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2023-07-22 12:58:28

Living room dining room Home Decor with Silver and Gold Metal

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Hello , everyone .

Welcome back to my channel .

If you are new .

Welcome .

Welcome .

Welcome .

My name is Sherita and the name of my channel is unique by Sherita .

So in today's video , I will be decorating my hearth room and dining nook , which includes me hanging this piece of art .

I shared this art in one of my halls and if you haven't seen it , I'll be sure to include the video link in the description as well as on a card .

So when I hang my pictures , I just take a piece of tape and I go across the back of the art , I literally just stick it on there and I get a marker and I mark the center of the hook and that's what I use for my point A to point B .

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Then I'll take that tape , put it on the wall and make sure it's level and it's just that simple .

I do have a few videos that show how I hang my artist .

Well , it's wall decor .

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65.839 --> 126.66

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Number one , you use the same thing all the time , you kind of develop a pattern or a way to hang your stuff .

So that's why I use these and they're pretty simple .

So , um , I used the same size ones because remember you have a level line going all the way across , so you definitely want them to be the exact same size .

Now , we just remove the tape and hang the art .

Now , this piece of art is not heavy .

It's just awkwardly shaped because it's so big .

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So I do recommend hanging it with two people , but because I'm home alone , yes , the fireman's wife and I just decided to go ahead and hang it myself .

And I , of course , with hanging things a lot on my own , I develop my own method and it works .

So here it is on the wall and we're just going to use the leveler to make sure it is level and it was , although it may seem to some that I enjoy hanging art .

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I actually don't , it's one of my least favorite things next to painting that I absolutely hate doing .

But because I have to do it , I just made an easier way for painting as well as hanging art .

So just gonna go ahead and start decorating this space , I'm moving some things around because we need to combine those colors .

So as you can see , I moved that silver ginger jar over to the dining nook area .

And then I'm swapping out a couple of the silver pieces with some gold pieces just to balance that color in these two spaces .

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And I originally had those silver chains on the coffee table books , but I decided we needed some gold and I'm going to swap these pillows around because I need to bring some gray over into that area and I need to bring some gold over into the living room area .

So that's what I'm doing , swapping these colors and pillows around just to balance the space .

I've had my youtube channel for a little bit over a year now .

And if you've been following me or watching my videos , you know that I've always mixed my metals .

The key to mixing your metals is to use more than one of that particular metal in the space .

I try to use three to keep your eye flowing as well as bring the colors together .

And then I'm just going to add my chargers to the very center of the table because I'm not one of those who's four table skates , but we do use those chargers when we sit down and eat at this table .

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So I'm just going to create a pattern in the center of the table .

That way when you get ready for one , you just grab it from under the decor piece , use it when you're done with it , wipe it down and put it right back under the decor piece .

Just that simple .

And the decor piece I chose for this table was pretty simple .

Just a tray with a bowl and some metal , um , some metal chains and a couple of beads all in black gold and silver .

Keeping it simple .

Fy , I , I'm still looking for four dining chairs for this area .

I need them to be large .

So since I don't have anything , we're just going to use this ottoman over here for now , throw a throw a blanket on it and that's it .

We're keeping it simple until we find those four chairs as well as a rug .

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Alright y'all , this is the finished look .

I am so in love with how these two rooms are tied together , especially with that art .

It just pulled everything together and I really love my home right now .

I mean I really love it and I'll be sure to leave any links to any of the items in the area in the description for those of you who are interested .

Most of the pillows either came from home goods , rodeo home or uh maybe at home .

So I'll leave those if I have access to those as well .

And if you noticed this black ginger draw on the coffee table , it used to be a mustard yellow color .

I got it from home goods and I just spray painted it black using a satin finish and this is how it turned out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Alright y'all So we are coming to the end of this video .

Thank you all for watching my videos .

Thank you for subscribing to my channel .

I really do .

I really do appreciate you all .

And if you haven't already subscribed and you find yourself , keep coming back to my channel , please hit that subscribe button , turn your notification on .

So you'll be the first to know when I post videos .

Thanks again for watching and please stay to the end .

This video is not too long , but I do have some closer uh pictures of the space .

So feel free to like , comment , share and don't forget to turn that notification on .

Thanks again for watching .

Have a great day .


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