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2023-07-20 12:12:15

How to Make a 😀 Show Your Smile Behind Your Mask 😄 Folding Surprise Card

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Hi , he's waiting here .

It's Diy time .

And today we're gonna be making a folding surprise card to reveal the smile behind the mask .

So let's get started to create this car .

You just need a regular piece of paper .

And what I have today is just your basic 8.5 by 11 copy paper .

So now that you have your paper , let's go ahead .

And the first thing you need to do is just fold it in half .

So just make sure your corners are all lined and just press down right in the center from there .

I'm gonna take this flap right here and fold it right back down to this crease I've made .

So we basically just want to create four sections in this um card .

So we folded it down .

We have this part right here and if you like , you can fold this one as well , but it's optional .

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So if you want to fold this part , just flip it over and fold it down right back to the center and just like that , you've created your card .

So just flatten everything down and basically um you're gonna be drawing right here as your friend and you open it up to reveal the surprise and sigh .

So now that our paper is folded , we can start to draw and you want to start off in this position right here with the bottom flat folded in .

And also before we start , let's protect our table by making sure we have a piece of paper underneath .

So I'm just using another piece of uh blue paper here .

So you can see you can still see my paper .

And the other thing you want to do is to make sure you have another piece of paper underneath this flap .

So that when you draw on this flap , it doesn't go through and mess up the inside .

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So now we can start and that's only if you're using a sharpie because it will go through .

So now that we have it all set up , finally , let's start to draw our face .

So um right here , our goal right now is to basically draw a face right here with the eyes sitting right on this edge of this paper .

And that is the goal .

So I will start uh about right here and start with a my basic bottom of a U right kind of in the center for my face .

And I'll bring this down and connect there .

So it's my usual bottom of the U shape right here for the face .

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And so what you want to make sure you do is when you're drawing the eyes , it hits right here .

So I'll start right here and we can't make the eyes too tall , unfortunately , because we don't have much space at the top .

So that's why my eyes are kind of a little bit more Oldish , but I think it still works .

So that's a goal .

So , same thing over here .

So make your , make sure your eyes just kind of hit the edge right there there .

Ok .

So I'm gonna make them dress to cut eyes , of course .

So there's two small circles inside for highlights , curve line at the bottom and shade a new top and lines at the bottom and same thing over here .

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OK .

So we have that in .

Now , let's draw some lashes and let's come down here to draw the mask .

So our mask is going to be the top part is gonna hit right on this edge .

So that is your goal once again .

And I'm gonna start by right here , just drag a point across and make sure I'm going back to the same area and I'm going to draw a soft curve towards the top and come right back down there .

So when you open it , it will look like that everything is right on that edge and whether there is space you can just come in here , make sure it's connected .

OK ?

So then now we can go ahead and draw the top of her head .

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So I'll , I'll start by right here where the hair is parting and I'm gonna just start with a curve and bring it down and there's strand right here .

It's all up to you .

Of course , how you want to draw the hair just like your hair or your friend's hair , whoever you're drawing this for or for yourself .

OK .

So from there , I'm gonna come to the top and gonna curve up where the hair parts .

So like I said , you don't have much room , so I'm gonna pop it down , pop it up and I'll bring this part down and go up with this part right here there .

OK .

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So then from there , um let's work on the bottom .

So we're gonna give uh draw neck right here in the center and bring it down and curve it out for the shoulders and just finish it off and straw neckline right here , cur two curves and so then now we can go ahead and continue the hair .

So just bring this down and I'm just gonna wave it down and tuck it in to simplify it and same thing here don't need to make it too complicated , right ?

OK .

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So then we're just gonna continue this line just for some details if you like and that is pretty much it except of course , I forgot her eyebrows .

So right here , I'm gonna add a curve , whatever space I have left and same thing over here .

OK ?

And then um let's decorate the mask .

So um I just decided to make it a rainbow mask .

So I'm gonna add a heart right here .

I just really hope this uh craft hair really inspires you .

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So I'm gonna basically just draw some bands going across following my top to create this rainbow pattern on this mask .

Can't wait to see your fan art and see what you come up with .

OK .

