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2023-07-21 09:05:51

LIVING ALONE DIARIES - room decor, fridge organization, restocking, summer 2023 reset

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I spent a lot of time in my apartment yesterday .

I was in bed all day long .

I was staring at my phone and my laptop on tiktok and Netflix and youtube .

And I literally got such a bad headache because I was like , I have not gotten out of bed .

I've just been staring at my screen .

I've also had a really tough time cooking recently because I don't want to , I've had ramen for breakfast like every day this week , I really need to get my routine back because it is struggling .

So this video is my fifth episode of my living alone diaries .

I love coming home to an empty apartment having my routine being able to do whatever I want .

So to start this video , I'm gonna be restocking a bunch of my products .

I love watching those videos on tiktok where they restock stuff .

So I'm going to be doing that this morning .

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I have a bunch of stuff to fill up .

So let's do it .

Oh Jesus .

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Have you guys seen that recent snack ?

That's been trending on tiktok .

It's like strawberries and yogurt covered in chocolate and like frozen , something like that .

I've seen those everywhere and I had to try them .

So I went ahead and made them , I just had to try them .

They look so good .

I love chocolate covered strawberries .

So I was like this would be perfect for me .

I made like a bunch of these little bites .

Mm They're so good .

This could be my new go-to snack .

Today's video is sponsored by Hollister .

I've literally been shopping there for so long .

I remember in middle school going back to school shopping at Hollister and now I'm finding some of the cutest clothes for this summer .

Every time I get a new outfit , I always want it to be cute and flattering but also comfortable and easy to move around in .

So I was so excited when they sent me these clothes because they are perfect .

I also love how much you can mix and match everything to make a bunch of different outfits .

I'm obsessed with everything , especially these jeans which are these flared high rise jeans .

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They are so cute and comfortable .

They match everything .

I know these are going to be like my most worn jeans all summer .

So they are having a huge summer sale with items up to 50% off .

I will have everything I tried on linked in the description .

So definitely check it out and take advantage of the sale and thank you so much to them for sponsoring today's video .

But this wall has been through a lot of changes and I just never finished it .

This blank space just bothers me too much .

I feel like putting stuff on your walls really makes your room complete .

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This wall looks so much better .

I put this big painting in the middle that I did last semester .

Pictures all around .

Like I usually do .

I have a couple of artist prints in these cute wooden frames .

I feel like this set up just looks more complete .

I actually really like how it came out .

I finally feel like it looks done and this is the mirror that I take outfit pictures in and having this background looks so nice .

This blank wall behind me , I'm gonna fill up with my artwork .

I've been wanting to hang more of my paintings that I do because I feel like it'll be nice to be surrounded by my work , especially in this area because right here is my desk and I do all my art here .

So I'm gonna have like a little art studio in my apartment which will be cute .

There are two pieces I don't have frames for .

So for now , I'm just gonna tape them to the wall .

Let's start with this one .

Here is the progress so far .

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I'm still moving stuff around because I feel like it's not something's not right .

But I was like , I need to just put them on the wall because they've been just on my floor for the last couple of months , so I need to hang them up .

So I'm not like stepping over them .

I did hang up this one .

It's the helmet off Clint print that I have .

I love it .

I think it looks nice right there .

Right now .

I'm at Target .

I'm going to go grocery shopping .

I really need to fill my fridge with food because I have not been in the mood to cook or do anything .

I've also been on Pinterest so much looking at all these fridge organizations and I have so much Tupperware and cute organizers to .

So I feel like doing this will motivate me to eat better .

I'm going to be making my fridge really cute .

Also , finally , I have all of these target bags that I've gotten that I can reuse today .

I literally forget them every time I go to Target .

So I put them in my car .

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I'm getting nectarines and I think I'm gonna get a pack of strawberries and grapes , only green grapes .

They're way better than herbal .

I'm also gonna get some lemons .

These are huge .

These are one of my favorite snacks .

They're these little cheese cubes and like they're so easy to just grab , I'm gonna grab these cucumbers and these potatoes and I love garlic .

