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2023-07-21 08:50:17

20 minute Yin Yoga for Beginners 💙 MELT stress with easy yoga for relaxation

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Thank you so very much for joining me in this beginner morning yoga practice and joining me here in my backyard .

I hope you enjoyed this class and that you feel really ready for the day ahead .

If you'd like to stay a little longer , you could do this five minute meditation that you see right here .

And before you go , please do subscribe and leave me a comment .

I would love to know what your intention is today .

Thank you so much and maybe I'll see you again tomorrow morning for more morning yoga .

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This is a meditative practice .

So once we get into our postures , I'll allow you to just be with minimal to no cues so that you can find your stillness and every time you want to fight or distract yourself , turn your attention back to feeling your deep breath in and out through your nose .

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It's ok .

If your opposite shoulder peeled up slightly , just breathe massaging the muscles in your torso with each and every breath and trust that your body will relax into place over time .

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Notice if you're holding on to anything unnecessary , then with each exhale , see if you can let that go .

Whether it's physical in your eyelids or jaw , hands or hips or mental and emotional thoughts .

Thought patterns .

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Find a brass that is cleansing , relaxing and deepening , slowly undo your twist , draw both knees into your chest , taking a moment to reset .

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Then when you're ready , take your time as you switch sides , right light goes long down on your mass slowly and gently draw your left knee across your body .

Finding your variation of your supine spinal twists .

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389.26 --> 581.169

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Notice how good it feels to be supported by the ground beneath you so your shoulders can melt open , the muscles in your chest can release and feel that peace settle across the muscles in your face .

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Slowly bring your hands to your thighs and assist your knees together and into your chest for a full wind pose .

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751.52 --> 1011.77

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Notice the tingling in your skin , the peace washing over your body and bring small movements back to your fingers , your toes , your ankles and wrists , then gently draw your knees in and roll over onto one side into a fetal position and pause .

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Take your time as you press yourself up to see it with your hands in your lap .

Eyes closed and notice everything about how you feel and what you feel and bring your hands together at heart center .

There is a place inside of you where the entire universe dwells .

This place is of love , light , truth and peace when you are in this place in you and I am in this place in me .

We are one .

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I must stay well done .

Yogi .

Hi .

It's Sarabeth and I'm here to help you get stronger , happier and healthier .

And you probably already know .

I believe that your daily practice is your strongest practice .

Minutes a day is better for you than one hour once a week .

But I think you need to experience this for yourself .

So I want you to join me for my seven day yoga challenge .

It is 100% free 15 minute yoga videos for each day of the week .

And it's for all levels because modifications are built in even if you've done this challenge before do it again .

This is such a great way to measure your progress in your yoga practice .

The seven day yoga challenge starts on a Monday .

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So sign up , click the first link in the comments , enter your name and email and I'll instantly send you the challenge calendar , all the details and then each day throughout the challenge , I'll send you that yoga video for that day of the week .

I'm so excited for you to do this .

You're gonna have so much fun .

Now , did you enjoy this video ?

Please let me know by clicking the like button below and leave a comment as a review for the next Yogi and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for new uploads every week .

Thank you so much for joining me on the mat today and inviting me into your practice .

You have a wonderful rest of your day .

Bye .


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