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Hey Boo and welcome to my small living room apartment tour .

All right , the first thing that I want to share with you is that I love this black wall steel and I love the fact that I have the paint going from the ceiling to the floor , never highlight baseboards that are not elaborate .

After that , I really don't have much going on on this side because I have a lot going on on the other side .

So I'll show you more in detail .

So this , this wall is basically the media wall .

All you have is the black television , the sound bar and the TV stand and the TV stand acts as storage as well as a little place to add my decor .

And the theme of this wall is black wood tones , gold and a little bit of texture and a little bit of greenery because every space needs it .

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So the biggest change that I made was to bring this bookcase from out of my room into the living room because this is a very long wall and I wanted to break it up with the bookcase .

So I have this bookcase that houses all of my new books .

I'm trying to build up my collection .

Um , and then I also have storage down here .

So here I have , like I said , my storage boxes with different information in each one .

So at the top , I like to store things that are aesthetically pleasing and you know , showcase some of my books that I have found , which is very nice as well as my candles and different decor .

Oh , and I keep my sunglasses in here .

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These are my prescription sunglasses , which I really , really like , especially in the morning when I have to run somewhere because I'm in sunny Florida and then at the top , I just have more books .

So that was the biggest change that I made because before there was a open shelf here and I moved that open shelf to my office .

So I needed to put something else here and I actually got a bigger bed .

So I needed to make more space in my bedroom .

So the solution was to bring this bookcase from out of my bedroom into the living room and it worked out very well .

And I purchased all of the bookcase stuff from IKEA .

Now , moving on to this side , these shells are from Lowe's or Home Depot .

I cannot remember either one .

I wanna say Lowe's .

But if you don't find it at Lowe's , it's definitely a Home Depot and I've had these floating shelves for a while .

I really like them .

They're very sturdy and I like that .

They're not super thick .

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They're the perfect height .

And behind the shelves , I have this wallpaper that I purchased from Lowe's and the wallpaper is not pill and stick .

It is a traditional wallpaper and it's paint .

So here's what I did .

If you are not new to the channel , then you've probably seen this video .

If you haven't , I will try to link it .

So , here's what I did .

I went to Home Depot and I purchased a poly wall and I applied it to the wall behind here using just like four nails .

Once the poly wall was up , then I used spray adhesive to apply the wallpaper to the poly wall .

And that is how I was able to get this textured wallpaper in the back .

Moving up to the shelves .

This is a fragrance sprayer which is really nice .

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It's a diy room scent that I added in here .

But this is from Hobby Lobby and I love the color and I love the tassel and just the aesthetic of this pump .

So I put it up here and I've had this star burst for a while .

This is from home goods .

This picture is from home goods .

It was in the clearance section for 20 bucks , which is amazing .

And then this chair is the newest addition to my living room .

I purchased this chair from Home goods .

And the story behind this chair is that I overpaid .

I was a little upset because I've been in home goods quite frequently over the last few months because I've been sourcing for another project that I'm working on .

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And I went one night , saw the chair immediately knew that I wanted , it came , bought the chair , got it home , loved it , went back to look for something else and the chair was marked down $100 .

And of course , when I got home and looked at my receipt , it had been over 30 days , so I missed out .

But I love this chair as you can see if you pull it out and you sit down , you can recline and it pushes back like this , which is really nice .

And so that was the inspiration behind this little reading nook because I already had the bookcase here .

I have been purchasing more and more books and there was a desk here before that was not being utilized since I have an office now .

And I said , you know what I want to add more seating to the space .

So I'm gonna gonna create a reading nook .

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And that's what I did for this space .

So this is my lovely chair that I absolutely love .

This is the only recliner that I think I could tolerate .

I I cannot stand the old recliners with those big puffy head rests .

I cannot stand them .

So this one is perfect for me .

And then I have this really soft throw blanket from home .

Goods .

Yeah , home goods .

I found this one at home goods and then I have another one that is identical and that one is from TJ Maxx .

And this , I've talked about this before .

This is like , this is like Bay for real .

Like if you don't have nobody to uh cuddle with , this is just giving cuddle vibes .

OK ?

One of my favorite pieces in the living room and then I purchased this floor lamp a long time ago at IKEA .

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It's been in my son's room .

It's been over here next to the couch .

Now it's over here .

Eventually , I do want to change out this lamp , but it's just not in the budget right now .

So we're gonna have to make this work .

And I purchased this Hexagon side table from home goods a while ago .

The moment I saw it , I knew it was for me and this table has been in my third bedroom as well as over near the couch .

Now it's here to complete my little reading look .

So this is the newest area of my living room and like I said , it's very comfortable and it's functional and I'm happy that I changed out the space so that it could be utilized instead of just looking pretty .

Now , I apologize for the change in lighting because I am trying to film against the window , but I wanted to show you my window treatments .

So we're gonna start all the way at the top .

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I've always had this oversized curtain rod from West Elm .

However , before I had just regular curtains and recently , and when I say recently , I mean , within the last year , I diy some pinch pleat curtains and added curtain rings to the top and I absolutely love them .

I feel like it made the space just feel sold much grander .

And I've also added privacy film , like I mentioned earlier , which this is a game changer .

