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2023-07-22 13:11:41

MODERN LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER 2020 _ RH Inspired_ Bougie On A Budget_Thrift Store Decor

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Hi guys .

Welcome back to my channel .

And if it's your first time here , thank you so much for stopping by .

My name is Tamika .

I do lifestyle videos home Decor thrift on a whole bunch of .

So if that's up here alley , please go ahead and press that subscribe button and also press that notification button .

So whenever time I upload , you will be the first to be notified .

So in today's video I'm making over my living room and not only am I making over my living room , I am challenging myself to only use thirsted items for my decor .

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No , I maybe did 98% of that , but majority of my decor items were from the thrift store .

In my previous video , I did show you guys our revamp some of my vase that which I also used in this makeover .

But I also went back to the thrift store and I got some more items and you'll be able to see them as well in this makeover .

So let's see how I transform my living room from this to this .

So let's get started guys .

Thank you again so much for stopping by my channel .

I really appreciate it .

You have yourself a wonderful day .

So this is all my living room currently looks before I start doing my makeover .

It is not bad at all , but it's just not where I want it to be .

So let's get started on this makeover .

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Moving these furniture to the center of the living room was a pain .

It was so hard , but I did not give up .

I went ahead and I put everything to the center of the living room .

But the sad part of it is once my hubby came home , he was like these need to come on to the living room if we have to paint the ceiling because we decided we have to paint the ceiling .

So all my work went to waste .

So all that struggle that I put up went to waste .

But that's fine .

I love the outcome .

So I'll do it again .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

OK , guys .

So here is my final results and I'm so in love with this transformation .

But before I go any further , I just want to give a shout out to my hobby because he came on board and we did this as a team .

So thank you again , babe , I love you .

But in my intro , I did state it that most of my decor pieces were from the thrift store .

So all the items are 98% of the items on my console table , coffee , table and my intro table .

They were all Diy S and Drifted items that are revamped .

So guys , you could definitely get the luxurious look on a budget with thrift items .

So guys , please don't forget to like , comment and subscribe and thank you all so much for watching .

Bye guys .


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