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2023-07-22 12:42:17

How to Write a Professional Resume in 2023 [A Step-by-step Guide with Successful Resume Examples]

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Hi , we're at key resume dot com and we're going to show you how to write a resume .

They will get you invited to any job interview .

Let's start with this resume example , we'll be going through each part of it to show you how it's done .

By the way , this is a real resume .

It was written by Carolina and it got her a job at Amazon .

So you could say it's pretty good for more resume examples by real people .

Check out our resume library , you can find the link in the description below .

There are hundreds of resume examples there .

Your resume should begin with your contact details .

They should go at the very top of the page and this section only serves one purpose really to give your future employer a way of getting back to you .

So include your name there , your phone number , email address , perhaps even a website or portfolio if we have one and that's it .

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Sometimes you also might want to include a photo , but that depends on the country and the position you're applying to describe yourself in three sentences .

That's what the profile section is all about .

Always open with your job title and years of experience , you know , to let the employer know who they're dealing with .

You should also brag a little pick two or three of your most impressive accomplishments and describe them in as few words as possible if you can squeeze some numbers in even better .

Remember , first impressions matter and your profile is the first thing everybody is going to read .

So make it worth a time .

The second thing people will pay attention to is your work experience .

So mention your most recent experience first and work your way back from there under each job include a short summary of your accomplishments .

But remember , write about your accomplishments , not your responsibilities after all .

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What you actually did on the job is far more interesting than what you were supposed to do .

Write in the past tense to help you maintain that distinction .

That is unless you still work there , finally use bullet points .

Everybody hates reading through walls of text , bullet points will make your resume much easier to read .

Let's take a look at the education section .

Now , if you're already a seasoned professional , it doesn't have to be too long .

Just like on this resume .

Example , on the other hand , if you're a student or a fresh graduate , you might want to include additional details .

Let's say your GPA was good .

Well , then you should mention it .

The same goes for a dean's list and any scholarships you got over the years , skills , skills are often misunderstood because well , skills are not traits .

While traits you are born with skills you have to learn , for example , things like html or speaking in a foreign language .

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Those are skills , your future employers want to know what skills you can bring to the table .

And this section is where I tell them that on the other hand , being responsible or creative are traits not skills .

They belong to a different section .

Also , you don't have to include them if you don't have enough space left on the page , but they're still nice to mention because they can help you project the right kind of image .

For example , if you're a banker , you probably want to show you're more responsible than you're creative .

OK ?

We're almost at the end now .

And there are two things I really want to mention here .

If you've ever received an award or achieved something remarkable at work , give it a special place in your resume after all , these are your big guns and you want your future employers to see them and this way they will .

Well , fine , that's it .

That's the end .

Thank you for watching this resume guide .

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And if you want a beautiful resume without too much effort , create it at cake resume dot com .

It's a simple resume builder with plenty of beautiful templates that will help you impress any employer .

See you next time at gig resume dot com .


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