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2023-07-22 12:53:38

How to use Procreate to quickly sketch an interior design living room perspective

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Hey guys , today , we're going to be learning how to do a sketch with procreate .

This is the finished product .

So you'll need an ipad and the app procreate as well as the Apple pencil to get started , right ?

You're going to open a new drawing canvas and I chose a 12 by 12 .

Um Try to do a resolution of 300 .

Then you're going to go ahead and go to canvas , drawing , guide and edit and then you're going to select the perspective option and then you're gonna tap onto the canvas and kind of shift it .

I'm choosing a two point perspective .

So I'm going to go ahead and create one point and then I'm gonna tap it again and choose another point .

So that helps you get the perspective that you want it to be .

You can shift it around if you want , I like to leave it a little further away from one another so that it looks more realistic .

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So once you're happy with it , you can let it go .

If you want to change the other side , that's fine .

Um And then when you're happy with it , that's all you have to do click done .

And then you can get going just select the color of the pen .

And I've been using a gel pen and then I'm going to click on the layer and select assisted and that's how we'll get started .

So that means it'll lock in every time you draw a line , it will give you either a vertical line or a line going to your right finishing point or left finishing point .

So here is my initial right wall , I mean left wall and then now the right wall .

So then I start boxing in the furniture placement .

I have my sofa here .

Now this video takes into account that you already have watched the video for um two point perspective that I've already um posted .

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Uh you have to actually know like the vanishing points and stuff first before you really can get to the procreate level because you won't understand .

So make sure you watch those videos so that you can understand how vanishing points work .

Um So right now I'm just boxing out the different items of furniture I have in the room .

Um I really like this uh procreate feature , this perspective feature .

It is super fun .

So I'm able to quickly go ahead and box out our room .

I don't have to get out my T square .

I don't have to , you know , get out my supplies .

I just have my ipad and my Apple pencil .

So right now I'm boxing in the perspective of the room .

So it looks something like this .

So once that is kind of boxed in and like the proportions look good to you .

Um I'm dropping in the center line for my light fixture to come in where it's going to drop in the room .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And again , this stuff is explained in the vanishing in the two point perspective video .

So this appropriate version is the more advanced level .

Um So now I'm going to box out the side tables and the other side table because it's kind of it's on the same track .

So you can still use the same lines .

So I have another layer going on and I'm gonna again use ink , but I use the Tinder Box .

Now this is with the latest update for procreate uh edition five or something like that .

Um What I've done is I've lowered the capacity of the bottom layer so that it's a light gray .

So now I've taken off the drawing assist .

So it's not snapping to be a rigid straight line .

So I'm using my free hand drawing at this point to get all the forms because I've curd line in your forms .

So you don't want to have the drawing assist on there .

Um So this is again another layer on top of it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I usually work um forwards to the back wall .

So that way I'm not going ahead and trying to draw something that I'm going to cover up anyway .

So in the foreground .

I have the coffee table , then I have the , the sofa .

So I'll use the box that I have underneath to kind of help guide my lines for the sofa or the furniture or any , any item that I'm drawing .

And again , you're going to need to use your reference photos as you're drawing , you have the box for the general sizes , but you always want to use the reference photos so that you can get the little details that all the pieces have .

Um I've added some hot dog pillows , so round pillows and a regular pillow here .

And then if you have um let's see , this is the artwork .

So it's still the very um box like the underneath layer .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now I'm gonna go ahead and draw the form of my light fixture .

I base it off the cylinder and then I kind of tweak it a little bit .

So it looks like the um reference image I have .

Um Now I'm going to go ahead and try to put some crown molding throughout the room .

I'll lay out the general outlines .

Um This one is the base molding that I have around the room .

So it comes back around here .

Now , this will be fine tuned later on , but at least it kind of gives you the general line that you'll take and this goes into that alcove area so I can go ahead and erase my foreground lines and that's a good kind of quick trick .

Um The next thing I'm gonna do , I'm going to go ahead and um sketch in the forms of the foreground chairs that's um getting cut off in the foreground .

And then I realize my box in the background is a little short .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So it doesn't look right .

So I'm gonna go ahead and raise the height of the seat or the back .

So it looks more correct .

And then I draw accessories on the coffee table .

So it has a sense of scale and some interest to it so that it has um So it looks more styled like a space that you would , you would you would want to visit .

Um Now I'm boxing out my end table .

I have two layers or two .

It's a two tiered end table and um I'm going to do the same thing on the other side before I add um my lamp .

So I have used a center guideline for the lamp .

And then once you do the center guideline , you can make sure it's symmetrical on both sides of the center guideline .

And that's why we use the center guideline .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

When we're drawing , it helps keep things more accurate .

Um Now we're gonna work on the alcove a little bit um hint at the window treatment , some layers there , the casing around the window , some action lines for the glass to show reflectivity .

Now the rough in the area rug .

So it looks something like this as you as you go along .

Now I'm gonna work on the ceiling so this might start a tray ceiling .

But if I want to add some coppers in there , I'll do the division lines and then give it some depth to it .

So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and erase the lines that I had drawn in the back um to so that it's not too busy .

So I know that this chair covers the sofa lines .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'll try to clean it up a little bit just so that again , this is for a quick sketch to show your , your client or for a project , if you're doing that and you want to show them really quickly your vision of the space and you don't have a lot of time .

This isn't going to be like the fine tuned um fancy kind of perspective .

This is just the quick one to show the conceptual idea of what you , what you have in mind .

Um And that's why I like uh the quick lines here , but it's just a little cleaned up version and then we're going to throw in a little color and this whole thing can be done in a relatively quick time frame .

Um Compared to something that's really developed .

Now , we're going to add another layer and we're going to slide it underneath the drawing layer .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um We're going to choose like a grayish color and we're gonna start to , we're gonna select a drawing .

Um the Oberon pin tip in the gray , I have lightened it a little bit more and then we're going to go ahead and adjust the pen size and we're going to go ahead and put some color on there .

So it looks like it's three dimensional rather than just a line drawing .

Um This , this just helps show some interest to your sketch .

Um You can leave it just a plain line drawing .

It's fine , but this is as if you were using a gray scale marker to quickly show some volume .

OK .

So uh I like this um because you can layer a color just like if you were using marker and this is part of the new procreate update .

And if you don't have that in your options , you probably just need to update your procreate .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

573.059 --> 708.14

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm going to add some gold tones to give it a little pop some areas of interest here for my light fixture , you can choose the color and you know , you're just kind of hinting at the form and what kind of materials you're using .

Sometimes I turn on and off the layers just to kind of see what it looks like without the lines .

But at least now you can say , OK , here's my metal accent .

Um Here's where my glass will be .

Um And that's basically what I would do for this kind of quick , quick sketch version for procreate .

It's something nice to show and you can do it .

It takes less than an hour to get all this done .

And it's more interesting than a basic boxy um computer aid drawing that looks like everybody else's .

Uh but that's totally up to you .

If you like that way , then go ahead and check out those videos .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um Here is some more like showing like this is gonna be a marble top .

This is going to be glass over here .

I'll have concrete versus rugs .

So you're just hinting at the texture , you're not spending a ton of time because this is just a quick sketch version of it and that's my puppy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So this is how I approach a quick sketch rendering .

This took me less than an hour to do and it's something that you can do very quickly to show your client or for class for presentation .

So people can get an idea of the space that you have in mind .

I hope that helps you .

And I'll see you next time .

The next video I'll show you the more finished , more polished rendering of the same room using procreate .

So I'll see you then .


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