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2023-07-21 09:05:23

Spring Decorate With Me 2023 _ Living room, Shelf styling & Floral arrangements _ Part 1

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome back to my channel .

If you're new here .

Hi , welcome .

My name is Jenna and for today's video , I'm filming a spring decorate with me .

But before getting started , I have to thank you guys all for the love and support .

On my last video , I did not think the video would do as great as it did and I'm blown away .

I am so thankful , so blessed for all the love and support and for anyone that has subscribed from that video .

Thank you and welcome to my channel today .

I'm doing my first club ever and I'm really excited to be partnering up with a really great friend of mine here on youtube .

Her name is Evelyn Hernandez .

If you guys haven't heard me talk about her , then I'm sure you guys have seen her channel or come across one of her videos .

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She has had a amazing growth on her channel .

She started a few months ago and she is doing great to you guys .

She has really creative videos , really creative direction and her videos are just so calming and very aesthetic as well .

So I'm blessed to have Evelyn as a friend and when she asked me to collab , I was just so blown away that she wanted to work with me .

I'm a much smaller channel and she really wants to help me grow .

So if you are new here from Evelyn's channel , welcome .

Thank you for watching this video .

And if you subscribe , thank you as well for those of you that have not seen Evelyn's channel and are not subscribed yet .

I will leave the link to her channel down below for you guys .

She is doing a spring decorate with me today as well .

So definitely go check out her video and tell her I sent you jumping straight into today's video .

First , I'm going to make floral arrangements that I'm gonna be using to style my main living room , making the arrangements .

First helps me visually see what I have to work with and to plan out where I want everything to go .

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This first arrangement is with florals I got from Amazon .

The stem comes in so many different colors .

I have a 12 pack .

I'm keeping it flat towards the back and just working my way towards the front and layers making each stem shorter , the closer I get to the front .

I'm adding the large arrangement to one side of my built ins , but I still want to add the same stem and tones to the other side so that it's cohesive .

I'm adding a stem and a few branches that broke off to this bud base .

These stems are very delicate and the branches do snap off if you bend them too much .

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Next arrangement is using the only stems that I picked up from Michael's .

I trimmed them all the same length and added them to the space from the new studio MGI collection from Target .

I think these two paired really well together .

These cosmos are from Hobby Lobby .

I love using stems that look great on their own .

Like these , my daughter dropped and broke this face minutes before filming and I quickly hot glued it together .

But I'm adding two of these beads , baby's breath stems that I trimmed also from Hobby Lobby .

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These stems are way too long , so I definitely have to trim them .

My main focus is styling these shelves and filling them up .

This is everything that I'll be using today .

Starting on one side .

I added this large painting to break up all the white .

I'm going to be using lots of books on these shelves .

So these are two of many .

I added these vintage inspired candlestick holders that I found on Amazon and to them , I'm adding candlesticks from creative co-op that I found on Amazon as well .

These add color and texture to this area .

And I think the tones tied in really well with each other .

I placed the cosmo arrangement here and when I stepped back , I did not like it , I felt like the tones did not tie in with everything else .

So I had to remove it .

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I added a book and the arrangement that we created earlier using the Michael stems to the top shelf .

I added this painting and as you guys can see , I kind of shifted the bottom painting so that they are diagonal from each other and not directly on top of each other in front of the painting .

I added this bowl .

I think bowls are great to have on shelves .

Thanks to that .

I added these books .

I love adding staggered books .

The small book is a $12 book that I found on Amazon .

So I'll have it linked down below for you guys .

It's definitely a good find next to that .

I really wanted to use these book ends that I have , they are currently sold out .

But I will let you guys know if they do come back in stock , moving on to the other side .

I added this large arrangement that we first made .

I love the tone of it .

It's just so wispy , so beautiful .

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And next to that , I added a woven tray here as well .

Also for cats all on the other side .

I'm adding some books .

I first added a black book because I do have black on the other side .

Again , we want everything to be cohesive .

So I'm just adding these two books and this book that I found at home goods .

I do like the cover .

It's really pretty but I love the book on the inside without the cover .

It's just really muted , very neutral , just the way I like it .

Next to that .

I'm adding the plant saucer from Walmart that everyone and their mom has .

It's definitely worth it .

So beautiful for under $3 .

And on top of it I added this candle , this is a wolf and lamb candle .

These retail for $48 but you can find them every now and then at TJ Maxx Marshall's or home goods for $7 on the first shelf .

I'm adding this bookstand that holds my holy book next to that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I added another book and the baby's breath arrangement that we made earlier .

Having the arrangements done before starting styling just makes everything go so much faster and smoother for me .

I added these three candle stick holders .

I'm not a fan of these .

They are beautiful , but they are crooked .

I've tried to bend them over time , but for some reason , they just always look crooked and there's nothing I can do about it .

I have them .

I bought them .

So I'm going to use them as much as I wanted to use the Cosmos on the built ins .

They just didn't look right .

So I'm adding them to my TV stand here and I think this looks a lot better here on the other side .

I added a book and my mini lamp , this mini lamp used to live on the built ins and honestly I can't part ways with it .

I love it .

It lights up our entire downstairs at night .

It's so tiny .

So it's not too much and it's just perfect .

I have to keep things really minimal here because my toddler likes to mess with anything on top of the TV .

Stand for my couch .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm keeping things pretty simple as well because I have a dark couch .

I want to add some lighter , brighter tones .

So we're using all neutral pillows .

Of course , I will leave all the pillows and pillow cover links down below for you guys .

So anything that you need , they will be in the description box to the couch .

I'm adding this Beige Chanel throw blanket that Evelyn actually shared with me .

It's so soft and it was also pretty affordable to this corner .

I'm adding the beige stripe pillow cover and this Lumbar pillow cover that I haul for you guys a few weeks ago .

I know lots of you guys have purchased it and you've told me that you love it as well .

I got it for $35 .

Sometimes the price fluctuates .

So definitely keep a look out for the price to the side .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I really wanted to use this oversized Lumbar pillow from Michael's .

This is something that Evelyn actually shared with me as well .

I'd say maybe over a month ago .

It's absolutely beautiful and it's definitely a designer look , but it's so big that it gave me a hard time .

I didn't know how to style it and it just didn't look right anywhere .

I put it .

So I ended up removing it and adding this Lumbar pillow .

This is a cover from Mango .

I really wanted to use this Lumbar pillow .

So I added it to the middle of the couch and I think it looks a lot better on its own .

That's all for today's video .

I hope you guys enjoyed spending time with me .

Don't forget to check out Evelyn's video and tell her I sent you , I will see you guys in my next video .


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