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2023-07-20 12:53:40

Learn Salsa Dance - Basic Tricks

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Hi , welcome to salsa dot com .

My name is Anthony and today we're gonna teach you a couple of techniques for the cross lead and uh right terms .

Ok .

So mainly for the guys who are small .

So if you've done a beginning of crossfire lead , it basically goes 123 , right ?

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Well , to change it up a bit and make it easier for the lady to keep her natural position , ok ?

Instead of keeping the hand for formation the way it is , we're actually going to use our wrist and actually twist our hand .

Ok ?

And it looks like this 123 .

So on 2 to 3 , I'm turning my hand from here to palm facing up .

What this does is it lets the lady have her back of the hand facing up and it makes it a more natural position .

So I can actually get her across and if I'm doing an open brick , it's still very natural for her .

So , you know , it looks a little bit slicker .

Another thing is that if I know I'm gonna be doing a cross my league act , actually , instead of going 123 , I can preempt that and actually take my side break early on .

So for example , 567123567 .

Ok ?

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Now for the ladies who are done during the prize body going 123567 , the man is gonna give you an extra push and let go of your left hand .

This allows you the freedom to do that on your one going back up on one .

Other examples would be hair comb on 123 or for a K pop on 123 .

However , while he's leading the , the , the cross body lead going 123 during the 567 , he doesn't give you the push and he pulls onto your arm .

That means you cannot do the styling and he's pro you to do another turn or another leap .

OK ?

One last thing mainly to help out the actual turning part guys instead of turning over your own hand when it's naturally to you , make sure that when you're turning , you're having your palm facing up , that's gonna again maintain that natural position for the lady .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If I'm turning with my , my back of the hand up , if I'm not paying attention , it's gonna make it uncomfortable for the lady .

So while you're doing any type of turns , make sure that you're turning over your own arm and your palms facing up , it also helps you because it makes your turns faster .

For example , 567123 .

Ok .


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