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6 COZY HOME TIPS THAT WORK WITH ANY DECOR STYLE 🥧 Easy ideas for making your home warm and inviting!

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But really , it also does a nice job of just attracting people and you can even have friends over and hang , hang out and take an outdoor sauna together .

So really these are therapy type sessions you can see here where we have it next to the hot tub .

They have a beautiful window in this outdoor sauna .

So you're really taking in that therapeutic benefits of nature while you're taking it in the therapeutic benefits of a sauna .

So an outdoor sauna really does make my list for a very good idea that you should strongly consider as a secondary or even a third kind of destination in your outdoor living space .

My sixth top idea for a nice backyard space is an outdoor bar .

If you've watched my channel for a while , you'll realize that I always try to sneak a bar in my designs of my outdoor space .

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There's perhaps nothing more important than having good lighting to create a cozy atmosphere in your room .

If you're not sure how to design a warm room , then start by looking at your lighting situation .

So how many light sources do you actually have in your room ?

If you only have one overhead light , that's not gonna be enough .

In fact , I would usually say to just banish overhead lighting altogether .

It's better to focus on having clusters of illumination .

You also want to look at what types of actual light bulbs you're using .

There's warmer light bulbs and there's cooler light bulbs .

So you definitely wanna opt for warmer light bulbs which are around 3000 Kelvin and stay away from the cooler light bulbs which are 5000 Kelvin cooler light bulbs are gonna be used in more office type areas .

Whereas warm light bulbs are going to feel more inviting and cozier .

The other way to control this is by using smart lighting , which is a really great way to set the mood whenever and however you want .

I love to use smart lighting .

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But I just love that little pause moment where you can sit at the bar .

Kind of look over the area .

Maybe you can be up there and kind of entertain as well and take a look at what we did with this bar .

We're right on the river .

Here , they had this beautiful view .

They weren't allowed to go any further out in their landscape .

So we designed this bar area to be able to fully utilize the space .

So we built it at a true bar height .

And then we put in those bar stools , those are built in bar stools that they pivot in and out .

So you can put them away when you're not using it , the bar area or you can just fold them out when you are ready to use the bar area .

So it really maximizes the space .

So you don't have a bunch of chairs in there hindering people's flow through the space .

So a bar in an outdoor living space cannot be understated .

And I hope you strongly consider getting a bar for your outdoor living area .

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Another one of my top ideas for your outdoor living space is an outdoor TV , or an indoor TV , that you move outside or doing an outdoor projector with a movie screen .

Now , surprisingly , these are not very costly , but they add such an amazing summer evening environment to your outdoor living space .

Now , movie screens , if you've watched my channel for a while , this is one of my favorite things to do is the summer movie nights .

So we we just put up a movie screen , very inexpensive movie screen , have a very inexpensive projector and all of a sudden you're really enjoying summer evenings with lots of family and friends out watching movies under the stars together .

So , really think about that as a good idea .

Outdoor movie screens , outdoor TV .

S they really do add a fun environment .

Of course , some people knock us because we are moving things outside .

But I just love being outside .

Yes , if we watch TV , we watch TV .

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You should always consider at least a plush bath mat in your bathroom .

In terms of textiles , you definitely want to think about piling on throw blankets and throw pillows onto your , um , kind of like primary furniture , like your seating areas , like your sofa in your armchairs .

Basically , you don't have to overdo it , but you definitely want to have a kind of a nice mix of pillows with different patterns and textures .

In addition to having pillows and throws kind of on display , make sure you also have extras kind of stashed to the side in baskets , somewhere more accessible for your guests to be able to just grab something .

If they feel chilly , it just feels more inviting for other people in your space as well and going back to the flooring , if you , for some reason can't have rugs , sometimes people with pets are just unable to have rugs , at least use slippers .

You want to make sure that you have slippers that you're covering your feet .

Try not to wear your outside shoes inside your home and make sure there's slippers for your guests as well .

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But at least we're outdoors , hanging out with family and our friends .

So , seven great ideas right there .

I'm sorry to say , please don't be mad at me , but I was only able to get the first seven in this video , but I do have the other six and because of the trouble of having to click on that next video to see the next six , I'm going to give you a bonus idea in the next video .

Thank you very much for watching .

Please don't forget to subscribe .

See you soon .

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Tip number five for achieving a cozy home is to consider your window coverings .

If you use shares of lines in the winter , consider swapping them for some thermal drapes or curtains .

Not only will your drapes keep your heat in the room in the winter , but they'll also add an extra layer of softness to your room .

Tip six hang artwork and mirrors .

You want to try to avoid blank walls .

It's not cozy when you walk into a room that is completely empty with nothing hanging on the walls .

Blank walls can absolutely be a design choice .

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You can have one single piece of artwork hanging on a big blank wall , but make sure that if you do that , it's an intentional choice and not just that your artwork was an afterthought , there are a lot of the affordable print options that you can get online if you are not in a place where you can buy original artwork , artwork , not only brings personality to a room , but it kind of also insulates walls and prevents that horrible echo from happening when sound is bouncing off the walls .

In terms of mirrors , you can add them not only to enlarge your space , but you can use them to bounce light around your room , which is always nice .

A little bonus tip is about having uh an echo in your room echo is not cozy .

It probably means that your room is a little empty .

So for example , if you've ever walked into a sound stage , there's absolutely no echo .

So immediately it makes you feel cozier and like you're in a den kind of environment .

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Some tips to eliminate echo are any of the previous tips that we talked about .

So hanging drapes , putting rugs down , putting throws down on your furniture and making sure that there's layers that are gonna absorb the sounds in your room and artwork .

I hope these cozy home tips were useful for you and that you can implement them in some way .

If you found this video useful , please consider liking and subscribing and if you're a returning friend , thank you for coming back to watch .

Uh I can't believe we're already almost 1000 subscribers .

It blows my mind .

So I , I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and if you have anything you need , just let me know in the comments .

I always try to address comments .

I read them and you know , if you need anything , let me know and I'll make a video for you .

I'm I'm here for you .

So thanks and see you next time .

Bye .


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