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2023-07-22 13:15:13

+100 Open Kitchen Design 2023 _ Living Room Dining Room Combo Layout _ Open Kitchen Bar Design Ideas

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But overall , I'm loving those touches of red , still pretty neutral , but I think a little bit more fun and festive hot one .

And I love adding these bell door hangers .

It's just the perfect Christmas sound when someone opens the door .

And then I also added a wooden Christmas window pan to this side right here .

Read the and here are the mini wreaths .

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I'm going to be adding to the back of the parcels and again adding that red dainty ribbon to them just for more of those red touches this Christmas with the come Oh Yeah , drive come .

Um And I'm using command hooks to hold the wreaths in place and just measuring out to the middle that way they're perfectly centered and I really love how this turned out .

I did it last year , but I used a thicker red ribbon , but I like that .

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This is just smaller , more delicate but still adds that perfect red touch choirs , Jones .

Oh oh Yes .

I'm just going to finish decorating the tree with my little helper here , Batman and I'm going to take out everything from the bin and just set it out on the table .

So like the pics and the smaller ornaments and bigger ornaments just to kind of decorate it in an organized way , I guess .

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But I love how this tree looks .

It's always just like a winter wonderland thing downstairs .

So lots of whites and neutrals .

And when I do my tree upstairs , I'm using more like woodsy and greens and reds and very cozy .

But I still really love this look really pretty and it's just one of my favorites to do are now in flesh .

Yeah .

Come .

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1334.459 --> 1407.459

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I had so much fun decorating and there's still lots more to come .

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Don't forget to check out my friend Magda for more ideas .

Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you on my next one .

Bye .

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573.69 --> 654.57

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