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2023-07-22 12:42:09

14 DIY Barbie Doll Hacks and Crafts _ Hip Hop vs Ballet Dance

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These two friends have such different tastes .

One loves hip hop and the other one loves ballet and classical music .

How do they get along ?

Watch Lulu's new video to find out a future hip hop star is on stage .

She needs the right outfit .

A top and joggers are a perfect choice .

Decorate the pants with stripes made out of mesh fabric and tie a cord around her waist .

A neon crop top with sleeves helps her stand out from the crowd .

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Add a brand logo to the top , make green knee socks , cut a rectangular piece out of a bandana , fold it like this to make a headband .

Haley is wearing gold , hoop earrings and a chain paint the dollar sign gold .

I brought you one more chain .

Great .

Let's put it on our hip hop diva loves her new look .

Haley loves skateboarding .

Oh , here are my friends .

Hi guys .

See with the rap battle off morning , Jane is Haley's polar opposite .

She is a ballet dancer .

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Make tights out of white tool , cover the seam with a satin ribbon outline , the template on tracing paper and make a body soup .

Don't forget satin straps .

Of course Jane .

The suit looks perfect .

Every ballerina needs it too , too .

Make a frame out of phone paper , cut an opening for the waist in the middle press tool like this and cover the piece , cut the tutu and try it on Jane .

I love my tutu .

I can't wait to wear it .

Decorate the skirt with a satin belt and lilac bows .

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It's a little difficult to dance when you have long hair , brush the hair and make a high bun decorate it with a ribbon and a small rose .

Choose new accessories , purple brad earrings go so well with Jane's outfit , la shoe store just got a new ballet collection .

Add purple ribbons .

Wow , these shoes are perfect for dancing .

Ballerina can do all kinds of moves while wearing them .

I'm about to become a prima ballerina .

I'll have to learn a couple of new moves but I believe I can do it .

Oh , let's make a boom box out of a keychain .

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Remove an extra detail and paint the device pink highlight , the control panel and the handle decorate the boom box with a printed photo of Barbie and a Rhinestone frame .

Haley has so many C DS cut circles , auto metallic cardboard , make an opening in the middle , draw lines and sign Haley's favorite albums .

These hip hop tracks will make the crowd go wild .

Are you ready to dance ?

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Show me what you got high five Hayley , you rock , you can dance hip hop pretty much anywhere .

But you need a special bar for a ballet cover a styrofoam piece with cardboard that has a wooden print cover all the sides .

We made a wooden rail , paint , wooden skewers brown , add them to the wooden frame , then attach a horizontal bar between the two rails cover it with clear nail polish .

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A good ballerina has to train for hours .

You need to work really hard to make it in the dancing world .

Jane loves classical music .

She is happy that she can dance and enjoy her favorite melodies .

At the same time , draw lines on a rubber ball , outline them with a black marker and add the NBA logo .

When Haley is not dancing , she plays basketball .

She's great at it .

Haley's in pretty good shape morning .

Nothing but net .

Let's make a vintage jewelry box .

Take a small watch and remove the belt .

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We'll only need the round part and then glue them like this Sprinkle the sticky layer with glitter , decorate the box with ribbons like this .

Install a small mirror inside the lid .

Add a ballerina figurine , decorate the box with a couple of pearl half beats and it's done .

This box plays such wonderful music .

I always get a lot of flowers and gifts after my performances , but this is the best one .

Mm Cut a piece of a plastic straw cover the opening with a lego part .

Next , we need to make a lid cover a plastic ring with a clear piece , glue a label with a number cover the sides with metallic paint .

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Put a small dock where the paint will be sprayed .

This paint is fantastic .

You can't see the bricks under it .

That's very important for street artists .

Hayley really loves street art .

People shouldn't have to pay money to look at art .

It should be free .

Our ballerina drinks , juice to stay healthy and in good shape .

Cut a plastic bottle , smooth the edges with sand , paper , fill the cup with a beat and broccoli smoothie .

Wow , it's time to get a snack .

I love drinking smoothies in the morning .

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Mm You need to be in good physical shape to do ballet .

Glue a printed image of scales to an old eyeshadow palette .

Let's see if I'm still a healthy weight .

Oh hm .

Glue a printed image of a measuring tape to a flexible plastic piece .

My body is perfect just the way it is .

Why did I worry so much , Jane and Haley are bffs .

They hang out and dance at school all the time .

The girls both love dancing .

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Each of them has her unique style and they love sharing it with each other .

The girls respect each other's lifestyles .

What kind of dances do you prefer ?

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