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2023-07-20 13:45:11

LIVING ROOM + ENTRYWAY MAKEOVER 2023 _ Stunning Home Renovation Before and After

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Hey guys , welcome back to LG Queen Home Decor .

I hope you're having an amazing day and thanks for stopping by .

I'm so excited to share my living room plus entryway makeover with you in today's video , I'm showing here all of the downstairs .

Completely empty .

We begin by removing all of our furniture as we had our floors replaced .

You will get to see the complete demolition and removal of the previous floors .

If you currently have hardwood floors , ceramic tile , you will be able to see how this was removed and scraped away in case you want to do the same for your floors .

I love taking you along the process to show you how you can instantly transform any space .

If you need ideas , inspiration and motivation to tackle your very own project for your home .

Then this video is for you .

In today's video , I partnered with Lamps Plus .

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Now let me take you through this renovation and new updates before the floor company installed our new floors .

My husband and I wanted to make our home extra special and much more meaningful .

We wrote down multiple Bible verses on the concrete floor throughout the entire downstairs for God to bless our home .

This included the living room , kitchen , entryway , hallway and dining room .

I wanted to share with you guys in case you want to do the same for your home or something similar .

I also have a kitchen makeover video that I will be sharing with you all where you will get to see more demolition projects and new updates .

So make sure your notifications are on or if you're new .

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I'd love to have you join my channel .

Make sure to subscribe .

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I wanted to share where my furniture and other decor pieces are from .

This way , you will also be aware and have options if you want to begin updating a space in your very own home .

All of my light fixtures thought our home are from lamps plus , but this company offers so much more beyond beautiful and stunning lighting .

They also offer floor and table lamps , decorative wall arts , larger furniture pieces such as sofa chairs , dining tables , media , sideboards , and so much more .

You guys absolutely have to check them out .

I'll leave all of the items seen in today's video linked in the description box for the new year .

I wanted to update my living room color scheme and how to pop up gold for a mixed metal .

Look in this space .

I'm excited to have the CW .

Arts of different colors help to express different emotions , give texture and dynamics to really pull a room together depending on how small or large of a space you have to work with .

When furnishing your living room , it's important to visualize and measure what size of a coffee table you will need .

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If you have a very large living room , I would recommend furnishing the area with two coffee tables side by side .

I decided to go with this 15 inch white geometric coffee table .

It's low profile and drills Dante raw irresistible and earth centered neutral styling .

The color of it allows me to decorate it with any pop of color when I want to switch things up .

And what I also love about it is that there was no assembly required that was ready to display right out of the box .

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Now that I've finished styling and decorating our living room , let me show you how it turned out before I reveal my entryway update .

I'm so excited to start this new entryway makeover .

The first piece that I picked up for this space is the 71 inch wide media sideboard .

This piece is absolutely stunning and I hope this video is giving it justice to how beautiful it is .

We had a delivery man the other day and when I opened the door , he was complimenting it and asking where it was from .

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It's definitely a conversation starter and a huge statement piece .

My husband and I were so excited opening this media sideboard up .

As soon as I saw it in the website , I knew it was the one for this space .

This is my new favorite furniture piece in our home and it's such amazing quality .

I love the genuine kara marble veneer top and the rest of the details on this piece are very nice .

I also really like the gray paint with brush , gold finished legs and matching ring poles to match the mixed metal look in the updated living room .

It has a great amount of storage space and comes with two removable bottle racks .

I hope you all have an amazing and happy New Year .

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There's a , a surprise giveaway in today's video to kick off the New Year and help you start updating any room in your home .

I'm going to be giving away $200 in today's video .

Here's how my entryway makeover turned out .

I love how every piece complements the space and ties in perfectly with the updated living room .

This concludes today's video .

Thank you all so much for watching and for being here .

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I would love to hear from you all in the comments .

Let me know what you think of these makeovers .

We had our third baby girl a month ago , which is why I took some time off .

We're all doing amazing .

Thank the good Lord and I look forward to sharing more content with you all .

Don't forget to check out lamps .

Plus I'll leave their website in the description box .

I'll talk to y'all very soon in my next video .

Take care .


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