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2023-07-22 13:10:51

WARM MINIMALISM Interior Design _ Our Top 10 Styling Tips For Calm Homes

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Welcome back to Susie Anderson Home .

Today , we're showcasing the warm minimalist design style , warm minimalism features light and textural spaces that prioritize character and visual comfort through the inclusion of personal touches , quality materials , cozy and natural textures and simple silhouettes .

The aim is to create a serene , peaceful and calming sanctuary whilst maintaining the clean , functional and clutter free environment .

Traditional minimalism is known for this style features a paired down neutral color palette of warm whites , beige cream , pale sand , tan and light and earthy browns .

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These can be accented with muted colors of camel blush , pink mocha , olive green mustard , Terracotta or Rust for depth and dimension , incorporate warm toned woods and mixed metals of brass , copper , antique gold and blackened iron .

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Architectural elements convey the message of simplicity through the interplay of light shadows and contrast raw materials .

Symmetry and the repetition of line and geometry are used to create order and harmony .

This style celebrates nature and authenticity and the architectural interest can be achieved through the inclusion of timber beams , trims , joinery mill work or cladding , rendered brick bamboo panels and even wall moldings .

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Lastly for an organic feel venetian plaster or lime wash finishes can be applied to walls for a warm textured backdrop to interiors blonde and hardwood timber flooring .

Chevron and Herring bone floorboards are seen throughout the home .

Their geometric patterns and classic clean lines add dimension and visual interest to open plan living spaces .

This can be softened with tactile and raised rugs and runners of woven jute sisal or seagrass .

These materials carry more visual weight which helps zone a room whilst contributing to an inviting and calm feel .

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Alternatively opt for a neutral loop pile wool area rug for a plush and luxurious touch underfoot in warm minimalism .

Coziness is achieved through the layering of different light sources .

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Ambient lighting includes glass globe or paper , pendant , wagon wheel and branch style chandeliers , simple metallic pendants in brass white or black finishes and any recessed fixtures that cast light downwards .

Mhm .

Accent lights include bare bowl , wall lights , candlestick or flatten tube , metallic and glass wall sconces , picture lights and led strip lights .

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Furniture choices include a combination of antique and vintage finds , contemporary pieces and custom made designs in minimalist spaces .

Items should be selected with intention , quality and function in mind .

This may mean letting go of pieces that you no longer love or are just filling a space .

This is especially important in minimalist homes is when you put less in a room , the pieces you do have will stand out even more .

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Unlike traditional minimalism , warm , minimalism does not rely on angular or straight lines alone .

Instead prioritize a variety of shapes , scales and sizes mix round , smooth and shapely items alongside square , rectangular and geometric pieces .

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Lastly , for visual tension , look for ways to contrast soft and hard , smooth and textured , painted and natural and matte and glossy finishes within each room .

Warm minimalism style relies on raw materials and raised textures to create character .

Welcome and comfort .

This means opting for natural woods , Ratan cane , leather and travertine over their imitations .

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Mhm This style avoids highly reflective plastic and synthetic materials .

Instead , raw materials are seen as a sustainable option that will beautify with age walls of bole and chunky knits , lightweight cottons , flax linens , cashmere , tactile weaves and faux furs and decorative throws and cushions can be layered for a restful feel .

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Lastly , elevate these base neutrals with mixed metals of brushed brass , bronze , copper , black and antique gold for a touch of luster and refinement .

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There's a belief that the items you include are as important as the ones that you don't in this style , negative space is embraced and allows the eyes to rest .

So you may wish to let go of pieces that no longer bring you joy or are contributing to visual clutter .

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This style wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of fresh greenery and living energy .

Select a few large scale plants of fiddly figs , ficus Monteria prayer plants , snake plants or other deep green sculptural plants .

Lastly add visual interest and structure to dining rooms , kitchen islands and entryways with tall reaching flowering branches , long stems and fresh cut foliage from the garden .

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Thank you so much for watching .

We hope you feel inspired to incorporate these warm minimalist design tips in your own home .

If you want to see more videos like this , please like the video subscribe and let us know in the comments below which styles you would like to see .

Next .

Remember when designing a home you love the beauty is in the detail .


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