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2023-07-21 08:54:58

10 Hacks To ALWAYS look Good In Photos

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Look , I want you to look good in pictures .

We live in a society that if you don't look good in pictures , you ain't getting any swipes , you ain't getting any likes you ain't getting .

So I'm gonna help you out .

I've been taking pictures for a long time .

These 10 tips will make Eddie dude look better bet .

Number one shoot from the mid section , I think the mistake I see so many guys make , I'll see it on , I'll see it across the board is that they'll always shoot from two horrible angles .

They'll either shoot from the top down .

So now you look like a shorty or they'll shoot from like under their chin .

So now they have like a double chin bro , shoot from the midsection , right ?

This makes you look elongated .

It gives you more a true to size ratio on your body type .

So you don't look awkwardly tall like you're trying to force it that you look taller than you really are or you don't end up looking like a shrimp .

Two natural light should be behind the camera , for example , right now that I'm shooting , I got light coming from behind the camera , most of you don't understand this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But when you're with an iphone , look for wherever the sunlight is coming from , that sunlight should be behind the camera , that's gonna give you a nice fill or flood onto your face , which is going to brighten up your skin .

If you were to put the light behind you , it's gonna make you look darker , lower the contrast and overall look worse .

Three tilt your head .

So when you're about to take a picture , you can do a slight tilt of the head and usually the direction that you look best , which is most of the time your left side , scientifically , for whatever reason , the left side ends up being more symmetrical than your right side .

When you wanna hide a symmetries and look as good as possible .

Do a slight tilt .

Number four , use sunglasses if your face , if you know that you can't look into the camera because you get awkward or shy or a or , or you think you look ugly you sunglasses because when you look away from the camera , it looks kind of cringy or candid or like we know you're taking a picture .

So when you put on sunglasses , it hides your eyes .

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So now you can look wherever , but more importantly , it hides a symmetries and makes your face look more structured is the fastest way to be photographed to look better .

This is why I've always said whether it's in real life or online or on Tinder glasses is like a superpower for a man and most men aren't taking advantage of the superpower .

And the crazy part is your boy is providing the tools for the superpower .

Yo , go to Jay Black right now .

Look at our selection .

We got some of the best in the game , Italian handmade assets .

They polarized lenses .

We our stuff feels as good as designer .

But look at the price .

It's crazy affordable so affordable that if you click the link down right now , I'm gonna make it even more affordable .

I want it to be a steal .

You guys buy four pair of glasses , whichever ones you want , I'll give you $100 off right now , bro .

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That means that the glasses are gonna be like , I don't even know 30 40 bucks give or take like that's a steal for glasses that feel just as good as any designer you wanna compare us to and now you have four pairs that you can cycle take pictures however many times you want to make sure you always look good .

I got your back , bro .

If you guys wanna check it out , Jay Black will be linked down below with that special offer which expires tomorrow , which by the way , we're also working on a new collection dropping in about three weeks or so .

Which is crazy because uh we haven't dropped all year this new collection .

You'll see why you'll see what we've been working on game changer , game changer .

But more on that later five use iphone bursts .

If you're not comfortable in the camera , you wanna get to a point that you're loose enough that you can position yourself in different ways until you get the right spot now because you're not comfortable .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's gonna get really hard and you're not gonna know how to pose iphone burst is like a life saver .

You put that thing on burst , you put it on a stand , set it up and then you just start naturally moving .

97% of them are gonna suck .

But they're gonna be one in there where your position is just just right and you're gonna look good .

Roll your shoulders back every time you're about to position yourself , make sure your shoulders aren't caving in this , not only brings you forward , makes you look shorter and stumpier , but overall , you look more timid again , energy , you can be , it can be perceived through photography .

So when you roll your shoulders back , your head is high , you're doing what your , what your older brother is telling you to do .

The lighting is in the right direction , you just look dominant , you look good , create triangles .

If you want to make the image more attractive or pleasing in some way , create triangles .

It could be with your arm , it could be with your legs , put them in different positions .

It could be with how you lean .

The point is when you create visual triangles in the image .


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