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2023-07-20 13:39:34

MAKE YOUR HEAD BIGGER _ Best Instagram Edits Apps For Outfit Photos

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OK .

I'm gonna keep it real with y'all .

I did not expect hundreds of comments on my last video when I asked you if you wanted this tutorial .

Now , if you lost as to what I'm talking about , that means you missed my video a couple of days ago on how to make your Instagram outfit photos more interesting .

And when I showed y'all this picture and how much a surprise people in a really good way and made them laugh and made them comment and made them like a little bit more than usual , you guys requested how to make it happen and how to do the edit for yourself .

So in this video , I'm gonna teach you exactly how to do it both from your phone , Android and Apple app as well as from a laptop with Photoshop .

Now , if you look to my right , you notice there is no sneaker of the day or boot of the day .

However , we do have the laptop of the day , we're gonna get right into this Photoshop edit right now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , if you don't have Photoshop , you wanna skip to the phone stuff , go ahead and move forward in the video .

But right now we're doing this .

OK ?

So first things first open up your Photo and Photoshop , then I want you to hit that Z key zoom all the way into your face .

Keep tap it until you get right up in there .

And then what we're gonna do is use the pin tool to trace around your head .

So the pin tool can be accessed by pressing P the P key on your keyboard .

Then you want to get in here and start tracing around .

Now , the pin tool has two types of modes you can use when you hit the pin tool over here , either use a regular pin tool or you can come down to the curvature pin tool .

And since our heads and our hair and our face faces are made of curves , this is what I suggest you use , but it depends on what you're more comfortable with .

OK .

The pin tool does take time to get used to .

So starting up here , uh just gonna start tracing there .

I'm going loose because later you can tighten it up .

But right now I'm gonna go , especially around the hair area .

I don't like to go to the site because then I cut out like the natural looking parts .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now that I'm here , I'm gonna zoom in a little bit closer and see how this pin tool kind of curves for you already .

That's why I like this one .

You can kind of go peaks and valleys .

And when I say peaks and valleys , I mean , go like the highest point of every little curve and then the deepest point if that makes sense .

And I'm gonna go here around the beard and again , my beard is organic .

So I don't wanna cut it too .

You know what I mean ?

And maybe I'll just come straight down here .

Here .

There you go .

That's good .

You get the gist of it .

Let me go ahead and fast forward this part .

So now you back up , right ?

So you wanna right click inside the shape you make and then what you wanna do is make selection .

Now this is where you want to figure out how sharp you want your line for me , my feather radius is gonna be one .

So make sure you match that setting .

That's probably a good place to start press .

OK ?

And then what you wanna do is do command J or control J if you're using a PC by the bing and now you have a head that is cut out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Ladies and gentlemen , so now that we have the head cut out , first thing that comes to mind is probably just make it bigger , right ?

But no , because as you zoom in to that photo , you notice that the bigger you make this head , the more pixelated , the more blurry , so to speak or the less crispy the photo is gonna be .

So what you actually wanna do is make the background smaller .

So you take this background here , you copy it by dragging it down and then you press command t to transform .

And now you can make it as small as you want to and then line it up and just see how it looks to you .

So say I wanna do it that bit great .

So now I come in here , take my crop tool by pressing C on my keyboard bam and now it's gonna just crop to the size I want it and bam , bam and that is your new image .

And now all you gotta do is pick how you want it to look .

So now that I'm in here , where do I want to land ?

Where's it gonna blend into my skin the best you see right here .

I have this little bit of line here where you see that brown .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I want that brown to match it with the brown on my neck .

Now , what you also can do right is go back , get your eraser at pressing E and then just kind of touch it up , right ?

Maybe you wanna make the lines a little cleaner which I suggest you do if you really want to pull this off the right way .

And that's basically how I did it y'all .

OK .

Now , let's talk about this app .

The app that I found for y'all on I Os is called Baz Art and apparently you can do everything on this app you can do on Photoshop , take out backgrounds , edit stuff , add shadows , apparently motion and all that .

But I'm just using this app for the cutting out and the making the head bigger thing that I just did here on my laptop .

So when you open the app and go to projects , hit that plus button , find the photos you want .

And the photo I'm picking is the one that we use for the edit by the bing by the boom .

And then you wanna go to edit .

Come on over to this thing called cut out and now we can start cutting out our head .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm gonna zoom in here and literally what you do .

I'm not gonna do it all careful because it takes a lot of time .

But what you wanna do is get in here , start tracing with your finger .

You see what I'm doing here .

You can step back some pinch to zoom trace , trace , trace , trace , trace come around again , press apply and now you have a head there that you can do whatever you want with obviously , right ?

You can make it larger or smaller , whatever .

And now what you wanna do is add a photo , you go back to that same photo you had before whatever the same one you're using at the moment , add it back in there and now you put the head over the photo .

So now the photo I'm gonna put it right here , full screen , go to canvas layers and now put the layer of the photo or the head rather , how do I switch these ?

Oh Hold your finger down on it , hold your finger down , pull it back and now you put the layer of the photo behind the head .

Now you paint the head as big or small as you want .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yo , that's basically the basic premise of the app is really , really simple .

You can practice with it until you get it and then you save it and that's it .

So obviously do a more careful job than me .

But it's a really simple app to use and if you do it right and take your time , it'll come out dope .

But obviously I prefer to use Photoshop .

That's just my thing .

And then also I have an Android app too called real big camera editor .

I will go ahead and link it down below , but it does the same thing .

You can cut out stuff , right ?

You can make it larger and large things .

They have a dog here as an example , but obviously just do your head and you'll be fine and that's it .

So yeah , if you all enjoyed this video , if you really liked it , if it was helpful for you , make sure leave a thumbs up for your guy any more questions for me .

Anything to follow up .

Let me know I will link everything down below as far as the app go .

And if this happens to be your first time on this channel .

I'm Devin on deck .

I talk about fashion and tech and here you get the best of both worlds .

So you're gonna see more videos like this , how to be more successful on social media , how to create better content , but also like pure fashion talk and also like grooming confidence , all that good stuff .

So that sounds good to you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hit that subscribe button , hit that bell icon and I will see you and everyone else on the next one .

Peace .


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