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2023-07-20 13:33:24

5 min Beginner Morning Yoga Stretches to WAKE UP

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Good morning .

My name is Cassandra .

Thank you for joining me .

I'm gonna take you through this very quick , very short morning yoga practice .

You guys have been asking me for more of these five minute stretches that you can do when you wake up .

I don't have a lot of time with you .

So let's just jump right into it .

No props required .

And we are going to begin in boa child's pose so you can bring your big toast together knees as wide as you would like them to be , press your hips towards your heels , walk your hands out and release your head towards the mat .

We'll take five deep breaths here in and out through your nose .

Just get that nice big stretch through your inner thighs , letting your chest be heavy , no tension in your shoulders or in your neck .

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One more big breath in here and go ahead and come on up , tabletop hose onto your hands and knees align your hands under your shoulders , your knees underneath your hips , and we're gonna reach our right leg up and back , roll your right hip down .

So you want to keep the front of that thigh pointing towards the floor and reach your left arm out .

You're gonna inhale to stretch it out .

And as you exhale , bring your elbow and your knee together to touch , as you round and contract inhale , balancing table , find length .

Exhale , squeeze , pull everything in three more like this .

Inhale and exhale .

Inhale , stretch , exhale , pull in last one .

Inhale .

Reach , let your left hand come down and step your right foot forward in between your hands to the top of the mat .

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Keep your knee over your ankle .

And you can just melt your hips forward and down here , rolling your shoulders back .

I now push into that front foot so you can circle your arms up , re your palms together to touch into this low lunge .

Maybe looking up past your thumbs into your easy twist , circle the arms back down .

You're gonna keep your left hand to the floor .

Lift your back knee off the mat to reach your right arm up to the sky .

Big stretch here as you twist open downward facing dog , a mush step that right foot back next to the left and just paddle out the feet a few times .

So bending one knee straightening the opposite leg .

Hm .

Big opening here .

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And we'll come back to our table top pose , repeating the sequence on the second side .

Hands under your shoulders , knees underneath your hips , pull in through your lower belly and straighten that left leg back behind you reach your right arm out , take an inhale to lengthen and as you exhale , bring your elbow in the end around through your spine .

Inhale stretch , exhale , contract three more in inhale , two more .

Last one .

Inhale and drop that right hand down .

Step the left foot forward in between your palms to the top of the mat .

Flying that big stretch in your low lunge .

You want your left knee to be over your ankle , pressing your hips forward and down , relaxing your shoulders away from your ears and push your feet into the floor .

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Circle your arms all the way up , brewing your hands together to touch .

Only looking up if this is OK for your neck , circle your hands back down .

Keep your right hand to the mat , lift your back knee off the floor and stretch your left arm up to the sky into your twist downward .

Dog , left hand comes down to the map , step your left foot back , stretch it out again , any little movements and adjustments that feel good to you here .

Think of curling your tailbone up towards the sky and will come all the way forward into our plank pose and carefully lower all the way to your belly .

You can slide your forms out in front of you .

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Take your sphinx pose opening through your chest a little bit of a back bend here and now lower your chest .

You're gonna keep your forms on the mat and just see if you can lift your hips up , walk your knees in .

So your knees are underneath your hips and your elbows are now underneath your shoulders and just take cat and cow from here .

So inhale , drop the belly lift the gaze tail bone up , exhale round and contract pull it in a few more like this .

So really emphasizing the movements in your mid back and upper back .

So it's a little bit less about your lumbar spine .

Last one , an hill and exhale .

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Go ahead and press all the way back into an easy child's pose this time .

So you have your hips towards your heels and your arms reaching back and you might rock a little bit .

Ah I didn't go .

Let's roll all the way up so that we're sitting on our heels .

You can bring your hands to your lap .

Take a moment to clarify your intention for the day .

What you want to focus your energy on maybe just choosing one word and together .

Let's join our hands together at the heart .

When you have your one word intention , we're gonna close with the chant of one time to really set it and close our practice .

Inhale to chant .

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Oh Thank you so very much for doing this very short morning yoga practice with me , even though we didn't have a lot of time .

I hope you feel ready for the day ahead .

Please subscribe and maybe I'll see you again tomorrow morning .


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