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2023-07-20 13:03:36

15 Min Yoga for Beginners w_ Sean Vigue - Beginner Yoga for Weight Loss, Strength, Flexibility

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Beginner .

Yoga .

Good afternoon has Fitters .

It's Sean Wig .

The official yoga implies instructor of the Ha Fit channel .

Great to be here with you today .

Filming right by Lake Nesha in West Salem Wisconsin .

This is a total beginner , total beginner , gentle yoga routine .

It's great for everybody , all ages , all fitness levels .

All you need is your body weight and a mat .

And I highly recommend some comfortable clothing as well .

You can do it in the evening , do it in the morning , do it before , during or after your workouts .

I'll make it totally accessible to you .

Make sure you subscribe to the Hama channel and to my youtube channel about section below and I'll see you back here in two and two .

All right .

Cap .

And you can always do this when you're warmed up or we'll build in a nice flow to this .

So we'll get the circulation going , get the oxygen moving to the muscles and flushing out the metabolic waste and all the other stuff we don't want in our bodies .

Let's begin .

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Child's pos we're going to breathe in the nose and out the nose for this routine .

So bring the knees to the outside edges and press back into child's pose .

One of my client's favorite stretches , draw the shoulders back a little bit , relax the neck , breathing into your deep abdominal muscles , so your front , your sides and your lower back .

And when you breathe in the nose , it really opens up those airways to breathe into the diaphragm .

If you do a lot of mouth breathing , it goes into the chest and the shoulders causing a lot of congestion up there and breathing in the nose , lifts your body , it lifts your posture , you're breathing into those deep abdominal muscles .

All right enough of that .

Let's take two more breaths here .

We want to lengthen and release this routine is good for sedentary people or the total athlete .

Ok .

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Let's come up to hands and knees position , bring the hands underneath the shoulders , knees underneath the hips , elbows turned in shoulders are back , tuck the chin , balancing the cap , great core and balance .

Move here .

Take your right leg , inhale , bring it back and then on the next inhale , take the left arm out .

So we got a little balance here with each exhale .

Give the abs a squeeze , tuck the chin , top of the head , reaching forward , two more breaths .

Well , that was delicious .

All right .

Let's press back , child's pose .

Go back a little further this time .

Extend , walk the fingers forward a little bit more as you draw the shoulders back , do a little sway side to side .

Good .

You're welcome to open the knees a little further to dig into those hips into the groin .

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The so as we're like a kid in a candy store , so many beautiful options on this mat .

All right , two more breaths and once again hands and knees position and you guessed it for balance .

Let's do the other side .

Inhale left leg , keep your hips square and then inhale right arm lengthen this arm , get some engagement in there and bring more of your body into it , working your body as a whole and your mind sees it and your body death .

Two more breaths .

Fantastic .

All right .

Now , child's pose .

Once again , we're going to do something called thread the needle .

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So we're going to press back , take your left arm , reach it through .

So we get a twist going here right arm forward .

You can also bring the right arm to your lower back .

If you like , you want to draw this right shoulder back , feel that twist opening up the chest , the shoulders , the airways , three more breaths right here .

Exhale .

Draw the shoulder back then and once more , it's a beautiful thing .

Thread the needle , other sides come on up .

I take that right arm and we're ready to exhale .

Shoot it through there , shoot them .

There , we are left arm forward or again , your choice , modify as needed .

Do what you need to do .

Take the arm to your lower back and twist three more breaths .

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Embrace the Wisconsin humidity used to fish on this lake and play hockey .

Actually , back in the day we practice hockey out here when it was frozen .

Of course , this would be silly .

All right .

Press back up .

Let us come to downward facing dog .

Keep it smooth .

Keep it controlled , open the fingers wide , tuck the toes and lift it up downward facing dog .

Big , big pose .

So many other poses and flows can spawn off of down dog .

Shake the head .

No , keep the chin tucked a little bit .

Don't worry my heels , they come down because I do this one a lot .

But like anything , the more you practice , the more consistent you are with your yoga , you will reap those benefits .

Stay consistent , stay focused .

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Work hard as you exhale , sink those heels down as you inhale , lift those heels up .

So add a little dynamic movement to your down dog .

Huge stretch for your hamstrings and back and shoulders and calves and everywhere in between .