Like I really love this stuff because it just provides so much privacy and it makes the light brighter and then I also added roller shades .

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So at night , if I don't want people to be able to see in and you know , see the silhouettes of me and my family , then I can pull this down and have complete privacy and it comes all the way down and to pull it back up , just pull it all the way down and up .

It goes .

So I had to install 21 for each window and that is my window treatments .

I love them .

Yeah , it doesn't feel basic and it doesn't feel like I am in an apartment moving on to the artwork .

I diy this really large picture from three canvases that I purchased from Michael's arts and crafts and it came out amazing .

It fills the space .

I absolutely love it .

It will always be with me because I created it .

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And this side of the living room is fairly new , I have a mixture of old and new items and the set up is still the same .

It is not much that you can do with the sectional .

So , you know , it has to stay the way it is .

But the biggest change that I made was changing out my coffee table before I had at the circle two tiered coffee table .

And I found this one at home goods and I actually found it twice .

The first time that I saw this coffee table , it was on sale for 99 99 at home goods .

And then because I've been searching for stuff for my other project , I went to a different home goods and saw the same exact table for $79 .

So you already know what I did took that 99 99 back and purchase the 79 99 .

So this is from Home goods and I looked this table up online .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The original table is $2000 online , which is crazy .

And then I have my coffee table books , which is the Prince book .

He looks so fabulous on anybody's table .

I'm just saying .

And then I have the Kobe Mamba Mentality book , which is really nice .

When I first started getting a lot of traffic on my youtube channel .

I had a few people dm me talking about , I need to have more African American books and I'm just like , ok , pump your brakes .

Let me find them first .

Ok .

So I have some African American books in my house and then I have some marble , a marble tray , marble coasters and they're in a cream color .

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And I purchased these a long time ago from home goods as well as this really beautiful glass and gold box that I purchased from Target a while ago .

And I keep my remote controls in there .

And then on the other side , I have this really pretty crystal flower candle holder that I purchased from Z gallery and I have a oversized candle that I purchased from Target sitting inside of it .

And this was actually on sale because it was missing a pedal .

So I was like , I'll take it .

This is actually a purse that I purchased from Zara not too long ago .

But the more I look at it , I'm like , is it a purse or is it decor ?

You let me know ?

I like it as both .

So I have been using it on my coffee table because I'm in love with the pattern .

Alright .

So nothing really to report differently about the couch .

You've seen this sofa before ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh The only difference is I added different artwork above the sofa before I had a circle mirror .

And I wanted to at the circle mirror to the other side of the wall where my entryway is .

And so that left this wall blank and it has been blank for a while .

I have purchased so many different pieces of artwork that I absolutely hate .

And I think I've settled on this for a while because it has the geometric tribal kind of vibe that I was going for .

But I'm not finished .

I'm gonna do something else to it .

I just have not had the time .

So the way that I created this little artwork is by adding some molding that I purchased from Home Depot to make a big square and then inside of the square , I hung up the metal pieces of artwork which is from home goods .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Both of them and I just use some push pins from the dollar tree and I know they're visible now .

But once I finish with the entire project , you won't be able to see it .

So that'll be coming soon .

And then I also added some lights down here , which is really nice at night because it shines up .

You can't really see a big difference on the metal , but it gives the couch a really nice vibe .

And then this pillow is from home goods .

This pillow is from home goods , I wanna say .

And then this pillow cover is from Amazon .

And then I have this same blanket over on my chair .

Remember I purchased one from TJ Maxx and one from Home goods .

And then the other difference is my rug .

This rug is from and I got a good deal .

It was only $105 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I had to get it and I moved the other rug that was in here in my bedroom because I didn't have one .

And I just do not like getting out of the bed and stepping on tile floor .

So that was really a good move to purchase this one and put the older rug in the bedroom , which works well .

And then last , but not least I added these picture frames here .

I purchased these from Hobby Lobby .

They were in the clearance section .

This one was $4.04 dollars and then this one was $5 .

This is the artwork that I had in my bedroom .

I just repurposed it in the living room .

And this is the diy that I did .

I added some wood to the wall and then added hinges to the wood to cover up this very old outdated thermostat .

It doesn't completely cover it , which is nice .

Um because as you can see it's open all around , this just acts as a book cover for it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I think he does his job .

I like the fact that I'm looking at a photo and not this old outdated thermostat .

Alright .

So let me know what you think about my updated living room tour .

Like I said , I didn't do a whole lot of changes .

I just mainly changed the style and the functionality .

Because before I will be honest , I think my living room was prettier than it was functional and I would prefer to have a more functional and comfortable home over a stylish home any day .

So that is my updated tour and let me know if you want to see a dining room tour or a updated kitchen tour because I have changed that side of the apartment to fit this design style .

So let me know if you wanna see it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , if you are looking for any assistance with your small rental space , then head on over to www dot A world dot com where you can sign up for a really cool ebook that will walk you through all the steps that I have done to create a space that I love .

And you can also check my website out and see what I like to purchase if you're looking for some design inspiration .

All right , as always , don't forget , be you be beautiful , be chic on a budget and I will see you on my next upload .

All right , later boo .


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