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2023-07-20 13:39:20

How To Pose To Look Good In Every Photo (For Men)

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Here's what you need to understand .

We are basically like Cyborgs , Elon Musk was right .

It's to the point that our online presence , what we project on our Instagram on our linkedin on our tiktok is pretty much a virtual version of ourselves and just like your style , just how you present yourself into the world , you can mold and edit that , how you want it to portray .

So you can look more powerful , upgrade your status , look better , look more attractive , the whole mind , especially if you're gonna be hitting girls up online .

So today I'm gonna show you how you should be posed to look more attractive .

Tap into this number one , I'm gonna need you to fill your hands .

See these , these can get awkward and most people when they post a picture , they don't know what to do with these to the point that they just looking completely weird .

Best solution for this , fill them with props .

It could be anything , it could be a newspaper , it could be your notebook , your journal , a cup of coffee , your phone , find something to naturally fold in your hands .

So you know what to do with them .

So when you snap the picture , the picture ends up looking candid , it looks more natural and it ends up making you more confident , look better .

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And that is awkward .

Number two , you have to know your angle actually .

No , you don't because I know your angle .

Well , I I don't know your angle .

Science knows your angle and I did all the research .

Therefore , this is why I know your angle without me even needing you , I already know your angle is your left side .

See scientifically speaking , for whatever reason , our left side seems to be more structured and look more balanced on camera and on video .

Therefore , for the majority of people , your angle , it's your left side , it just looks better .

It's more photogenic now that your brother has done all the heavy lift and and I found your good side next time you take pictures or when you're shooting a video , you wanna slightly position yourself , so you're exposing your left side , this will look more structured and therefore making you look more balanced and attractive .

Number three , I want you to start wearing more monochromatic outfits or at least outfits are in the same color family .

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In other words , if you're wearing a dark top , wear dark bottoms and dark shoes , if you're wearing a light top , wear light bottoms and light shoes , what this does visually , it removes visual interruptions which elongates your appearance and therefore making you look taller and better on the flip side when you wear pieces that are completely contrasting and on different color sides of the family , what ends up it , it creates your body into these like three different blocks which shortens your appearance and makes you look stumpier .

It , it , it's almost like it's harsher visually to look at .

This is exactly why I love a good sweatsuit and why we designed it for this next collection .

For Essential C .

This is the perfect heavyweight suit where I wanted that were interchangeable .

And matter of fact , every single piece in this collection follows a five different colors .

So if you buy , let's say the brown sweats or what we call the dirt sweats , I'd recommend you buy the dirt crew neck or the dirt hoodie , plus the dirt teeth .

Just look at the sit combo .

That happens when you wear all three pieces that are in the same color family .

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It just looks good .

It looks cohesive , so automatically what our brain registers is .

Yo , that looks good .

It photographs perfectly and that's what I want you to look like and real .

I want you to look that good .

This is exactly why we designed this so easily .

And on top of that , all the colors are neutral and interchangeable , which basically means that even if you do wanna mix and match colors , they're still within that same color family , which ends up making you look sleeker , taller and better .

My guy .

When I tell you that this next collection will be the hardest hitting collection .

I'm not lying .

Not only is the design on point .

Not only is the color palette on point , but it's also the fabric , it is a 480 GSM fabric , which is a heavyweight fabric that I'm guaranteeing you will make you look good .

It's that type of quality that's gonna last you 345 years .

Now , pro members get to shop tomorrow and honestly , they're lucky just from the D MS and the email that I've been receiving , I already know this stuff is gonna fly .

Last time we had almost a million people hit the site .

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Can you imagine how many people are gonna hit the site for this launch ?

Y This is the perfect fall winter outfit .

The perfect back to school , which reminds me because it's the perfect back to school outfit .

We're actually doing a giveaway .

Anybody that buys a bundle for this launch will be automatically entered to win either five brand new Macbook Pros or two brand new iphones right now .

I'm gonna give you time , grab your phone if you're watching me leave from watching me .

Put a reminder on your phone .

August 28 10 a.m. Eastern .

Our essentials launch is dropping and I'm telling you this stuff is gonna fly and if you're not one of the first ones , they're all the good colors and sizes , they're gonna go quick .

So put a , I'm , I'm , I'm , I'm gonna wait go ahead , I'm away .

You do it .

I'm waiting , I'm gonna let you leave .

Come back , got it .

See if you're not quick boys , it's going to fly .

And I'm telling you this is not that one piece .

You're gonna wanna let slip by this August 28th .

I wanna see you there .

Number four always work with natural light .

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See a lot of people end up taking horrible images because they work against the light .

This ends up desaturating , you're removing all the contracts and making you look darker , all the definition out the door .

Instead what I want you to do is any time you see natural like I want you to work with it , that natural light should be hitting you , which end up making your skin look more glowy , more vibrant and overall it brings up that saturation and contrast and the image .

So any picture you take when you have natural light hitting , you will instantly look 10 times better .

Matter of fact , you're probably gonna wanna make that your Tinder profile because I guarantee you , yo , swipe right on that number five just get inspired online .

See if you have no idea how to pose .

Look at the pros , look at the celebrities and the influencers .

Yo , they literally make content and take pictures for a living .

So I guarantee you they are researching and doing all the heavy lifting for you as to what positions look the best .

So go online , look at your favorite influencers and celebrities and literally copy those poses .

Yes .

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At first it's gonna feel awkward because they're probably creative or outside the box poses .

But the more you do it , the more you understand your better side and how to relax and feel more comfort up on the camera .

I guarantee you your pictures naturally .

Every time you snap them , you're gonna know how to pose to look better .

And finally , number six never punch .

Now , this should be self explanatory .

But again , when people are in front of the camera , they end up feeling more intimidated or with lower confidence , which ends up projecting on video .

So the last thing you want to do is punch over which a lot of people do because they wanna minimize themselves .

They feel so awkward .

Instead , I want you to play against that natural effect .

I want you to stick your chest out .

I want you to push your shoulders back and stand as tall as possible .

Automatically , you're gonna be projected as a more powerful image , which consequently will make you look better and pose better any time you snap a picture .

And that's basically it for this week's video guys .

I hope you enjoyed it .

If you did , don't forget to drop us a like down below .

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Also , boys don't forget this Saturday , August 28 .

Our essentials launch is dropping boys just not gonna wanna miss this .

That's it for me today .

See you next time


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