three .

We're gonna step the left foot down in two .

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Take both the parallel or squats or it up three two , we're gonna bounce it out .

Weight goes right left .

This is all you add some arms have fun with it .

Bring it up .

So pour three squeezes of booty at the top .

Last one .

Bounce it out right .

That 32 .

Bring up back up .

Here we go .

No , no anyone that makes that low squaw ho look fun girl .

Yes .

Six .

Hold it at the bottom .

We're gonna sit low .

Hold it .

Come on up so good .

You guys shake it out .

Legs are loving you right now .

Erica .

We're gonna bring the chair back to the side here .

Step with the right foot .

Cross hand back to the chair and then pull up and over here we go up the tempo .

Bring it up .

Cross twice more up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Last 14 reaches up good .

Working into that right side body .

I got two more up .

Last one at a pulse eight .

Get six reaching as far as you can give me 32 last one .

Repeat the set set .

Cross cross .

Bring it up .

Get two more through the eyes .

Last 14 slow here it is 43 .

It's three up and over two last one at the Pulse .

This time we have 16 .

Uh Yeah , saying hi .

Hello .

Modify .

Just gonna tap that foot eight more up up 321 .

Move the chair second side step cross .

Bring it up good .

Last two .

Throw the arm , slow it down .

Here it is four .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Reach up and over three , squeeze two point that bottom foot at the pulse up up .

Still breathing almost there in 32 .

Here we go .

Add the cross .

Let's do it cross .

So add more .

Last one .

Slow it down for four .

Here it is four , squeeze three up and over two more out of the 16 .

Here it is up up , cratch reach good , reaching for something you want right here something you don't already have .

Take it up .

What do you want ?

Last three , 218 .

Nice job .

Alright .

All good .

We're gonna put the chairs in time out .

We're gonna grab those two light pound weights .

Come on back .

Yeah .

All right .

We're gonna start with upper body .

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Take the left shoulder , take it back , palms go up .

So squeezing into your biceps or shoulders .

Last 32 , we're gonna tap the toes .

Here we go .

Single , single arm up up .

Good .

Squeeze it lasts 32 other side .

Here we go .

Right shoulder goes back , palms up .

Squeeze good .

Bring more .

Pick it up .

Last two .

Tap the toes .

Here we go side to side up up giving it a lean back , a little action side to side .

So we're gonna step the feet out , slow it down .

Take it right .

Lunge left , right and left .

Good .

Think about that corn .

Once again , point that belly tight .

Last two , single count one right left .

Up up eight more .

Just do that .

Eight shoulders are on fire right and left .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Find the burn .

Keep the burn .

Work with that burn .

You got three more single count in 21 .

Let's go take it right left .

Squeezing as you breath .

Keep it after you got three , two back to center little circle .

You take it back back .

32 reverse run .

A good was the feet together .

Set the ripe about .

We're gonna start working into that back .

Two taps switch to the left back .

So gonna round your elbows .

Squeeze into your shoulder blades .

Good left foot .

Go more like that core tight arms lifted .

Take it left twice more .

Right left .

Single count .

Here we go .

Right leg .

Tap left , right .

Oh Yeah .

Squeeze into the back .

Give me three whoa , two back to center .

Just the arms up , down up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Good squeeze , squeeze , squeeze one more .

Take it up .

Last two arms reach up , triceps , take it down and up .

So elbows pointing forward , biceps tight to the ears lower and squeeze .

Last one at the waist .

You're gonna twist , dip right , squeeze it up .

Take it left .

Two more nice and slow , dip it to the right twist left , single count .

Here we go .

Take it left up .

Squeeze , press one more .

32 back to center .

Just the pulse that it up .

Squeeze the back of the upper arms pushing through those problems .

Here we go .

Eight light gets heavy .

All the time .

Just go and hold it , squeeze , squeeze , squeeze , lift and guys we're gonna lose weight .

Step into cardio .

Alright .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So coming back out for cardio , we're gonna learn four movements , break them down and then just keep running it to get that heart rate going .

Awesome .

So starting with the first move , you're gonna step that right foot forward .

So it goes step , take the arms around left leg .

Here we go .

Step it forward , step it back , take the arms around .

So twice more .

Slow , right .

Step back .

Take the arms around .

Left leg .

Here we go .

Step it forward .

Take it back , ready to speed it up .

32 is right laps .

So you really want to press the weight forward forward around good .

Let's do eight more .

Just like that strong arms .

Eight six , keep it up .

Last three .

Go second move .

Step it out .

You're gonna hit , take it around , hit , take it around .

Strong arm .

Ok .

Last one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Speed it up .

Let's do it .

Hit around .

Hit good .

Stay nice and low .

Pet good .

Give me eight more of these .

Keep it low .

It's eight six home stretch .

Last three from the top into one right leg .

