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2023-07-20 12:56:41

Urban Jam - Hip Hop Dance instant video _ DVD - -

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This foot is turned towards the front and this foot turns out towards the back and you drop right into that movement .

So you step drop left , right to the front , your body shifts forward , your arms come up and push .

So the whole movement is thought 678 , step back and push .

We jump , touch , touch our heel touches front , right foot is out .

All of our weight goes onto our right foot .

Our heel touches hit , hit , going back to the back .

56 , we hit seven and eight .

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Turn 123 and four , hit five and six , right left drop and a one , one n 56 tape and six .

You want that foot to replace the right foot .

Touch , go and sit into the foot .

We're here on the four and five and open .

Drop the shoulder hit .

Ok .

We're gonna take it from the top with music .

Remember ?

Just have fun with it .

Hit everything in .

Just have a good time .

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Yeah .

Three .


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