So something like that , now I've decorated my mask and then , um , since we're up here , let's draw some hearts right here , I'm gonna draw some hearts to decorate this area .

Uh Maybe one more smaller one .

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And I'm going to do a speech bubble right here and let's have her saying hi , of course .

So now we can go ahead and open it up and draw the inside to draw the inside .

We're just gonna continue this phase .

So I'm gonna bring it down and connected you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And of course , the most important thing in this drawing is a big smile .

So , how about right here ?

I'll go ahead and add a big smile and cap it off .

Oh And then , um , let's come here and draw the neck .

So , but right here I draw the same thing , neck come down with the shoulder and same thing over here and draw Nick line just like what you did for the front .

And so , um I'm going to have her right here , um with her hands , holding it into a little heart shape .

So I'm just gonna , let's see here , I'm just gonna come down first with her shoulders on both sides and matching her armpit area about right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm gonna stop draw a slight angle line and then I'll just put in this sleeve first .

So we're gonna come down and put it in a sleeve .

So that's the goal first .

And then we need to draw the arm that bends over .

So if this part is too complicated , you can obviously just draw the hands coming down .

Uh if it's much easier , but let's uh challenge ourselves today .

We're gonna draw the hands bending over to create this heart right here .

OK .

So let's um come about right here .

Arms and I'm going to start coming about right here and draw a curve that comes right across .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then we're gonna bring this down for the elbow area , round it up slightly and bring it in together there , whatever space I have left , you can finish the shirt .

So now let's draw this hand first .

So we're gonna go up with the fingers , it's gonna be bent , curve it in , it's gonna round off and come right down to the thumb and curve it in and back .

OK .

So now the same thing on the other side .

So let's start um draw the other finger first to hand .

So the same thing , we're just gonna follow this finger right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we make sure we've created this heart first and then the thumb comes down just like the other side .

Ok .

So we've created the heart and now we can come down right here and bring this arm down .

So then about right here in the same area about say here , we're gonna go ahead and draw the T shirt sleeve and finish off this arm there , ok .

So then finally we can bring this down .

So whatever space you have left , just bring it down as much as you need right down to that crease right there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And same thing here , OK ?

And you know what , I'm gonna bring this up .

So it's a bit easier to see .

And let's add some details right here .

I'm gonna add striper right here and of course , inside , let's add a heart as if it's on her shirt and now let's finish off her hair .

So same thing like the front and just bring it down , add a little bit more detail since it's the inside , but we just wanna continue everything here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And that is basically it for the drawing on the inside .

So it just looks like this when you close it and to reveal the smile all inside .

So on the sides right here , um I thought it'd be really cool to write some words of inspiration , either for yourself , if you're drawing this for yourself or if you're giving this to someone um that you want to inspire .

So I'm just gonna quickly write some quotes right here and to fill up the space .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So , um , that is pretty much it for this whole card right here .

And hopefully I was able to help you make this fun and easy .

And so what I'm gonna do now is just go in there and color everything and just bring it to life before we start coloring .

And as you can see , I went off camera and I just thickened up all my lettering right here just to pop it up a little bit more .

And so today I'm just gonna be using uh color pencils and your basic um markers , nothing fancy .

And um just one little note for skin tone .

I found that it's just a lot easier to use color pencils so that you can control the streaking .

It doesn't , it's a little bit more smoother uh because with uh big areas when you're using um markers on regular pieces of paper , it leaves a lot of streaks .

So just a little note if you like to have it nice and smooth , definitely use a color pencil to start off .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So they're finally all done .

And yes , it did take some time to color everything in , but I really loved how this turned out and I really hope this inspires you to create this yourself for yourself or for someone that you love to reveal the smile behind your mask .

And before I go , of course , I did not forget to make a version for a boy .

So here is my boy version .

I really hope you loved this one just as much and he's saying hello .

And um , so I just made their hands different .

So you um you would have different options .

But like I said , if this is too hard , um you can just have your hands down like this on both sides , but that is pretty much it for this um , folding surprise card .

And like I said , I , I really , really hope that you love how it turned out and that you'll have fun and I made it easy for you to follow along with me .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Thanks so much for watching dry cuties and I will see you soon again with another fun and easy Diy .

See you later .

Bye bye .


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