I'm gonna get these too and I think I'm going to get a naked drink .

The strawberry banana is my favorite .

All right , this looks pretty good .

I think I'm done .

Like , I don't think I need any more of these kitchen organizers , but they're glass and they're so nice .

I love the pink ones and these are so cute like meal bins .

They have the fork and spoon .

Like that is so nice .

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I kind of want to get those for meal preps and they're all out of these in pink , like the big glass organizers , which is probably a good thing because I would get a bunch .

All right , I'm just going to get two of these that time .

Anyway .

I am blasting the air right now .

It is so hot .

I asked for it though because I've been whining about it being so cold and gray all year .

And like this is the first really hot day .

Like it's 85 .

I think it's almost 90 .

I got to enjoy it because I've really missed the heat .

I feel like the sun makes me so much more productive and it makes me , like , want to go out and do things like the sky is blue .

I feel like I'm missing the day when it's nice out .

I got this smoothie .

I've been wanting to try try it forever .

It's the banana and almond butter smoothie and it looks pretty good .

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And then I got these three flowers .

They're so , so pretty .

I am obsessed .

Tomorrow is Father's Day and it's also my sister's birthday .

So I'm gonna put flowers in her room and then I'm gonna give my dad some and then I'm gonna have one for my apartment also .

I picked out really pretty ones .

They all remind me so much of my sister .

So I made it back to my apartment .

I'm in my kitchen .

I'm going to put away all my groceries and prep my fruit and put it in little organizers .

I'm so excited .

So I have a little set up here as I've talked about .

It's just been really hard for me to keep motivation in cooking and eating and like being healthy , having like a good lifestyle .

So I feel like this is gonna be such a good way to get my motivation back .

A lot of people think it's super extra .

It is pretty extra .

I mean , it's kind of unnecessary seeing people wash their fruit with baking soda and have this whole prep before they actually eat .

It is a lot .

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But if it's gonna help me like stay healthy and get me excited to cook and eat good , then I feel like that's definitely worth it .

Here's my setup .

I have my cutting board and then all my fruits and vegetables that I'm gonna be washing .

I have this which is really nice .

It just goes over your sink to strain and then I have my salad spinner .

Also , I'm gonna get my baking soda to wash my fruit .

This is the ultimate washing .

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I'm gonna start putting stuff in these acrylic containers .

I have a bunch .

I'm gonna do a full video where I organize my kitchen .

So my fridge , my pantry everything and go full out with these containers .

I also have these which are glass containers from IKEA and I love them .

They have like these wooden lids .

I also bought these from crate and barrel .

Super fancy .

They're these glass bowls .

So I got a mini one and then I also got the same one in a bigger size .

Super cute .

Like stop .

How cute is that ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

These are just so cute and I am done with the food prep .

How cute does this stuff look now ?

It's time to actually put everything in my fridge .

First off , there's nothing in here .

This is like a mess .

I kind of just put everything off to this side so I can focus on making it look cute over here .

I think this will be the most fun part because we actually get to see everything together .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Here is what my fridge is looking like .

I actually love how it looks all organized .

It is so fun to set it up like this .

I have all my stuff laid out and easy to reach and it's really nice because everything is already ready .

So if I want a grape , they're already washed , I can just grab one .

I think this was such a good idea and my fridge looks so much better .

I also set up my flowers here on my bedside table and it looks so pretty .

I love it .

In this little vase .

I actually cut them pretty short , which I've never done and I think they look so nice .

So super cute .

I lit some candles .

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Look at these huge ice cube .

Good morning everyone .

It's a couple of days later .

I just made some lemon ice water .

My top is from Lulu Lemon and then I'm wearing these black shorts and my sneakers .

I've been needing to move around more , but I can't get myself into the gym .

So I feel like this is a good way to work out .

Go outside .

I'm gonna drink my lemon water , grab my headphones and I'm gonna go .

Yeah , I really didn't plan this .

Well , um , I wanted to go like walk around for a while .

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I have to go because I have to go home for a couple of appointments today and I need to leave in literally 10 minutes .


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