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2023-07-21 08:48:20

Yoga For Beginners - Gentle Full Body Stretches For Flexibility & Relaxation

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Hi Yogis , this is Cole Chance at Yoga TX and thank you for unrolling your mat with me today .

A few things I wanted to let you know every Tuesday , I'm going to have new videos coming out .

So if you don't want to miss those , then just subscribe and we'll make sure that , that you get those .

Also , I'm doing some um longer videos , some hour , hour longer videos and they will be for sale for a very low price on our website .

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So if you would like to check those out , please do at the website that would be really , really helpful and appreciated .

Anyway , for today , we're going to take it down a notch and do some more kind of moving meditation .

Some just be real , real nice to ourselves .

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So let's go ahead and start seated and let's start instead of like crossed , let's start in .

So we'll have our knees wide , our feet together and you can kind of roll the soles of your feet open , kind of up to the sky here .

And also just , we get it all set up correctly .

Let's pull the fleshy part of your butt back and that kind of kind of tilt your pelvis forward .

So it puts you in the proper alignment .

So hands on your feet , go ahead and close your eyes .

Check in with yourself .

You can start to slowly come forward if that's available to you today .

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Otherwise you can stay up tall and just let the weight of your knees make the stretch for you , but check in with yourself , check in with your body .

How are you feeling on a physical plane ?

Are you feeling tight ?

Do you have any injuries ?

Are you anxious ?

What's going on with you ?

And why are you here today ?

Think about Yeah .

Why are you here today ?

What made you and roll your mat today ?

Looking for some stress relief , needing to forget a bad day .

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We're just looking to do some self care knowing why we come to our mat can be a good indication of what we need to do while we're on our map .

Let's start to come back up .

Let's take our right hand to our left knee .

Inhale up tall .

An XL will twist open , twisting on the exhale and growing tall on the inhale .

Take a couple of those switch sides .

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So coming all the way around the left hand on your right knee in how growing and Excel twist .

So as we do yoga more and more , we start to listen to our bodies and be aware of what it's telling us things that we might not have a language that we might not have heard before .

Come back to center and bow forward again .

Our body registers things so much faster than our mind .

Like for example , so you're getting really agitated with somebody and you might be about to have an outburst , your body will sense that first you'll start to come constricted and maybe shallow breath in your chest .

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And you know , there's different indications in your physical body before something happens .

That's just one example .

But in many , many things , being able to be more attuned and accustomed to what your body is telling you and what it needs is nothing but nothing but a benefit come all the way up .

So push your knees together here , you can clasp your hands in front of your knees .

We're gonna roll our shoulders back and press our chest forward and head up , drink your breath in and then exhale round your back , drop your chest .

I mean , drop your chin to your chest and get big stretch on your shoulders here as well .

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And how come forward , shoulders down your back , chest , forward , head up and then exhale .

Start to round your back , drop your chin , start to come forward .

Let's drop our knees to the left here .

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Let's take our left hand to the outside of our hip and start to walk it out while we bring our right arm up and over our left arm is walking out , but it's also pushing away , just getting a side body stretch here , looking up under your right arm can also prevent a lot of injury .

If we're really listening to our body , being able to realize that something is , something is not beneficial , can be very beneficial .

Taking both of your hands to the left here and just start to turn your body to the left .

So hands are actually staying in the same place and we're just using them as attraction .

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You can slowly start to bow your chest down to the ground and roll your chest up .

So tuck your chin , roll your chest up , had a blast , then chest down , first , head down and roll .

We kind of like snaking our spine using a little articulation , come back to center and switch .

Our knee is here .

Start to walk out with your right hand .

This is keeping your left hip down .

So left arm up and over , I'm looking up underneath .

Maybe your elbow comes down .

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Maybe it doesn't reaching out big and big and bold with your left hand and breathing .

We come back to center .

We'll take both hands to the right side .

So planting our hands and we're just twisting .

Correct .

We'll start to snake our spine down here .

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So coming down , I was going out , let's just take a couple times up and down , articulating your spine and come to center let's bring our legs straight out in front of us again .

Pulling out the flesh , keeps your pelvis coming forward , will inhale hands up and start to bow forward .

So toes coming back towards you , wherever you are many different stopping points , drop your neck , we want to release the back of the neck .

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Your head on average , weighs about £12 .

That's a lot to hold up all day .

