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2023-07-22 12:53:37

How to Combine Living Room and Dining Room in a Small Space

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Hey guys , this is Angela Jean and welcome back to my channel Runway done .

My way .

Today's episode is going to be another episode on how to combine living room and dining room space .

When they share the same room , as you can see behind me , I've already shot this episode once .

Actually , this is totally different decor than than was here when I shot it the first time .

If you did not get to check out that episode , it is a two part episode .

Go ahead and check that out in the link above what I wanted to do today since it was such a popular episode is to treat it like I have half the space .

So obviously , when we're done with the episode , I'm still gonna have the space behind me , but I'm gonna use the rug and pretend like this is the entire space because a lot of people struggle with how to combine the room when you don't have a lot of room .

Ok .

So let's go ahead and jump into the episode again .

I'm just gonna use the rug as the room and I'll show you a really , really cool idea on how to combine this space if you're working with a really small room .

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Ok .

Oh , that was exhausting .

Ok .

So let's pretend like this is the extent of your space , which would probably mean you have a small bedroom or even a studio .

I'm actually moving , I'm downsizing and I'm looking forward to the smaller space .

I have so much fun decorating small spaces .

So I'm gonna show you a trick I'm even gonna use in my next place and I hope you guys love it .

So let me get my muscles back on and we're gonna move the console table .

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I did go ahead and leave the lighting because you do want to create some type of ambiance and romance when you're dining or when you're entertaining friends .

And also you have to realize when you're on that side of the couch looking this way you can't really see the place settings .

So having some candles or some type of ambiance decor on either side will look really good .

And again , I put the flowers in the middle for dining reasons and then also for decor reasons because like I said , if you're looking from that view to this view , you won't a place setting .

So you still do want to have it look a bit like a console and like your living room decor , even though it's working as your dining room , Decor , um I did tie in , I put a little chair over there .

So even if you have a space .

This small , you guys can put a little chair over here with a little table again .

I used it as a bar cart instead of putting more flowers on it .

So this would be how it would look .

I'm just going to show you one little decor option if you want to do this .

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All right guys .

So let's go over the tips one more time .

If you're working with this space , this small and you need to combine your living room and dining room space again , like I said , the console is always going to be higher .

This couch is especially low .

But if you do have a couch that's still not as high as the console .

If you want to look as plush as possible and as elegant , I think as this looks , you want to make sure you have oversized pillows on your couch .

That way when you're looking from this side towards the couch consoles behind , you're not seeing this big gap from the couch underneath the console if that makes sense because that doesn't look that good and then it's gonna look kind of janky like that shouldn't be like that .

If you make sure that the pillows are oversized like this , it ends up looking really elegant .

Another tip you want to make sure that you put down place settings , this really defines the space , especially from this side of the room .

Again , I added flowers and I went ahead and I left the con the candles that were on the console because I wanted to create a little bit of ambiance .

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And you have to realize if you're looking from that side of the room , you won't be able to see the place setting .

So you do want some type of decor on your console .

So that from that view , you're still having a , a decorated console table .

If that makes any sense .

Obviously , when people come around this side , we'll see that it's actually your dining space .

But from that side , you want to make sure it's not bare .

You know , the whole room needs to be tied in together .

And if you , I do have a room this small , you can see I put a nice chair over there .

I put a small little circle table which I'm using as a bar cart with wine and a few wine glasses .

Obviously , if you want to put more flowers , you could , but I like having the flowers here on the console slash dining table .

Like I said again , to define the space and to give the console some decor .

When you're looking from that side of the room , lastly , you guys , an acrylic chair is going to be the best space , space saver in a situation like this .

It's gonna look the best in the sense that it's not going to take away from the couch in the living room .

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It's not gonna overpower anything if you wanted to get a little crazy with the Decor two balloon chairs .

This is obviously if it's just like a couple , I mean obviously if you have kids and stuff , but that wouldn't work .

But um two balloon chairs look really cool , but for the most part , I would say two chairs , they're super inexpensive .

So this would be the way this would be the way to go in a situation as small as this .

Alright , you guys that is going to wrap up today's video .

Hopefully this is helpful if you're working with a small space .

Like I said , if you did not see part one of how to combine the living room and dining room space , click that link above .

It's like four decor jobs ago .

Totally , totally different stuff in the room .

Um Anyway , so I'm gonna go ahead and put everything back .

I will see you guys on Friday .

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Denim done my way dot com .

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All right .

So do me a favor .

Check that out by a kit if you want , it will be coming personally from me and I will see you guys on Friday .

Leave any questions or comments in the link below .

Bye .


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