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2023-07-20 12:59:57

How To Make a Resume For Nurses _ Nursing Job Application

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In this youtube video .

I'm going to make this resume example that can be used for a nursing job application .

It's a simple yet professional setup that encourages hiring managers to read through .

Now , if you prefer to save some time and want to download matching resumes and cover letter templates and click on the link in the description .

For more information .

I will also provide you with tips on how to put skills , working experience and certificates on a nursing resume to make it better than nine out of 10 other resumes based on solid research .

Now , without further ado let's start making this resume in Microsoft word .

First off , I want to start with the margins , go to the layout tab margins and pick the normal or narrow margin settings .

Now , I would advise you to pick the narrow settings for some extra space to avoid crop sentences and keep everything on a one page document .

OK ?

Next up , we go to the insert tab shapes and pick a rectangular shape .

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Kata had our area and make it a line .

Now , once that's done , we select the shape and click on the shape field , drop down menu and choose a light blue color and remove the shape outline .

Let's see , we need to draw a textbooks so we can include our personal information .

Again , remove the shape filler and outline .

Now let's zoom in and enter your name and surname .

Go to the home tab to center it and increase the full size to let's say 24 bold , highlight it to make it stand out a bit more .

After that , we need to include some contact information , start with the city and state email address for number and linkedin profile .

I don't underestimate the advantages of linkedin for nurses .

It can be used to strategically network with other nurses and health care .

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Colleagues .

Research shows that it can increase your chances by 71% for landing an interview .

Now press the space bar once and enter the button a couple of times to detach the cursor from the header area .

Now let's divide the resume into sections including education , certificates , skills and experience in caps lock .

Now the sequence of these sections highly depends on the position you are after and your professional experience background .

Now , if you have a lot of relevant work experience , then we'd advise you to start with an experience section .

But remember always put the best of above the fold .

Now create two white lines in between each section and bold highlight education .

We also need to adjust the line spacing options , go to the spacing settings and change these to 12 points before and 12 points after and press .

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OK ?

I also want to add some borders to visually separate these sections from the body .

Text , click on this little arrow icon and pick top and bottom borders in the dropdown menu .

Furthermore , pick in between the 13 to 16 point full size .

I think 40 looks fine .

Next up , we need to place the cursor in the middle of the keyword and click the format banner twice , select the other sections to paste the formatting .

OK ?

Make sure to disable the formatting option .

So right now we can start adding the educational background .

So for example , university or school's name and a degree , make it stand out a bit more using bolt and italics .

After that , we include the city state and time spent in college .

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Now to align this to the right , we need a ruler .

If you don't see this option , you need to go to the view tab and enable ruler .

OK ?

Let me show you what this option does .

So if you place the girls right here , click somewhere in the ruler to place a left step stop and press have .

After that , we need to add some subcategories and list information on GPA extracurricular activities .

Dean's list honors and or relevant course work .

Now that brings us to the certificates and licenses section .

Now , in this section , you need to list the license type , licensing , state and number .

Now , although these license numbers can be found online .

It's important to add them to your resume for two reasons .

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One many recruiters first want to see if you are qualified before they scan through the whole resume and second , it saves them time and energy .

Also make sure to add the license activation and perhaps also expiration date on the right side .

OK .

Next up , we have the skill section go to the insert tab , click on the table , dropdown menu and pick a three by one table .

Now , as you can see the margins are not perfect , but we can change that .

Go to the table layout , sell margins and change the left and right windows to zero .

There you go .

Now , before I add some soft and hard skills , research shows that applicants only included 51% of the relevant keywords in the resume .

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Now , in order to know what kind of keywords you should be looking at , I would advise you to copy the job description , go to the free word cloud generator base it right in there and click on generate cloud .

Now , once you filled all the cells , I'd like to first align these cells .

And after that , I remove the borders .

Now , in order to do so select the whole table and go to table design , click the table drop down and select no borders .

OK ?

That brings us to the experience section .

And let's say you have some experience as a certified nursing assistant at a community hospital .

Now let me fast forward a bit .

Now I structured the senses according to the power method which stands for problem action and results .

And that way you bring impact and purpose to your experiences .

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Same goes for using action verbs at the beginning of each sentence like cult worked and implemented .

Furthermore , do you notice how I quantified my experiences ?

How measurable metrics illustrates someone's value and improves your chances of getting that interview .

OK .

Let me copy and paste the whole paragraph .

And let's add another section .

If you still have some space , you could add uh references , activities , miscellaneous or interest section .

I'd like to pick an interest section to show the human side behind the resume and also relate to the readers' interests .

Now that doesn't mean you should add some fluffy buzzwords and cliches like 51% of the resumes include no , try to grab the readers' interests .

For example , I like traveling and trying to visit a new country each year .

I also informed the reader about my 2021 travel ambition .

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I also like reading and could add some of my favorite books related to nursing .

Another interest of mine is watching Netflix , but also enter something along the lines of Binge watch Dexter and Nurses Who Kill .

OK .

Skip that last title if you still want the job .

Anyway , I hope you get the idea .

Now lastly , I also want to emphasize the importance of properly sending your resume unless instructed , otherwise , save your resume as a PDF or word document attached to the email and save it accordingly .

Surname , surname resume .

And that way the reader will know that it is yours without even opening the document .

Now , it proves your attention to detail and can make the difference between getting that interview or not .

Ok .

Before I end this video , I would like to know if you watch the whole video and I'm even more curious if you actually got the nursing position .

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Leave an emoji with classes if you watch the video till the end and leave an emoji with sunglasses .

If you actually got the job , I want to thank you for watching .

And if you have any questions , leave a comment down below and I'll respond as soon as possible .

Uh If this video was helpful , then like and subscribe is greatly appreciated .

Thanks again for watching and see you next time .

Bye .


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