So you can twist your head .

No .

Mhm .

Yes .

You feel that stretch slowly going down farther and farther down your back and start to push yourself back up .

Let's bring our left leg in .

So bring it to the inside of your right five , we'll start to fold forward .

So again , toe is coming back , head dropping .

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And if you notice your body is going really far to the left , we're wanting our torso to come over .

So there's a little bit of a twist here as well .

Let's start to come up .

Let me just take a little twist here .

So left hand to your right knee and we twist switch sides and he flat back , gonna exhale , come down again , not letting our torso come to the middle .

We're coming straight over or as much as we can .

We're going that direction .

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Dropping her head again .

Here you can shake your head .

Yes and no , it started to come up right hand to your knee .

Little twist to the left .

Ok .

Spray our knees in .

We're gonna slowly come down to our back , but we're gonna come up , sit up tall .

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First , we'll grab the back of our thighs , sitting up tall and then exhale will round chin to chest and slowly come down vertebrae by vertebrae onto your back and bring your knees up and shake your hips out here .

Let's take our right leg up into the sky like you're gonna kick the ceiling or put a , put your footprint on the ceiling and we'll cross our ankle over our left thigh .

You can push your right knee away here .

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Let me just take a couple seconds here and start to pull in so you can pull in your knee farther if you want more of a stretch , really activating the stretch on the right side by pulling in on your left knee .

Wherever you are just really focus on your breath , moving with it , maybe pulling in farther on the exhales .

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We're just practicing , being aware of our breath while we're adding in some movements , being able to calm our mind while we might not be in the most comfortable position , being able to come to our breath in those situations can be very crucial .

Go and drop your left leg .

You can cross your right knee all the way over .

We'll shift our hips over a little bit to the right and we'll drop our knees to the left .

You can have your , you can be looking straight up or you can look over to the right .

But do have your right arm open like a t , open up your right peg muscles here .

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Think about a couple of things you can let go of here .

A good practice to get into is you need to think about every time you're twisting to think about , you know , getting , getting rid of something and something a teacher once told me , like every time you're in a twist , think of something you can let go of .

It's always kind of stuck with me .

So what's something you can let go of something that doesn't serve you anymore ?

Maybe it used to come back to center and we'll switch sides .

So we'll take our left leg in and cross over .

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We'll start to bring her right knee in and grab either behind your thigh or your knee and pull him finding your edge while still being able to maintain your breath .

That's the fine line going as far as you can while still keeping integrity .

Yeah , for those of you that don't know , this is a reclined pigeon .

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So any time if we're in a video and we're doing um , pigeon pose and that's not accessible to you or you're just not in the mood for it .

You can always come to your back and do and do this version .

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1073.239 --> 1161.01

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Let's drop our feet .

Matt wits matt wits distance and drop your knees in together .

And now we'll take one hand to your belly , one hand to your heart .

Let's find our breath .

Our breath is pushing against our hands .

Let's knock our knees over to the right on an inhale and exhale .

Let's go to the left inhale to the right .

Excel Zola .

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So do a few couple more of these with your own breath just moving , moving along with the pace with the rhythm , your inhales and exhales , adding movement to our breath .

Awareness .

Go and come back to center here can heal toe your feet kind of back in , bring your knees into the chest , bring everything in .

So bring your head up to your knees .

If you can squeeze everything in , let everything go roll your shoulder blades onto your back , palms up feet wide and let yourself be held by the earth .

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Can be a vulnerable position being so open .

Let yourself know that you're supported here , maybe acknowledge to yourself that you're seeing and you're heard and you're loved .

At least you can acknowledge that and say that to yourself about yourself .

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The more that we can cultivate that for ourselves and within ourselves , we can begin to reflect that light out onto those that we love and we care about and to those who we don't know yet to perfect strangers , beautiful , beautiful butterfly effect .

I hate to move you from this post .

So I'm not going to lay here as long as you like .

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Thank you for practicing with me and the light and the love of the highest of me sees hears and loves the highest in each of you .

Not a day .

Think about visualizing that your shoulder blades coming together onto your back chin up , start him going towards the ceiling here , how we're gonna round ?

So bring your elbows together , tuck your chin as you start to curl your back , this should light up the muscles going on either side of your spine here so you can control the intensity .

So if you need to come , not go as far , this can be intense in heaven .


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