Here it is forward around .

Let keep it going last three .

So now we're gonna add on with the second move .

Step it out .

Here we go .

Hit around .

Oh yeah , my last two .

All right .

Second move .

Punch it down one left two , right .

So a single , single , double , double down .

Right .

Good .

Let's do twice more slow .

Get it in your body right .

Using your core to press that knee high .

One more slip .

Last two up to tempo .

Here it is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Take it right .

Punch , same thing .

Accent down .

Take it right .

Good .

If you need to modify , just take this one at your own pace .

Keep it going right left .

Still working hard .

Yeah , I'm getting in good run the top 321 .

Let's move .

Take it right .

74 and last 32 .

Second .

Move here we go .

Step it out .

Hit around big arms .

Give me 32 punch downs coming up next .

Here we go .

Right left , double left .

Two more .

Last one .

Adding on we're gonna kick right left to right .

Top left , right to left twice more .

So .

Right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hey , it's right speed .

This one up .

Grade two and kick it off left .

Right .

Who keep it up ?

You got humor .

Keep it up .

Right .

Laugh left , right .

Last two .

Ready to hit it from the top .

You're like , I guess , do I have choice ?

No , I like this movie feels good .

Last one .

Here we go .

Number two .

Hit .

Keep a pig .

Keep a lo now you're falling into place .

Rack me .

Pick it up pat .

Now you're just gonna have some fun with it .

Make it your own .

Do you last one ?

Kick it out right ?

Like right to right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Single , double , twice more .

From the top again .

321 .

Let's go .

Right .

It is better than a treadmill .

Three three more two second move .

Get it .

Take it low .

Keep it going .

32 punch down right then hit almost there left .

Two more exact core kick it out .

321 right left once more .

Yeah .

Alright let's go .

Right .

Well we got another .

Oh bring it let's go .

Three still second moves .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yes ladies three more two but stop , stop one left twice more .

Last one .

Kick it out .

321 right .

Who left finishes out two more then you're done .

Last one .

Yes my we're gonna make our way to .

All right cool .

Thank you .

Thank you .

Come on down we're gonna work the next .

Oh yeah .

All right .

So we're gonna start on the back place your feet flat to the floor weight up to your shoulders , hands down by your sides .

We're gonna pick the hips up in 321 .

Here we go .

Squeeze 87 .

Good keeping that belly tight .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Three more one pulse it at the top .

Squeeze .

Take it up up .

So these are a little bit smaller so I want you to squeeze that much tighter .

Oh yeah give me three still down here we go up down up pressing the way all the way up .

Last 21 , bring the pulse back .

321 up up .

Squeeze press digging into those heels .

Give me three to slow it back .

Down here we go .

Take it up , down , up down .

Yes , last 321 .

Bring the Pulse back at the top .

Sweets up 15 , 14 up up once more .

Slow it down .

321 .

It's eight , lower seven .

Squeeze it six .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Take it up .

Three .

Bring the pulse back .

21 .

Here we go .

Take it up .

Uh gonna feel these tomorrow for sure .

Yes .

Yes , that's 32 and one and take a quick little stretch for your knee and it feels good .

Yeah .

Then just go ahead and roll to your left side , relax your head in your hand , flex your bottom foot .

We're gonna start with a lift working into that outer effect .

Here we go .

Take it up .

Uh So pressing into that palm again .

Ok .

Give me eight more of these eight , six toes are pulling back three more .

Then you're gonna lower that knee down in 21 inner thigh .

Take it up .

You're gonna point that foot squeeze into that inner thigh .

Press it up good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So as you left , we're gonna do eight more of these 87 , please at six , last three .

Repeat the set in 21 .

Here we go .

Right leg flex up down .

So you want to pull the toes back .

So you feel that nice stretch behind the leg and that squeeze into that outer side .

Give me eight worthy eight six .

Keep it up slash 32 , lower the knee down in one inner thigh point the foot , press it up .

That good keeping that leg straight .

Nice and long .

We're gonna do eight more .

Much harder than they look .

I know you feel like you're just hanging out .

But you're like , yeah , last two fun .

Good .

Shake it out .

We're gonna flip side here , sing it around .

Relax your head in that right hand , flex your left foot .

Here we go .

Press it up down .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So again , palm down , that's going to stabilize that upper body .

So you're not wiggling around .

We're going to do eight more of these .

Press eight , 21 .

Lower that knee down .

Here we go .

Inner thigh .

Press it up down , up down .

OK ?

So now you're gonna point that bottom foot , press your inner thigh to the sky .

Eight more of these eight , this was a little weaker .

I so much hard .

Yeah , this leg I know you always have one better side .

Here we go back to the lift flex it up down , up down .

Keep it up good .

Give me eight more .

Squeeze it at the top 87 .

Last three .

