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2023-07-20 12:57:49

How To Write A Cover Letter For An Internship _ Example

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Hello guys .

Welcome to this youtube video in this tutorial .

I will show you how to write a cover letter for an internship .

The purpose of this video is to get you noticed by recruiters and employers and land you plenty of job interviews .

I will write an example letter and guide you through not only the formal requirements but also what content needs to be included when applying for specifically an internship .

But before we start writing , I want to emphasize on some important things .

You must remember when you start writing a cover letter , first off , use a business letter format and suitable fund , preferably times New Roman or Calibri .

I will show you the format of a letter in a second .

Secondly , you should individualize your cover letter .

The core of your letter is a personal pitch .

Basically , you really need to find out why you want a job will motivate you and why they should hire you .

Recruiters like clarity and actually are quite single tracked when it concerns hiring people and they are right .

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The cover letter is not focused on you but the match between you , the vacancy and company you are applying for try to emphasize on the match .

So only list relevant education course work , skills and abilities related to the job description .

Thirdly emphasize on academic and extracurricular experience but make it measurable .

Don't just mention that you are good at something but provide them statistics , numbers and percentages .

Fourthly , the cover letter should be a supplement to your CV .

Do not repeat it .

Although the information in your letter will be based on your CV .

It should focus more on your most important achievements and motivation .

And of course how well you match the organization and position .

Lastly , take initiative and show a proactive attitude by subtly mentioning a follow up in the form of an interview and do not forget to proofread and edit your cover letter .

Now , let's start writing .

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Tom Johnson wants to apply for a marketing related internship to start off this letter .

We first address the formal requirements , address your contact information and that of the company you apply for this section may sound simple .

However , still many people don't correctly add them to their co ladder .

That means including the hiring manager's name .

If it's not mentioned in the vacancy , then you should do some research on linkedin or even call the company and ask for a name .

And if you still cannot find one , you should address the letter to their hiring manager after the formal requirements , we can start with the body .

Most cover letters are divided into four paragraphs .

The opening motivation match and conclusion for each section .

Make sure to include the right keywords , start the opening of your cover letter by showing your interest for the internship .

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But also mention where you found it by doing so , it shows you've thoughtfully considered this specific vacancy , be specific and grab the reader's attention by mentioning your potential to for instance , substantially contribute to the research project .

In the second part , you shortly introduce yourself and elaborate on your motivation .

Also explain why you are attracted to the industry , the organization and the position .

That means you really need to study the internship description , find out what motivates you and describe why you are the perfect match for the internship role .

You can also address why the company appeals to you .

The key here is to convince the reader that you didn't randomly choose this vacancy .

The third section is about the match .

What arguments and examples can you put forward to convince the reader that you are a good fit ?

Support your arguments with experience you gained from your studies jobs and extra curricular .

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And when you tell them what you did be sure to include the results of your actions .

Don't use this paragraph to repeat achievements mentioned in your resume , but pick at least one suitable achievement that will attract the readers attention , make the achievement measurable in percentages numbers or time span of the task you completed it .

Now , the conclusion is where you briefly summarize as to what you have to offer as a suitable candidate .

There are several components to keep in mind when writing a cover letter , closing paragraph .

First off , you have to include a subtle gesture to arrange an interview .

Also add a suing summary of what you could offer , for instance , mention some small details so that it becomes clear that you did your research thirdly express your appreciation for the reader's time and consideration and lastly , don't forget to end the cover letter with best regards or yours sincerely .

All right , those are the broad strokes of writing a cover letter .

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Next , I want to emphasize on matching your cover ladder with your CV and references .

That is something I see people rarely do , but it will have an influence on your application because it shows you work neatly and care .

You most likely already notice the example templates on the right .

If you are interested via the link in the description , you'll be redirected to the website where you can pick beautiful templates suitable for internship positions .

If you have any other questions related to cover letters , do not forget to leave a comment down below and I will gladly reply to you .

Thank you for watching this tutorial and see you next time .


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