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2023-07-21 08:54:19

How to Take Better Pictures With Your Mobile Phone _ With Examples

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Hey , whats everyone .

Welcome back to a new video on the channel .

So in today's video , we are going to take a look at how you can start your very own Vix blog using Vex .

And this is going to be a beginner friendly tutorial .

So if this is your first time using Vix and you just want a quick tutorial on how you can start your blog using Vex .

This is going to be the video for you .

And if you never seen my channel before , I am who is Bob or a and what I do is I upload videos on Vix website design to make money online and anything else that you might find interesting .

So if you want more videos like this one , make sure you subscribe to the channel and also like the video , but that is gonna be it for now .

So let's just jump in the tutorial and hopefully you guys enjoy it .

Ok ?

So the very first step is gonna be to click the top link in the description to get to the Vix page where you can start building your Vix website .

Uh when you get on the page , all you have to do is click on start .

Now , once you have clicked start , now you're going to have to create your account .

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Good morning guys .

We are enjoying a hot cup of coffee here and we are on a road trip to Mal .

More importantly , today , we are talking about bigger tips for better photos with an iphone .

Let's go .

The road trip was great .

We had a lot of fun .

Unfortunately , the light was too harsh .

So we could not shoot much talking about iphone photography .

To be honest , when it comes to iphone , I'm also a beginner .

It's been a month .

I've been using an iphone and I've learned some tips that have helped me to take better photos and I want to share them with you in this video .

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And once you have created your account , you will come to a page that looks like this .

Since I already had a account on Wix , I don't have to create an account .

But if you don't have an account yet , just create an account .

It's real quick .

I even think you can log in with your Facebook .

So it makes it super easy .

But once you get on this page , Wix is going to ask you what kind of website you want to build .

And obviously , we're trying to build a blog .

So what we're going to click on is blog .

It doesn't really matter what you pick here .

It's just going to base the designs based on whatever you pick .

So if you pick fitness , you're going to get websites or blogs that looks more similar to fitness just to make it easier .

But you can always pick something from fitness and then create into your blog if you like the fitness theme a lot better .

But what we're going to do is just click on blog directly and instead of using the adi .

So what the difference here really is is that the Vix I will create a for you based on a few simple questions that you answer .

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We will start with some basic tips and then get to know some advanced tips as well .

Very , very excited for this one .

So without wasting any time , let's get started .

The first step is adjusting exposure .

When you point out your iphone on a particular subject , it's going to try .

It's best to decide what the correct exposure is .

Now , if you tap on any subject , it's going to give priority to that area and change the exposure accordingly .

This is good for quick exposure adjustments , but more control you can tap on a subject and then move the slider up or down to increase or decrease the exposure .

I don't prefer using the slider though .

What I prefer is clicking on the arrow and then the plus minus icon and now changing the exposure .

The reason I do this is if I want to change the exposure just by a one third or two third of a stop .

This gives me more information about what I'm doing and have better control over the exposure .

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Sometimes I want to lock the focus and then change the exposure to do that , tap on the subject and hold it until you see the A F slash A E lock , which stands for autofocus auto exposure lock .

Then you can adjust the exposure like we saw before the next step is viewing outside the frame .

This is applicable for iphones with multiple lenses .

Suppose I'm using the tele lens outside the main frame .

You will see an overlap of a slightly wider frame that you would get with a standard lens .

If you're using the standard lens , you will see an overlap of what it would look like with a wide angle lens .

Now , it is helpful sometimes and I understand why Apple has turned it on by default .

But personally , I find it distracting .

I only want to focus on the main frame and nothing else outside it .

So I prefer turning it off .

You go to settings camera turn off the view outside the frame option .

Is it necessary ?

No .

Is it going to improve your photography ?

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These are going to be paid for images which definitely are going to be higher quality , but you have to pay for them , which unfortunately can cost a lot depending on what kind of image you want .

But normally you can find pretty good images on here and you also have uns flash which are also going to be free images .

But even these images can be very low quality .

If you're lucky , you can find some high quality images here as well .

We're going to use Uns for this one and we're just going to search for travel .

Now , let's see what you OK .

I really like this image right here .

It looks super good for a travel blog , even this one and I might even go for this one .

So let's just click it and then click on change background .

Once you have changed your background , it's going to look like this and what you can do is go into settings and in settings , you can add an effect to your top banner so you can do it parallax .

You can do reveal , you can do zoom in or you can do fade in .

I'm gonna do parallax for this one .

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Obviously , you don't get the option to choose the shutter speed for the long exposure image .

But still this small hack comes pretty handy moving to the next step is using and not using HDR .

What is HGR ?

It is high dynamic range meaning you have very bright highlights and very dark shadows .

And it's very difficult to capture all the details in one single image .

So the iphone is going to take multiple images and combine it and try to give the best result possible .

It works great most of the times .

But sometimes I feel the results are a bit over processed .

If you have smart SGR on iphone will automatically turn it on in most of the situations .

What I prefer is turning it off .

So that when I'm taking a picture , I get the option to turn the SDR on or off manually .

I won't recommend to turn off the SDR .

Every time the iphones do a great job in computational photography and I use SDR a lot for my landscape images .

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If you don't have a tripod , I would recommend at least use some kind of support if you're getting shaky images .

The last tip is for people who are more serious about photography and that is using third party applications .

The stock application is great .

The UR is pretty neat and easy to use but it doesn't allow you to change all the settings .

I've been using Android phones till now and all the recent Android phones have promote built in as a photographer , I like to have manual control over my settings .

The app I'm using in this video is a lightroom application .

It has a camera option built in which is allowing me to change the shutter speed is so white balance and I can fine tune these settings .

As I like as I said , this is not for everyone only if you're serious about photography only if you want manual control over your settings .

This is for you 90% of the times I'm using the stock application and I'm very happy with the results .

But if you need that extra controls , you can use the third party applications .

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And we're gonna go to uns search for youtube , find a fitting image like this one click choose image and it's gonna be right there .

So if I want to change this button to link to my youtube channel , what I would do is if I find my link to my channel right here , copy the link , go back , paste the link and we want it in a new window and then we click done .

And now when people click on this button , take those people directly to my youtube channel .

Keep going down here as well uh featured in , I'm not gonna be featured anywhere .

But what you can do is your same thing if you want to remove this script because you're not , you haven't really been featured in anything or you just don't want this element .

All you can do is just right , click and delete or you can just click , delete directly on your dashboard .

So now that part is going to be gone .


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