Lower that knee down in 21 inner that take it up down .

Point that foot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Squeeze at the top eight more just like that .

It's eight , six .

Keep it up in 321 and done .

Very nice .

OK .

Take out the legs .

We're gonna finish up with some core work .

So guys swing your legs around .

So if we need to modify at home , grab a pillow or a little ball , something to support that lower back .

We're gonna keep feet on the floor and we're gonna really start to work into that course .

So I'm gonna lean back slightly and we're gonna take the shoulder back back and then extend the arm .

Here we go right left .

Hit left , right , hit right left .

Go find your groove .

Take it right .

Hey , left , right .

Keep it up in 321 , a single arm here .

So we're gonna just twist .

Take it back , front , twist back .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Exhale as you twist .

Really ?

Ringing into that core .

Take it right .

Yes .

Love it .

32 patty cake coming up .

We're gonna slap the floor and clap .

Pit it clap .

Oh You got that .

Oh OK .

Give me eight more of these twist .

Hey uh the more you lean back , the more you're gonna feel the .

So we're gonna speed up in one of the tempo .

Here it is .

Take it left .

Clap , clap .

Hey , yeah .

Keep it up .

Good .

Eight more of these .

Let me hear the clap ladies .

Whoo .

Whoo .

Hey , six three .

Bring it .

Center .

Press your palms forward .

You push it down back .

Good .

So as you press good and one of these is eight .

Set it back .

Seven again .

Really working into that course .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You don't feel it too much in those hip flexor last two .

Take your hands behind your hamstrings .

We're going to criss cross the legs .

If you need to modify .

Keep your feet on the floor with tiny pulses to the back , cross cross elbows , open , chin , lifted , chest open can take it right left , right and left .

Now , squeeze your knees and feet together .

Go ahead and remove the pillow .

We're gonna lower all the way down to that back .

Hands behind your head .

Scissor kick .

Here we go .

321 .

If you need to modify , go ahead and bend the knees .

We're gonna keep them straight here .

Legs long point the toes right and left .

Good .

Give me two more eights .

Right left , right left .

Good .

302 .

We're gonna clap .

Yes , in one .

Here we go .

Take it right .

Clap .

Right left .

Good .

Pressing that belly all the way flat .

Take it up , shoulder blades off the floor all the way .

Here we go .

16 15 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Right .

Clap .

86 321 oh and stretch it out .

Amazing .

We're gonna take a next stretch ahead .

Shake your legs out .

Start with that back foot , place it on top of your thigh and just let your knee fall open .

So we're gonna stretch into the inner thighs , the hips .

This one you feel good , just let that knee fall heavy .

It feels awesome .

Now , we're gonna take that bottom leg , flex your left foot , pull your knee in towards your chest , grab behind your hamstring .

We did a lot of booty work today .

So you really wanna stretch out that backside feels so good .

Yes .

Yeah .

Like your bottom foot .

Keep that leg active .

And then as you exhale , pull that and you're just a little bit closer , deep it into the stretch .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , we'll go ahead .

Switch legs right leg , forward , left foot on top of your thigh .

You can support that flip by using your hand , which is left and you fall open , heavy and relaxed .

I need to do this one more often .

right .

Whatever you do that stretch and it's so simple , you know , you can do it in your bed .

All right .

Let's flex that bottom .

But pull your knee in towards your chest , that's out that back side .

And then every time you actually , I'll just pull that knee in a little bit closer .

Keep your face , your neck , your shoulder relaxed .

Already staying here on your back .

We'll take a little happy baby stretch , grab the outside or inside of your feet .

You can take a little rock side to side , trip to one leg at a time .

Whatever feels good for your body .

Mhm .

Look at us for like little acrobatic .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I am far from acrobatic but I'll take it .

It feels awful .

Yeah .

Ok .

Let's pull the knees back and towards your chest .

Dig inhale , exhale to rock up , reach your arms up over past the toes .

We're gonna stretch out the feet a little bit .

So point and flex the toes point and flex points and flex .

Give me three more last one , release your task to the top of your thighs , let your head hang heavy , reach your arms forward , push your shoulders down away from your ear .

Ok ?

And then let's go ahead and swing those legs around .

We'll come to a child's post so we'll face the front here .

Relax your foreheads and the mat , palms of your hands up and then just clasp your hands together .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We'll take the arms up for a shoulder stretch , lower your palms down beside your head .

Just give your forehead a little massage .

Rock it side to side , right and left .

Mhm .

Mhm .

Fencing back up to the balls of both feet .

One last three legs just come on down .

Shake your head out .

Yes .

Take your head out now , slowly bend into both knees .

Take your time round on up vertebrae by vertebrae , drop your shoulders down and , and that is it .

Nice job .

Great work .

Thank you .

Fun .

Nice work day .

Ready to go guys .


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