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2023-07-20 13:38:46

How to be MORE PHOTOGENIC and Look Good in EVERY PHOTO

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What's up everyone ?

My name is Alex Costa .

And nowadays , as you know , we have cameras everywhere on your phone , on your computer and even on your doorbell , it is crazy and not only that but social media has become one of the most important things ever for our generation .

So we need to make sure that we look our best when taking photos .

Your Instagram is basically a story of your life .

It's also a dating app .

You don't want to post bad photos there , right ?

So how do we make sure that you are photogenic and looking incredible in all of your photos ?

Well , today , I have all the tips that you need to know to be more photogenic and look better than ever in all of your photos .

And of course , if you want to see my photos , you can see them all on my Instagram page .

It is at Alex Costa .

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The first thing you need to know to improve your look in photos , your needs to be better .

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It's funny , I never really thought I had bad posture until I started seeing photos and videos of myself .

What feels like a normal and relaxed pose and posture for you is actually gonna look pretty weird on camera .

Especially if you have bad posture .

Naturally , you're gonna have to over exaggerate the way that you stand up straight to make sure that you look good on camera .

If your shoulders are being pushed forward like this , you're gonna look terrible .

Uh You're gonna have to push them back , stick your chest out and then stand up straight .

Your chin can't be all the way down because that creates , you know what we call the terrible double chin over here , it looks horrible .

So every time before you take a photo , remember chest out , shoulders back and chin slightly forward to get that infamous double chin out of your pictures , ok .

This alone will completely change and immediately change the way that you look in photos next .

You need to find your angles .

But you probably asking Alex , what does that even mean ?

Do to find my angles ?

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Why do I need that ?

Very simple ?

Everyone's face , everyone's body is different .

So you need to have a good understanding of what your best features are .

Is it your eyes ?

Is it your hair ?

Is it your jawline ?

Maybe your height ?

Then once you know that you can play them up to your advantage .

If you have a really strong jaw , make sure that it is visible in the photo , you have nice eyes and maybe get a close up of your face so that people can see them .

And how do you understand your angles ?

Well , you have to practice , get close to a mirror and practice your angles .

It's gonna be a little weird , you know , look around , see what looks good , it looks bad .

Take a bunch of selfies if you have to practice is extremely important for you to know how to take your next photo .

It's gonna feel weird at first , right ?

But every model does it , every actor does it .

They understand exactly what their best angles are and they only show that to the camera for us guys .

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Our hair , you know , is obviously a huge component of taking amazing photos now that my hair is longer , it's a lot harder to get good photos because you know , I have to spend more time styling it and it falls down and there's a lot going on .

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It gets rid of frizz and it's also a great presty to protect your hair from the heat tools like a blow dryer .

If you want to look good in photos , it is just not gonna cut it .

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So click the first link in the description below to preorder the new Forte series products just like thousands of other guys did and get ready for compliments because your hair is going to look awesome .

The next tip I have for you guys to make sure that you look photogenic is to always , always , always face .

The light lighting is the most important thing .

When it comes to photos and videos , you want the light coming from your window or from your artificial lighting to fill your face because that's gonna get rid of those horrible dark circles and eye bags that we all have some time .

It will get rid of shadows and make your face and your skin more smooth and clear right before you take a photo , do this one trick that will immediately make you look more attractive .

Ready take out your phone and turn it to selfie mode , then do a full 360 to find out what direction you should face to have the best lighting possible .

Then just make sure that you're facing that direction .

When you're taking your photos .

A lot of people , professionals say that lighting is every thing and they're absolutely right .

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Without good lighting , you just don't look as good .

Let me turn this off so you can see the difference .

Crazy , right ?

The difference is insane .

It just doesn't even look like me .

It's completely different .

I have top lighting here .

So it just , it just doesn't look good guys .

All right , let's get these lights back on here .

Ok .

Much , much better .

The next advice I have for you will completely change the way that you take photos .

You have to always think about the purpose of the photo .

What is the story behind ?

A lot of guys can look good in photos ?

