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2023-07-22 12:45:35

Photos with the Sony ZV-E10 Is it any good - Street Photography POV

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Hey , everyone .

Thank you for tuning in in today's video .

We are going to take the Sony CBE 10 for a spin and actually take some photos with it .

Yes , the lightroom has finally added support for the Sony CV E 10 after like 10 months or so .

I don't know .

So yeah , I've been taking quite a few photos with the CV E 10 already and I'm finally able to develop them .

I think the CV E 10 is pretty much the best bang for the buck camera hybrid camera actually because it is great for videos or like a youtube studio set up like this and , and it's also great for photos because it has the same sensor as the A 6000 series cameras .

So yeah , today we are going to take out the CV 10 and take some photos .

This is going to be a pov .

I will have the gopro with me and we will be shooting on the Sony 1.8 35 millimeter which is around 50 millimeter uh equivalent .

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So while this video is going to be a street photography POV , I actually have to go for a three hour walk and pick up my car at my office .

Long story short , I had a kind of a emergency , had to let my car there and had to be driven back home .

So I gotta pick it up somehow and I will just walk .

It's uh I think a 10 mile walk 15 kilometers and yeah , we will see if we can take some good photos on the way .

So , yeah , enough of me talking .

Let's head outside .

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All right , and we are around 30 minutes in .

We are straight in the middle of nowhere and I've just been warming up a little bit .

I've taken some test shots , been playing with the gopro Hero 10 a little bit .

And yeah , as you can see , there's just not much to see out here .

So I will report back if we are in a more urban type of environment for the audio today .

We will have to rely on only the gopro here .

10 black no external microphone attached .

So yeah , but I think it will do it for this video .

You gotta be honest , I haven't found much to shoot yet and we are around about 15 minutes in .

That is a little disappointing , but that's sometimes how it goes , right ?

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Should have taken a photo of these graffiti here .

I'm not sure I should have taken the photo of that lady that was walking towards me , but I was too shy to actually do it .

And of course I just realized that I was not filming while I was taking a couple of photos and talking to you .

So basically what I was saying is that we are now in an area which is , this is not a town , this is not a village , this is something in between and I don't know what that's called .

But yeah , so let's see if we can take a couple of photos here .

Mm This looks nice .

Wow .

there's an I BMW right there .

Let's see .

Let's focus on the car .

Cool , beautiful .

Check this out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't know what they're doing , but they're doing something .

Are we going to take the bus from here ?

Well , not yet , I guess .

Ok , so this might actually be interesting .

This way goes straight on top of the auto bond and let's see if we can take some pictures there .

Ok .

So let's talk about my camera settings for a little bit .

So as I said earlier , I got the 35 millimeter 1.8 on the CV 10 and I'm shooting in a priority mode .

I have the ISO set to auto .

It is completely overcast here today but it will most of the time stick to 100 .

Yes .

So what do we have here ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we definitely have some leading lines over here , but I'm not sure about that .

Let's take the foot anyways .

That's kind of cool with this lock here and see if we can get this guy .

I gotta be honest , I haven't found anything to shoot around here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So yeah , we might be taking the bus from here .

All right , and we are back home .

So yeah , as you saw , you don't always take great photos when you go outside and shoot .

But that is sometimes how it goes .

There were still a few photos that I liked , but overall there was just not much for me to shoot and yeah , I will show you some other photos of a different shoot that I did in just a second .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , anyways , as I said in the beginning , I still think the Sony cbe 10 is one of the best Bang for the buck cameras that you can currently get because it does take great photos and it is also perfect for a studio slash youtube set up like this .

The great thing about it is that you can exchange lenses and it is just very flexible and capable for the price point .

So would I suggest a camera for photography ?

Definitely , if you want to pick it up , there's a link down below for you in the description .

Also , if you want to see more content like this , consider subscribing to the channel and turn a notification .

So you will never miss when I upload a new video .

Well , and that is pretty much it for this video .

Thank you so much for watching and I see you in the next one .


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