Also lots of blood to the brain full of oxygen .

If you feel light headed , bring the knees down and go to a child's toes .

Let's do two more breaths length and length and I never ever get tired of down dog .

Add it into every workout .

I do no matter what it is always adding in these stretches .

All right now , walk the feet forward .

That might be a little tight , might be a little tight again , practice knee is a little soft inhale , rising might be out of camera range .

I'm going to take my shoulders , drop them back .

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Now , chair , pose feet hip with , I want you to press back into the glutes .

You can have your hands on the tops of your thighs if you need to or for the full chair , here's a little secret way to get into it .

Don't tell anyone , tell everyone fingertips down here , shoulders are back .

We're putting the weight in the glutes and the heels .

Now , if the inhale reach the arms up and out slightly there we are .

It's basically a frozen squat , activating the glutes , the quads and also working that core and the posture inhale , lift , exhale , sink down two more breaths .

Feel that feel the contraction , bringing more motor units into the mix .

Now , dive down with the exhale forward , fold , put the weight into the tips of the toe .

So you have some space in here to breathe , walk the legs nice and slow again .

You might have the hands here .

You might grab up here .

That's good .

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Wherever you start , you will improve every time you practice .

But it's up to you to find that starting point with anything .

You just jump into calculus four , you got to go calculus one first .

I would fail all of them .

10 more steps .

Once two , there we are four .

Five , these stretches feel good .

Don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up and share it on with all your friends and family and workout buddies who need to release always time to release .

Ah alright .

Inhale flat back fingertips on the mat or the shins draw the shoulders back , spine stretch , chin is tucked slightly one more breath , exhale , dive down forward full .

Let's do 10 more steps .

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You can twist when I say twist , I mean from the waist from the cor area you bring the knee across like squeezing out a wet wash cloth .

Two more each leg .

I admit my counting is sub par at times .

So get those 10 in .

I'm going to do an extra credit 10 , yes .

Five points to Gryffindor right there .

Let's come back down .

Bring the knees down .

Give a quick shake right here .

Shake , shake , shake .

All right .

Downward facing dog .

Bring it back .

Remember this one ?

The old DD in the biz ?

We call it down dog sometimes , you know , but that's in the biz .

He'd be cool , boy .

Get off my arm .

All right .

Low lunge .

Don't get terrified when you hear the word lunge .

We're gonna do a low one .

I'm gonna show you the foundation and you're going to practice it and we'll be doing it in no time at all .

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Take your left leg in here , lift it up , lift it up , exhale , sweep the left foot forward , use the hands if you need to , to push it further forward , drop your right knee .

Down .

Now , you want to line up the knee and the ankle , make sure the knee is not going past the toes .

Great hip flexor stretch right here at the top of the foot of the , that you're going to hinge forward a little bit .

Go side to side .

Believe me , I know from experience so many of your physical problems , they might just be residing right in here in this area and this area can influence everything around it and everything works together .

You want to keep doing .

Coach Kozak's more intense , high intensity workouts to make sure you get these stretches .

And also all right , Lolan fingers can stay down or we're going to lift up shoulders back and down .

Fix your blouse , hands on the top of the thigh or he can take the arms up over head shoulders , relax .

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Put this , this right here , down , down and back down and back postures .

Two more breaths good .

Keep your neck , loose eyes forward , find that spot to focus on .

All right .

Well , we have us here while we're here .

Let's do the twist .

Take your right hand down to the mat , inhale left arm up or like we did with the thread , the needle .

You can also take the arm to the lower back .

I try to get in this little nook right here in my lower back , roll the shoulders back there .

We are twisting .

There are three planes of movement .

There's front and back , there's side to side .

Those are done very , very frequently .

The third one is twisting .

That is the most neglected .

If you want to keep that lower back loose , keep your posture and your alignment with the twist .

One more breath .

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Beautiful step back , downward facing dog , do a little shirt tuck here .

That's for , that's for me to work with .

OK , two breaths right here .

Length , length , OK .

Other side , right leg up .

Nice thing about yoga .

We balance it out .

We always do both sides .

We don't do it on layaway or leave it for the next day .

You want to work both sides evenly .

Get that functional aligned frame and body .

All right here we are fingers down our hands up here , hinging forward again on that hip flexor tonight .

I really do .

