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2023-07-21 09:06:40

JAPANDI Style Living Room On A Budget _ Minimalist JAPANDI Living Room Ideas & Decor

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I always thought I needed to be more organized until I found out I just needed less stuff .

That's why I fell in love with your Pandi .

It was love at first sight .

It's the simplicity , the minimalism and the mix of the two cultures that when brought together made the perfect blend , the Scandinavian modernism and practicality mix with the Japanese love for the imperfect .

The living room is a space where I feel most at home .

It's the place I spend most of my time and share most of my memories .

I was trying out different things before I set my heart with .

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Even though I have a home office , I still love to work here too .

This place just brings peace and calmness to my soul .

I feel safe here .

And most people think that in order to create a home like this , you need to spend too much money .

That's why I decided to share my living room with all of you and show you that you can create a beautiful home on a budget with stuff you already have .

And by shopping at IKEA , let's start from the beginning .

The first thing I did was getting rid of things I didn't like anymore .

I donated or flipped to the decor and decided to keep only things that spark joy in my heart .

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Most of the vases , cups and pots in my home are diy treated or painted .

They may look expensive and high end .

But in reality , they just cost a few dollars .

Something I learned from the Scandinavian Hook is that candles can make the biggest difference .

They just tend to cozy up any space .

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Another thing that can warm up a space is baskets .

I use them for storing blankets and things I need , but don't necessarily want to see visually .

For example , in this basket , I keep my toys .

You'll meet Mars in just a minute .

I was never into colors .

And whenever I added a pop of color into this space , I instantly felt clutter .

So I decided to go with my gut and just do what feels good for me .

And that was a neutral pilot .

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Lots of white gray beige cream , brown and pops of black layering colors and materials with different textures , but still the same tones using only the colors of the earth , light wood tones mixed with a pop of black stone and clay .

I use the same principle when it comes to picking art too and these art pieces look so high end yet .

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I got them from the amazing Anna Pepe and her four studio are something I instantly fell in love with most people think that being a minimalist is all about living with less and that is partially true .

However , that doesn't mean no decor whatsoever .

Being a minimalist is recognizing plotter , I go with one principle .

If you don't love it or use it , it's clutter .

And for most people that doesn't mean no decor , it just means intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it .

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Once I reduced the number of possessions in my home , I instantly felt more calm and less stressed .

I love to decorate with magazines , books and dried flowers .

My living room is faced on the north side so most plants don't make it here .

That's the main reason I don't have any plans to compensate for not being able to have real plants .

I collect branches and dried flowers .

I use them anywhere I can .

They remind me of large fields on windy Sunday afternoons .

I don't attach emotionally to material things .

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I believe that the main reason why I love living with less , there are things in my home I keep for a reason .

However , for the most part , I don't let my emotions get attached to an object .

I have my memories for that .

However , I still love to look at beautiful things and the core that makes me feel .

I'm one with nature .

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I read this somewhere and it just felt right .

Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world to do great things and then welcome us back for refreshment .

A home should be less about the things it has and more about the people who live inside it .

I really hope you enjoyed my video and found it helpful and inspiring .

If you did make sure to subscribe to the channel and click the like button to next time designers .


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