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2023-07-20 13:34:30

10 Minute Yoga Wheel Flow For Beginners _ Bringmeyoga

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Let's continue holding the stretch for a few more moments , breathing and feeling into the stretch .

And now when you are ready , gradually come out of the pose and return your left leg to the ground .

Take a moment to gently shake out both of your legs by moving them quickly side to side in small motions .

Do this for a few more seconds .

Now , pause , closing your eyes .

If you wish and feeling into the vibrations and sensations in your legs .

As you rest in seated mountain post , just as we move in this practice , it is also important to stop and be still .

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So to complete our practice , we will practice being mindful of our breathing to begin , come to a comfortable sitting posture , resting against the back of your chair , sitting up straight but not being stiff , allowing your shoulders , neck and facial muscles to relax and soften as best you can .

Now , when you are ready , becoming aware of the fact that you are breathing , noticing the passage of air in and out of your nostrils and just feeling the breath coming in and out of your body .

And now perhaps becoming aware of where sensations of breathing are most present and noticeable for you at this time .

Maybe it is in your nostrils or maybe your breath is most noticeable in your chest or in your belly .

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For now , it is best to choose one location to pay attention to .

Rather than moving around .

You could choose the area where your breath is most noticeable or you could just pick an area that feels right for you at this time .

So now after having picked an area to follow your breath , place your full attention in this area and just notice the physical sensations of the breath as best you can breath by breath by breath , moment to moment to moment in touch with the full duration of the breath as it comes into the body and the full duration as it is leaving your body , feeling the breath sensations as they change in each moment , every breath , a new opportunity to pay attention to notice , to be curious and interested about what is going on .

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Rather , we could do our best to just acknowledge other thoughts as they arise in an open and non judgmental way and then let them be coming back to our breathing again and again , perhaps as other thoughts arise , you could try making a quick mental note such as thinking , planning or worrying , keeping in mind that it is in the nature of the mind to wander .

This is what minds do .

If your mind wanders away from the breath , time after time after time , which will surely happen , then just gently and patiently noting what is present at that moment and then bringing your mind back to your breath again and again and again .

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So continue now to follow your breathing a little while longer .

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Let's do the same on the other side , place your right ankle above your left knee , place both feet on the ground and gently roll back and forth .

All right guys , now we are gonna roll into another wheel pulse variation as you lift your hips up , extend your legs as much as you can .

Your thumbs are in the wheel and plant your elbows into the ground and stay in this wheel .

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No , when you are ready , letting this brief mindfulness meditation come to a close , opening your eyes .

If they were closed and coming back to the room , you're in , take a moment here just to notice how you feel overall .

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Take a seated position .

With your reel behind you , place your left ankle above your right knee , your thumbs are in your wheel with your ankle over your knee , crawl back six times , crawl back and forth .

Draw your shoulders back , expanding your chest .

Repeat the same .

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Placing your right ankle over your left knee , roll gently back , draw your shoulders back , expand your chest , take a seat , placing your hands in your heart center or however you feel comfortable .

Stay here however long you need .

Thank you so much for joining me today and I hope to see you in the next one .

Bye .


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