But when you have a story , when you're showing people that there is more behind that photo frame than my friend , you win the game .

For example , this photo here is just a random mirror selfie .

When I wrote the caption , I talked about wearing sweats all day every day .

It could be a douchey boring photo .

But because I'm talking about something that all of us are doing right now , staying home in comfy clothes , then it's a relatable picture .

It tells a story as simple as it sounds in this next photo .

For example , I have luggage with me .

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I'm going away .

So it makes sense to show those props in a photo and this was right before new year .

So I had a notebook with me and we talked about setting goals for 2020 which as we all know has been a weird year .

So I had to rewrite my goals just a few weeks ago , readjust things due to these crazy times .

Either way props are extremely useful to tell a story .

So learn to use them in your photos , a newspaper , sunglasses , a car , another camera , it all tells a story .

Next .

I want you to learn 3 to 5 poses and master them .

All right .

This is the best way to look great during photo shoots .

For example , if you look at my Instagram , the poses are actually quite similar when you break it down .

Of course , I might change a few things here and there and experiment .

But I know my angles .

I know my poses and I try to stick to them unless I am trying something new and completely different .

I like the walking pose .

I like holding my sunglasses out the hands together .

You know , I like running my fingers through my hair .

That pose always does pretty well .

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Don't just take photos facing the camera directly feet side by side because that's boring and it just doesn't look interesting enough .

Now , every once in a while I'll do something a little bit different like this .

And I love when they turn out cool because it basically means that I'm adding a new pose to my tool kit .

But a lot of times it doesn't turn out that great , but it's always good to try .

Guys use your smile .

There are so many ig pages that I see from dudes who are never ever smiling .

What are you angry at all the time ?

Are you sad ?

No , show a little bit more personality .

Let it shine through .

I used to be pretty self conscious about my smile and I just thought I didn't look good when I smiled for whatever reason .

So I went for so long without taking photos smiling , boring .

Here's a couple of tips .

If you're feeling that way first whiten your teeth with white strips or professionally or whatever you wanna do to actually improve smile , not gonna get too much into it because that's not the point of the video , but definitely try to improve your smile physically and visibly as much as possible .

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Next , look down when you smile in photos at first .

That way you can slowly get more comfortable with how you look .

When you smile in photos start looking down and smiling , then slowly bring your chin up until you're happy with how that looks .

And three practice smiling in front of a mirror for 10 minutes .

I learn what your smile looks like .

Do you show your bottom or your top teeth ?

Do you smile too big or too small ?

Do your eyes close up when you smile practice until you have perfected it .

Then use it in photos once in a while to show people that know you're not mad .

You're not boring .

You're not sad .

You're a happy dude and people want to be around you and your smile because of that .

Another tip that I picked up taking photos for Instagram is be very careful when taking photos sitting down .

Do not slouch because that looks really sleazy .

Make sure that you're always sitting with your back and shoulders back .

Unless you're trying a different moody pose , those might work .

But most of the time you need to make sure that your back is super straight .

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And probably one of the most important tips here in today's video , learn to edit your photos , whether it's on your phone or laptop , get apps like face tune , light room , snap seed and learn to play around with colors and brightness and contrast .

So you can take your photos to the next level .

It's crazy because sometimes I'll take a photo and I absolutely hate it .

But then I get home , I plug it into one of these editing apps and man , the photo looks completely different now .

It is just insane how much of a difference good editing makes .

So learn to use these editing apps to your advantage .

If you think all these super Hot Instagram models are posting photos that aren't edited .

And my man , you are living under a everyone nowadays edits their photos .

The secret is not to make you look like someone else .

Just the best version of yourself .

So don't go overboard , don't change your appearance , your physical appearance .

It's easy to spot people who over edit their photos .

If you like today's video , then go ahead and hit that subscribe button below .

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We're on our way to 3 million subscribers , 3 million family members here on the channel .

And I would love to have you as part of this family .

And of course , follow me on Instagram so you can see all of these tips and tricks in action .

It's at Alex Costa and I'll link it below for you guys .

Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you again very , very soon .

Peace .


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