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Hi , I'm Swati .

I'll be showing you how to do headstand today .

Uh There is a mixed feeling about headstand .

Uh These days , some people are really scared to even try headstand thinking that they have neck issues , shoulders issues .

I'll show you a very simple way using props how to use your body weight properly so that you can be doing headstand .

Uh Not only that I will also help you prep up beforehand for headstand , I'll show you a few exercises that will strengthen up your shoulder muscles and your neck muscles , your arm muscles so that they can sustain the headstand .

Other people who are really adventurous to do headstand .

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I would say that you prepare yourself first , but you need an instructor in the beginning to do it without the props without the wall support .

So it's an advanced position anyway .

So I would recommend that you do it under supervision .

There are a lot of benefits for headstand .

The blood flow is going opposite towards the brain .

This helps you oxygenate the brain , it helps you increase the brain activities .

It helps you energize the entire nervous system .

Your hormonal system is getting balanced , not only that you'll feel , feel lot of flush happening in your face .

A lot of blood flow happening in your face .

So all the vital organs in your face are actually getting charged .

They're getting recharged .

It's as good as doing patients for women .

And nowadays , even men .

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So you lie down on your back , lift your legs up at 90 degrees , hands underneath and inhale , exhale and legs down , inhale , exhale and legs down .

I would like you to repeat 20 sets of the same thing .

Same exercise each time engaging your arms really hard .

We are trying to engage the arms because most of the work is done by your arms and your core in your head stand .

So we are trying to activate all those muscles in your arms when you're doing this movement , make sure that your back is not lifting above the mat .

The back should be rested on the mat , standing on the mat .

Otherwise it might hurt your back .

We'll repeat this for 10 or 20 repeats and then we'll proceed to the next exercise .

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The next exercise is known as dolphin push-up , put your elbows down on the floor and then join or clas the fingers together .

So you'll be making a triangle with your hands .

It's called the tripod position .

Place your legs back , just like as if you're doing downward dog .

This time , your heels will not be on the floor .

Tail should be pointing up towards the ceiling head in between your arms .

Now , as you exhale , push your head in , inhale and out , exhale , in , inhale and out exhale , in inhale and out .

Each time you're trying to work on those arms and your shoulders and your arms to make them a little bit more active during the head start .

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Once you are done with 10 to 20 reps , relax down and settle yourself .

So we'll proceed for the actual headstand .

Now , I would like you to fold your match three folds to give your head that extra support or extra cushioning when you are putting your head down on the floor .

So after holding them , holding your match three fold , come back to your tripod position .

Your hands should be again in the same tripod position , your elbows down your fingers class together and then place the crown of the head on the floor , lift your butt up your tail up towards the ceiling , walk yourself slightly forward and then slowly one leg at a time , lift up , bending your knees .

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Now lift your knees up towards the ceiling as much as you can and slowly raise your leg up straight up towards the ceiling .

You get a slight idea and now straighten your legs up as much as possible .

Clenching that abdomen , your abdomen should be really tight .

See that your back is not arched out your but is not out , make your alignment really straight and strong in this position .

Do not struggle with the leg .

And slowly , once you stay as much as possible , stay in the position as steady as possible .

And then slowly rest one leg at a time down on the floor .

As I said , a headstand is an advanced position .

You should be done with an instructor to supervise you .

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And another alternative would be doing it against the wall .

This is an easier version .

So take yourself towards the wall , keep the mat folded in front of the wall , sit down , place your hands in the tripod position .

I kept kept mentioning before , place your hand down , place the crown of the head down , slowly lift your butt up and try to push your leg up towards the wall .

Take the ball support as much as you want if you want to put your butt on the wall .

Also , it's fine .

I have put only the legs up on the wall .

You can take as much support as you want .

Stay there for some time till you feel comfortable and then slowly put one leg at a time down on the floor after she has of the headstand .

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It's mandatory to rest down in child's post for some time at least one minute .

So that that whole blood circulation that has gone towards your head , settles down .

I hope you enjoyed this video .

Please like it .

Do not forget to share it and subscribe to our channel .

Thank you so much .


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