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2023-07-22 13:09:57


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Bring the light this around if we south to hey guys , beautiful essentials .

Here .

Today's video is a diy challenge and a special friend of mine sent this picture to me and I fell in love with the coffee table .

So I decided to go ahead and make this using cardboard .

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I'll be using eight carpet boxes for this project and each of the boxes are of equal sizes because the size is equal .

When you open it up , it gives you the shape already .

I'm gonna remove the flaps from all the boxes .

I'm also gonna be using dollar tree frames for the coffee table .

I'm gonna trace and cut out the shape from two sides of each box .

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I gave an allowance of 1.5 inches away from the original square that I had drawn to make it easy for me to glue on the frame to the box .

I'll be covering the inside with marvel contact paper inside the coffee table might not be seen , but I'll prefer to just keep it neat .

Now , I'm using this because I have a lot of these contact papers as leftovers .

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If you like , you can just paint the inside , inside .

The box is fully covered , but just two sides on the outside is gonna be covered with plastic corrugated sheets .

And I got these sheets from Michael's Craft Store .

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The next thing I'll do is remove the content of the frame and leave just a glass .

I'll be using a strong adhesive to keep the glass tightly bonded to the frame .

Now I'm gonna glue the frames to what I just made .

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I'm using a strong adhesive and a hot gun to attach the frames , the adhesive that I got from the dollar tree got finished .

So I went back to my E 6000 to continue with the project .

I made eight of this and this is what they all look like .

I'm gonna go ahead and open them now to get the shape that I want .

And I want you guys to know that the boxes that I'm using is gonna give me a very large coffee table .

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If you don't have enough space for this kind of size of coffee table , you can use smaller boxes when I was OK with the size I glued them together with a strong adhesive and a hot glue gun and then made holes at the top and at the bottom to make it easy for me to pass the led lights through them .

I got two really long led lights that one is gonna pass at the top and one is gonna pass at the bottom .

A large shape was caught on a cardboard resembling the one that's at the top and attached at the bottom to keep it sturdy , to cover up the tab .

I'll be using poster frames .

I'll be making use of the acrylic sheet that's in the poster frames .

These are really important and I'll be using them for the project .

So they will not be thrown away .

The poster frame that I got from .

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Target is not so strong .

So I decided to use the one that I'm used to from Walmart .

I'm gonna make the sides thick using cardboard strips before I then slide the pieces that I removed from the poster frame on them .

I'm using the snap frames because when they're together on all four sides , it's gonna make the acrylic sheet even stronger .

I would like to cover this with a glass film just to make it nice when the light is shining from the inside .

You can skip this step .

But I decided to put on a glass film on all of the sheets just to make it better when the light is on .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , this is how all the pieces that I've made look like together .

I'm gonna add them up and then use tape to hold them all together and use the strong adhesive and a hot glue gun .

I left it overnight to dry and then I covered up the rough glue patches with diamond wrap .

I then simply just placed what I just made on top of the coffee table structure .

I use remote controlled led lighting that's gonna make it easy to change the colors .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This coffee table is going into someone else's home and I love the fact that it looks pretty with the lights on or off .

And hey , I started this fun design with just cardboard .

Here's what I made side by side with the inspiration photo .

Don't you just love the cardboard idea .

I know I do .

I really hope you all enjoyed this video .

Now , don't forget to like it and share with your friends and families as well .

Thank you all so much for watching .

I have at home Decor Diy videos that are linked in the description box below to check them out and don't forget to click on the subscribe button .


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