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I enjoy doing teaching beginner flows , yoga , Pilates , all these things again because it makes me really go back and work on the foundations which can get muddied once you start adding on a lot of moves , power yoga and athletic , yoga , yoga for athletes .

So you always want to come back to the foundations arms up here if you like also , it's like , it's like a language when you learn it .

I studied German a lot and , and go over the , I think I spoke about this in the last video beginner yoga I did for this channel .

But you learn the basics .

You always go back to the basics .

All right , let's twist it left hand down , right arm up or ?

But we're back because this is a body you have for the rest of your life .

You want to maintain it .

Give it what it needs .

Two more breaths .

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You that such , man , it just warms you right up , doesn't it ?

All right ?

Set the hands down downward , facing dog .

Step back .

Let's do 10 steps again .

Walk it out .

These are a lot of big foundation poses .

You can plug them into flows as you get more advanced as you , as you improve as you build .

And two more .

Oh , all right .

Let's do it back then .

We'll be doing a lot of inversions .

Just a couple more poses here .

Back bend .

I want you to walk the hands forward , slide the legs back .

Let me give you a few options here .

First one is baby cobra .

Your forearms are down , palms are flat .

You're rolling the shoulders up and back , bend those legs back behind you .

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As the inhale comes , you're lifting up a little higher as you exhale .

Drop the shoulders on human .

I like to dig my elbows and then pull myself forward a little bit .

You get a stretch in your spine , healthy spine , healthy bodies for a little more .

You can have the hands under your shoulders .

This is called the cobra .

Hands on the shoulders .

Inhale , roll the shoulders back , lift up .

I always think of that scene and Raiders of the Lost Ark with the cobra .

And because I said that you might think that all the time now too , or you can come all the way up into upward facing dog tops of the feet on the mat .

Shoulders back and down .

When I teach this , invariably , I have clients who obviously they sag because they disengage the arms and the shoulders and triceps , lift it up , drop the shoulders back .

Come on , do it .

There we are .

Squeeze the legs that I'm sorry , squeeze the tops of the thighs , squeeze the glutes , shoulders back one more breath .

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This is a fantastic stretch also for your abdominals , we may not think of stretching our abdominals .

Sometimes it's well worth it .

All right , press it back , child's pose , five breaths , our old friend , hopefully you'll find a lot more um , limber in the spine in the discs , in the paraspinal muscles .

Three more breaths and once more .

All right , let's press it up .

I want to finish , let's say a little switch the cap here and put the sun out of the eyes with a little balanced core move .

So it's called half boat hold .

Let me show you how to get into it .

Come to a seated position .

Give a little shake here .

I love added in the shakes .

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Keep those joints , loose , blood is moving .

There's no hard feelings .

We're not tensing up certain areas .

We keep it loose .

See the position , walk the feet towards you shoulders back and down .

Sometimes the most profound difference in a pose is how you approach it .

So hopefully you like this , take the arms forward , we keep those shoulders back and down , fingers are loose .

This is called modified half boat .

Stay here or go to full half boat .

Inhale right leg , up the right foot , up that to get your leg and then inhale left leg up .

Oh my half boat in front of a lake .

Very appropriate .

A propose shoulders back and down .

This is half full pose .

Every time you exhale , you have those abs , a squeeze .

Always remind yourself and your body that the core is the center of your strength , shoulders are down .

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If you're feeling extra energy , this doesn't feel like too demanding .

You can take the legs out .

That's fold boat .

I believe in giving you these options because you will progress pretty quickly when you stay in system .

Let's do five more breaths right here .

Can pull it in right here .

Two more .

Ok .

Bring it down my friends .

Fantastic work as always enjoy a quick shake and that is it my friends .

It's gentle but very specific , very powerful .

Once you start doing these moves and like I said with like a language , you keep piecing in more and more poses until you get a flow going and then you are unstoppable .

Thank you so much .

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If this really helps you make sure you like the video and share it on your social media , social media with all your friends and family and your workout buddies .

And I'd be honored if you headed over to my youtube channel in the about section .

Subscribe for many more videos just like this and go to Sean vfinance dot com for the rest of me , including my best selling books .

A pleasure .

Thank you , Ha Fitters for having me yet again , Sean V .

Your official yoga implies instructor .

I will see you next time .

Comment below how you did .


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